Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Look Back: My first full year of blogging

I did it.  I survived my first full calendar year of blogging and lived to tell about it. Can you even believe it is 2012? Sometimes I feel like time just slips through my hands, which is why I am so thankful to have this blog as a place where I can reflect back on all of my moments throughout the year whether big or small.

As much as I love having my journey documented, it wouldn't be the same with out all of you who take the time to read my blog, give words of encouragement, make me laugh, tell me I made you laugh, ask for advice, give me advice and inspire me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending the past year with me. May there be many, many more.

A few highlights from 2011 ...
*Each link will take you to past posts.  

I got my happy back after my relationship with my first love ended

I organized my closet and my cabinets

I found my favorite bronzer

I shared my eyeliner fixation

It snowed in Dallas.  A lot

The Super Bowl was hosted in the Big D and I partied with Pitbull, Ke$ha and Nelly

I obsessed over gel manicures, discovered less than $2 eye make-up remover and revealed my favorite foundation

Courtney asked me to be a bridesmaid

I wrote my first guest blog

I survived St. Patrick's Day ... barely

I found my absolute favorite blush

I published my 100th post and gained my 100th follower!

I survived opening day at the ballpark with only medic call

I got bronchitis and bought my beloved Hobo International Lauren Clutch

I shared my DIY (& cheap) make-up brush cleaning technique

I dished on my top 5 favorite items for the shower

I went to Pheonix to stand by my friend Christina's side as she wed her love.  Recap one and two

My love for e.l.f. was born with this eye shadow brush

I posted my first Vlog, a how-to Chi curl your hair tutorial

My pal Kristi had her bachelorette par-tay

I started a home tour link-up series

I introduced you to my new BFF: The Cosmetics Company Store

We talked about my favorite summer polish combo

I discovered $1 false eye lashes and then taught you how to apply them

I completed my favorite decor project to-date: floating wall shelves

I purchased my first round of e.l.f. make-up products

I decided I needed to buy a gun because of this little incident

I channeled my inner 80s child

I was introduced to the best hairspray known to woman

Blogged about my first e.l.f. haul, which concluded here

I celebrated 27 years of life with birthday shenans and my first blogger meet-up all at the same time.  
i.e. I met my bestie Beth IRL!

I threw a "B is for Baby" Shower for my dear friend Megan

I introduced this Texas delicacy to you: Frito Pie

Y'all helped me to win Most Valuable Blogger Dallas

My sweet nephew Reese turned four

I partied in Las Vegas for my BFF Kristina's Bachelorette Party

I dished on even more e.l.f. goodies that I love

I confessed that I was a reality TV addict

I partied in New Orleans with Beth and came back in a wheel chair

I threw my friend Courtney a "Cupcakes and Cocktails" themed bridal shower

I let you ask me whatever you wanted and I answered your questions here and here

I gave you blogging tips

I hosted my first swap with my best bish Raven

I posted a curls with curling iron hair how-to

I went back to New Orleans, but this time to celebrate Courtney's last days of being single

I asked Santa for a few things

I decorated my abode for Christmas

I kicked off the 12 Days of Blogger Christmas by giving away a mini flat iron

I recapped my Christmas holiday with lots of pictures and showed you what Santa brought me

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions.  Tomorrow I'll be sharing mine!

p.s. I have had a few questions about how I design my graphics like the ones in today's post and the answer is I use Adobe InDesign CS4.  For free alternatives, try or
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  1. I wish I remembered the first post I stumbled upon on your blog!! Whatever it was, im so glad you wrote it because I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Seriously. You are amazing and I’m so happy to have gotten to know you through this lil journey in blog land! When are we meeting? Soon yes? Please?! :-)

    I just opened up in my internet explorer tab 9 posts that I want to read or re-read of your past year haha!! I’m actually pretty intrigued by the 1$ lashes. Also re-reading your NOLA wheelchair incident because it makes me love you even more

    Seriously though…I never knew starting a blog, writing my first wicked lame post would lead me to so many amaaaazing girls like yourself!! THANKS Lindsey the BB for your amazingness and I cant wait to read everything else you write about. LOVE!

  2. congrats on your first full year of blogging! so glad you do it b/c i look forward to reading your posts! can't wait to see what you have in store for 2012.

  3. I love it too! Just the other day I decided to start my own blog to document all of my own shenanigans, but I've been reading yours for months. Your bargain tips are to die and all of your stories remind me so much of my friends and my own! Here's to another great year of blogging!

