Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting to know the Bargain Blonde: Part 2

Ello bargainistas!    Hold on to yer britches cause this post is very long.  My apologies, but I am long winded and I wanted to be thorough with my answers.   In part 2 I'm covering your personal, diet & fitness and random questions.   I'm going to devote and entire post to answering your questions about blogging, so look-out for that sometime this week.  Let's get personal ...

Chelsea asked, "If you could give one word of advice to us single ladies, what would it be?"
Yikes.  I could go on for days about this topic.  I see it like this: There are relationship girls and there are single girls.  I've always been a single girl minus the Lucifer era.  I haven't mentioned Lucifer in a while so for any newbie followers: Lucifer and I dated for 4 years, but prior to that, I never got super serious with a boy.

We broke up in February 2010 and our break-up was traumatic to say the least.  I've never told the Lucifer/Lindsey story, but maybe one day I will.  Since our break-up, I've really tried to not live my life worrying about the future, which is the advice I would give other single girls. 

I don't hold the belief that once I'm in a relationship, I'll magically have life and myself all figured out.  Because trust me, just because your in relationship, it doesn't mean you're happy. I don't think that once I have a wedding, all will be right in the world. 

If you live in the future, you'll never appreciate the now.  I try to enjoy the fact that as a "single lady" I get to do whatever I want when I want.   If you let it, being single allows you the time and space you need to figure yourself out.  I honestly think if you don't know how to be happily single and or how to be independent, then you shouldn't be in a relationship.  Be content with you before you give yourself to someone else.
Amen Carrie.

Jess asked, "What is something that we your readers would be surprised to know about you?" 


"What is your favorite guilty pleasure?"

Jess is back with another good question.  Hmmm ... what would you be surprised to know about me?  I feel like I'm a pretty open book, so this is tough.  You might be surprised to know that I won a cartwheel-a-thon in elementary school??  I really thought for days about this and I can't come up with anything good.  I suck.

My favorite guilty pleasure has pretty much already been revealed via this post: I'm a reality TV addict.  Although, I have no guilt about it. I own it!  Being a wine-o probably comes in a close second.

Ashleigh asked, "If you could marry any celebrity (including married ones), who would you pick and why?"

I would TOTALLY let Bill Rancic or Jason Hoppy wife me up in a second.  They are both funny, give their ladies a hard time (in a good way), are successful, tall, handsome, thoughtful and loving.  I'm so jealous of Guiliana and Bethenny, but I'll find my Bill or Jason one day.  Any man that will dress as a panda with his wife and baby is a winner in my book. 

Lauren asked, "What school did you almost go to other than Texas Tech University.  No I don't expect you to say OU, but I think it's cool to see how different things could have been especially since you are so hardcore TTU."

Oh Lauren!  Definitely not OU, but I am not an OU hater.  I save my animosity for all the bandwagon UT fans who never stepped foot in a college classroom.  But that's another post for another day.  Believe it or not, I almost went to my Mom's Alma Mater, Texas A&M. 
I only applied to TTU and A&M, and I am so glad I picked Tech because A&M's Journalism school ended up shutting down.  Not to mention, I love being a Red Raider, I love Lubbock and most of all, I love all my best friends I met during the best 4 years of my life.  Get your guns up!

and Lauren also asked,"You just had twins. A boy and a girl.  What are their names?"

I have a plethora of baby names picked out for my future babies that don't exist.  You know you do too.  My names change frequently, but if I popped some out today, I'd go with these names:
Erica aka Young & Fab asked, "If you were someone else, would you be friends with yourself?"

Yes, I think I would.  While no one is perfect, I do think I'm a very loyal friend and even provide a few good laughs every now and again. I'd totally give myself a BFF bracelet. 

JennyBeth said, "I'm a fan of knowing people's daily routines."

I'm a scumbag, so try not to judge.  I'm so NOT that girl that wakes up hours early, has some freshly brewed coffee and a hearty breakfast, spends time meticulously curling her hair and painting on a face of make-up.  That being said, here is my routine as of late.

I absolute hate mornings.  Despise them.  I've never been a morning person and I never will.  So in order to sleep in as long as possible, I shower the night before, and I put my wet hair in a big messy bun on the top of my head.

I set my alarm for 7 a.m. now that I live 2 miles from work.  I typically press snooze until around 7:15 a.m. or 7:20 a.m.  When I'm half awake laying in bed during the snooze period, I think about what I'm going to wear for the day.  I force myself out of bed cursing the morning in my head.  I pee (TMI?), wash my face and brush my teeth. 

Next I do my hurr.  I take down the big messy bun and my hair is still damp and very wavy.  I try to tame it, add mousse to it and pin back pieces with bobby pins.  Or, if it looks unsalvagable, I will put it back in a low messy bun leaving pieces to fall around my face.  I will back curl these pieces with a 1.5 inch curling iron.