  4. Your blog is part of the reason that I blog. And you are part of the reason why I continue to blog. You are one of the most inspirational people. And the sweetest. You always post the sweetest comments. Keep up the good work. I love reading about everything on here!!

  5. Since I just started writing my blog a few weeks ago, this post gets me so excited about the future and I can only hope to be as successful as you have been. Reading your's, PinkLouLou's, and other fun girl blogs inspired me to start my own so THANK YOU! I can't wait to see what you have in store for future posts :)

  6. i love this! i'm going to give you props b/c i know it took you FOR-EVER to do. but seriously i love it. and i had to make sure that i was included in your August and October months. :)

  7. also is 2011...I realized how much I love Hannah. This would be the best thing that happened all year.

  8. Loved reading all of your posts from before I found you!!! Love, Love, Love your blog... DUH!

  9. I love this post!!! So cool to look back on everything that's happened in the past year!

  10. Yay! Congrats on a year of blogging! Unlike me, you have had a gazillion AWESOME KICK ASS blog posts! Keep them coming! xoxo!

  11. I love how you did this post! I just went back and read about overcoming your breakup and I just wanted to let you know it was inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us :) I really enjoy reading your blog! xoxo

  12. Just wanted you to know that ELF is giving you a FREE 144 eye shadow set with every $25 purchase through the 9th!! (:

  13. Great post Linda. :) xoxo happy we found each other in this blog world!

    Sounds like we are dating huh? haha

  14. so excited to have been a part of your blogging from the beginning of last year (well close enough at least!). i remember those days at work when i blogged all i cant do that because i have no job. but you made my days go by fast with all of our nonsense emails back and forth. anyways your blog was always one of my favs because of the person behind it :)

    cheers to 2012!!!

  15. I am so impressed with your accomplishments in the past year--only one year blogging and almost 1000 followers, lots of friends, etc.! Amazing. :) Jan. 1 was my two year blog anniversary and I didn't even write a post--HA! Another thing I'm impressed by? All the posts you linked to in this one . . . cause I know that shit took FOREVS!

    XOXOXO and so glad you're my blogging buddy!

  16. Thank you for just convincing me to go out after work and buy 53763567 things. Like all new brushes from e.l.f. and some new hair spray. I will also be visiting my local Cosmetics Company Store. Oh, and some Ulta eyeliner!

    Hehe, my bank account will thank you!

  17. Congrats on making a year! I don't know what we'd all do without you to entertain and give us great tips everyday!

  18. I loved this Lindsey. I have to admit I went through the majority of these posts and loved every single one. You totally turned me on to trying e.l.f a while back and my wallet thanks you. Plus target is a hell of a lot closer to my pad than sephora. You rock my bloggy socks off. :-)

  19. Love your blog!! Cheers to your first year of blogging!

  20. Aw! What a great recap of 2011! OMG I can't believe it's 2012 now. Wasn't it just yesterday that everyone was obsessing over Y2K?

  21. yayyyy!!! can't believe its been a full year! so glad I came across you blog when I are fab! :)

  22. we have the same fav bronzer =] It beats out the nars laguna one I bought which is 40 bucks! Much better to get the PF one! I think I've have to try that foundation now!

  23. yay for your blog! i absolutely love it ... cheers to your blog and lots more posts!

    happy new year!

  24. Those are some pretty great things that happened last year! I am mildly jealous of all the places you visited. I want to go to all the places you mentioned and party there with great friends at least once! I live for the day when I can celebrate having a blog this successful!

    Love this blog. Hop over and check out my not as great blog if you have a sec!

  25. Congratulations on surviving (and thriving in) year 1!!! You inspire me to do something with my life haha. Love you!!

  26. Fabulous recap, looks like you had a great year! Can't wait to see your New Year's resolutions! xoxo

  27. Congrats on your first full calendar year down!! So thankful for your blogging and getting to know you through it. You constantly entertain and amuse me, on here, on FB, on Twitter. Loves you!!!! <3

  28. I LOVE how you did this post! What a busy, eventful year!! :)

  29. Happy 1 year of blogging! Thank you for the inspiration... looking forward to following along in 2012 :)

  30. Happy 1 year! I'm so happy that I found your blog. You are one of my favorite bloggers, and I love reading all of your barganista ways. :)

  31. I would go back and read all these but I already read them. Cause me loves you and your freakin' awesome blog. SO glad we both started this little thing called blogging because otherwise I would have never ever met my best friend!!!