At this point I only have a few minutes to get dressed, so I scurry around my room trying to find all the pieces I need.  Normally I won't be able to find the cami I need or the right cardigan, so I've grown accustomed to the playing hide-and-seek with my clothes.  Eventually I'll throw the outfit together I picked out while half asleep. 

Before grabbing my pink briefcase (yes, mam) and my purse, I put eyeliner and mascara on at the very least.  If I have time I will do an entire face of make-up, but this rarely happens. 

I am in the car by 7:50 or 7:55 and put my shoes on in the car.  I work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Now that I'm so close to work I come home for lunch every day, which is seriously heavenly.

I am home from work between 5:15 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. at which point I eat a small meal or snack before getting changed for boot camp.  My friend Courtney and I are in boot camp together, so we car pool.  We leave around 6 p.m. for boot camp. 

Boot camp lasts until 7:30 p.m. so I am home by 8 p.m.  I eat another small snack or meal before showering (depending on how many Weight Watchers points I have left).  After I shower, I watch a few of my shows, get on my computer to read blogs and/or write a post.  I fall asleep between 11 a.m. and midnight normally.  Sometimes later, but never earlier. Then I do the whole thing over again.  It's an exciting life I lead.  Are you jealous?

B asked, "What is your go to weight loss and workout routines?"

I was a competitive gymnast for 14 years, which meant 4 hour practices every day after school and 6 hour, 2-a-day practices in the summer.  Gymnasts don't have an off-season, so growing up I was always in shape.  However, I have never been a stick thin girl.  I have a very muscular, athletic build.  Even at my smallest, I will never be a size 0 or 2, which took years for me to accept.  Another story for another day.

So college was the first time in my life I didn't have to be at practice every single day.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  It was so strange not having an obligation to work out and I took full advantage of my new found freedom.  I'd go on work-out kicks now and then, but nothing serious until my senior year.   After 3.5 years, I had put on way more than the "Freshman 15" and it was time to get rid of it.  I remember when I decided to get back in shape, I told myself one day at a time is all you can do.

I started getting serious about working out and dieting January of my senior year.  By August when I graduated, I was almost back to my high school weight.  I hate to disappoint you, but I did it the old fashion way: working out and eating healthy.

I worked out about 5 days a week at our rec.  When I worked out, I did a high-intensity, 60 minute step aerobics class.  A few months into step class, I added interval training on the treadmill walking on the incline as high as it would go mixed with sprints on no incline.  I would spend about 20 to 30 minutes on the treadmill before step class.  I was hardcore, but it worked. 

I also was very strict with my diet eating mostly only lean meats, vegetables, fruit, egg whites and turkey bacon.  But trust me, I'd splurge, too.  I would eat something "bad" at least once a week, and I think it's important to do that.  You can't completely deprive yourself or else you'll end up binging.  

So that is what I did and I ended up losing about 40 lbs in 8 months.  You just have to be committed to changing your lifestyle and you have to recognize that you won't get in shape over night.  It takes time, it's certainly not easy, but if you stick to it, it will pay off. I remember when my old "fat" jeans started falling off me and I had to get rid of them.  Best. feeling. ever.  It was crazy to think that at one point they were so tight I could barely button them.  And for anyone who has ever lost a considerable amount of weight, you know that compliments are the best drug.  That's when I knew what I was doing was paying off, when every one around me started to notice. 

Chelsea asked, "Since you're in boot camp, what would The Bargain Blonde's go-to workout outfit look like? Favorite places to show for that attire?"

Probably no surprise here, but I don't get fancy to work out.  I wear boot-cut black spandex pants or spandex capris and a t-shirt.  Once I lose some lbs, I'll start wearing work-out tanks again.  I love Nike and won't wear any other brand of running shoes.  I buy all my athletic gear at Old Navy or for brand name gear, TJ Maxx is a must.

A few of you asked, "What boot camp to you go to?"

The boot camp is called Fit 30 and they have several locations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Fit in 30 days ... get it!?  We bought a Groupon for 16 sessions of this boot camp for $39.99.  I really do love it even though I complain about it.  It's a great way to get my big badonk back in gear and our trainer is very encouraging, but not annoying.  He does not yell at all.  He just pushes you, and that's exactly what I need.

Sweet (and Sour) Lou Lou asked, "What do you despise worst: working out or dieting?"

I'm not going to sugar coat this.  I hate the thought of actually going to work-out, but once I'm there, I love it (for the most part).  I'd say getting into the swing of working out is much more challenging than dieting, but the feeling you get after working out is the best.  Dieting isn't easy by any means, but I probably despise working out more. 

Leave it to Raven and Lauren to ask the random questions.  Raven wants to know if I will wash her hair when I come to visit her.  Yes Raven, I'll wash your hair, you weirdo.  You know I mean that in the most loving way possible. 

And Lauren asked what my favorite zoo animal was.  Well to answer your very crucial question, I think I'm going to have to go with penguins.  I love when they dive into the water and slide down the ice.  Plus, I absolutely love Happy Feet.  Cutest little guy ever:

Was this post long enough for you?  I'm out of breath just reading it. Happy Tuesday!
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    If I've got to be at work at 9, I get up at 8:30. As long as I'm out my door by 8:45ish I'm good. I've never understood those chicks that got up 2+ hours before and had six cups of coffee and watched the news. No way. Not me. Haha!


  2. I read every word :) Your single lady advice is amazing! I couldn't agree with you more and I think it's really awesome of you to have that perspective!

    I actually really enjoyed reading your daily routine. Isn't that funny how that can intrigue us so much?! Pink briefcase... hahaha. Also, I love that you were a gymnast! This was fun! Can't wait for the next time this question/answer series rolls around :)

  3. Ok are we twins??? ha

    I was a competitive gymnast!! Not as hardcore as yours sounds, but competitive, none the less.

    I'm up and out the door in 15-20 minutes in the mornings... No need to waste precious sleeping time... absurd.

    and your single advice is awesome. I know I'm married, but it's perfect. I was single for 6 years. from my jr year of Highschool until I graduated college. Lived my single life to the fullest and that's so true that you have to be happy with yourself. I met Kendol the week before we graduated and it's been perfect!

    Loved reading this! and yes, I read every single word ha

  4. look at you gettin' all wise with the single girl wisdom.

    and i would never think to add jason to my celeb hubs wish list. but my mom always tells me "we're gonna find you a jason."

    the way you feel about UT is the way i feel about Clemson. the most obnoxious and annoying fans are those that didn't even go to school there. they are our BIG state rival, like huge. if you live in SC, you're either a Clemson or USC fan. you can't be both or undecided b/c that is unamerican.

    i didn't know you were a hair washer...i should have gotten you to wash my hair while in nola. i mean i did have to fetch you ice and like 18's the least you could have done. ;)

  5. You made me smile. We are apparently super similar. a) I'm out the door in the morning about 20 minutes after my alarm goes off (and sometimes that even includes washing my hair if it dried funky before I went to bed). b) I too was a gymnast and a cheerleader, so I've got an athletic build and will never be a 0 or a 2.

    your single advice is great. Be yourself and be happy with that, and the right guy will find you. Happened to me. :)

  6. I read all of your answers and loved how you explained everything! I'm with you on Jason Hoppy..he is too sweet! I don't know Bill well enough {IRL friends?} to make that same statement haha

  7. Love this. And I'm extremely jealous that you can go home on your lunch breaks.

  8. Jason & Bethenny are my fave.

    Try as I might, I absolutely can't, NOT shower in the morning.

    I also have a "Lucifer", except he was only my quasi-boyfriend on and off for a year and a half, and he's now affectionately referred to as "Jackass".

    I was a gymnast growing up/in HS too. :)

  9. There's so many things I completely agree with! The celebrity husbands you picked are at the top of my list too!!! I also shower at night. WAY too much work in the morning. :)

    I'm completely an on again/off again workouter/good eater. When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad... I'm very bad. HAHA

  10. AMEN on gymnasts not having an off season. YIIIIIKES

    and girl...i wish i had a more athletic build. As a gymnast i was always a smaller one which kind of sucked because it caused me to be more fragile/get more bruised. RAH. Ugh now I miss gymnastics!!

    im glad to know you would be your friend :-) because if we met in real life i would be your real life friend HANDS DOWN! i guess im ok with only being your blogger friend because i want to MEET you IN LIFE!

    any man that dresses like a panda for me. HOLY CRAP. I want jason hoppy! and yes you will find your bill/jason. Dont forget cookie da boo boo


  11. Don't even get me started on how long you left me waiting for these answers... It's been like, a week! A week of not knowing your fav zoo animal. Unacceptable.

    I'm a forgiver though, and you've been forgiven.

    I can understand the Texas A&M thing. It would be weird not being your "rival" any more if you were in a different conference, but then I wouldn't have that one dreaded day a year when you became a mean person ;)

    I am digging your babies' names. Approve.

    Jon would be SO excited to learn that you are big on penguins. He's super excited about Happy Feet 2 - and I'm sure you are too. Midnight viewing??? Haha... I mean, if they have one, I'm not opposed.

  12. I love these posts and getting to know bloggers better! I, too, am a reality TV junky.

    I wish I could say I had the diet/workout ethic in common with you. I was always smaller in high school and college then had a medical issue that caused me to gain weight. So frustrating. I need to get motivated to lose this weight though bc at this point it's just ridic that i haven't :(

  13. Unfortunately I am an on and off worker-outer. Like right now I find EVERY excuse possible. Like todays excuse? It's raining. I'm beginning to think I need a life coach or something lol.

    I wish I was a fast getter-ready-er. I like to take my time and sink around. I hate being rushed!!

  14. I went to A&M, but A&M and Tech are the only schools I applied to as well. And I ended up graduating with a degree in Ag. Journalism (General Journalism degree but in the school of Ag) but I didn't start out with that major. I started as an education major, otherwise I may have thought twice. :)

  15. WHOOP! And tu bandwagon fans...omg THE worst! I say support whatever team you want, but you don't get to trash talk until you've paid your money and done your time.

  16. LOVE this! I totally get your exciting life routine. Mine is really similar, except you get to sleep in longer than me. B. :)

  17. I think we have about the same morning routine!!!

  18. Absolutely LOVED this blog!!

    I have got to get back into the dieting/fitness routine like ASAP as I told you. I am slacking big time! I actually did GREAT today eating wise and then "blew it" on like 4-5 small pieces of Sadie's trick or treat candy! caught red handed too! haha ;) I reallt want to join this boot camp type thing but me not working, its sort of hard to. So maybe i will make my own bootcamp! ;)

    And my gosh, I have like the same routine but i do manage to put some kind of make up on, but i need HELP in that area, i swear i can never ever get my foudation to go on right I get in the car in better light and i am like OMG what the FUgdge have I done!?! haha. But yeah I am not much of a makeup girl but I want to, I have GOT to learn to hide ,y dark circles. I swear I do not have enough time in my day with Sadie and school to be making myself "all pretty" for who!?!? lol

    that brings it to, the I AM A SINGLE LADY! Loved what you wrote about that. I have had my share back in the day, I would love to talk to you about ! I have my story too. Its sort of embarassing and where my "i am too nice shit" comes in the way!

    anyways loved your post girl!! <3

  19. I loved reading this! My favorite part was your daily routine, isn't that weird?? Haha. I am exactly the same way! Hit snooze, wake up late, try to fix my hair. Except I don't have to fumble around for clothes because I only wear scrubs. WIN!!

  20. dude i totally read this entire post! amazing answers ESPECIALLY the one about Bill freaking rancic! mmmmm

  21. loved all of these! I relate to you so much! =]

  22. i love it. i'm one of those creepy weirdos who loves hearing about daily routines too, so i ate this up. i'm also super jelly of your weight loss. i've been feeling like such a fat ass lately, but i just can't get my shit together to kick it into shape. case in point: i just pulled some oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies out of the oven...

  23. LOVED this post and learning more about you!

    Love your baby names!

    Bill Rancic is a sweetheart! Love him too! I love reality tv too!

    Definitely agree with your weight loss tips and adivce!

    Also, can I give an AMEN too to Carrie's quote from SATC! SO TRUE!

    Hope all is well! xoxox

  24. I love how I don't want kids, but have a endless list of baby names in my head.

    xo SARMIN

  25. Oh, Happy Feet 2 November 18TH, hells yes!

    xo SARMIN

  26. So I am just now catching up on blog reading ;) And reading this post! I LOVE the Carrie quote and I did indeed steal it! ;) YOU KNOW YOUR GIRL BE A KLEPTO!! Power to the singleees! {I feel like I just made that sound a little too Black Panther Party} anyhoooo.....You are fabulous my dear and I would have never guessed that about the cart-wheel-a-thon! YOU GO GIRL haha...and we watch a plethora of the same reality junk tv!! ANd cheers to being wine-o's!! I'm not even in the closet about that! You saw the car-bar at OSU!! xoxo

  27. ok, long ass post deserves long ass comment.

    skipping the single ladies part, OBVS I don't need to read that. (ok so I did, you will find a man in no time.) and I hate Carrie from Sex and the City. Actually I just hate SJP. She is so UGLY.

    I cannot BELIEVE you like those nerds Bill and Jason! I mean, what happened to beefy manly men like Brad Pitt or Vin Diesel or Marky Mark and the funk bunch?? come one Les....

    ok, love cameron, LOVE it. hate hadley. you can do better.

    oh I KNOW if I was someone else I would be friends with myself. I'm freaking awesome.

    you put your hair in a bun? I have never seen a pic with your hair up! I will have to see that before believing it and wait wait wait, you carry a BRIEFCASE?????? I so have a wrong opinion of you! MY best friend carries a BRIEFCASE??????

    I need to sit with that one for just a minute....

    I love that you were a competitive gymnast. and that you worked out religiously like I did. Not we are big fat lumpy fatasses. JUST KIDDING! You KNOW I think you are super hot. SUPER hot.

    thanks for offering to wash my hair. What you don't know if that you have to do it in the shower with me.

    and I love penguins.

    peace out.