Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Power of Words

What I'd tell ya? I'm back and I'm fo' real this time.  Today's post is really short but it's really moving.

Watch this short video (less than 2 mins) about the power of words.  It gives you something to think about as we kick-off a brand new year.

Yesterday is today. Today is your life. Stop waiting on tomorrow. Happy 2013!
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas in Vegas

The people have spoken. After a few tweets begging for my blogging return, your wish is my command. I promised last night on The Twitter that I'd blog and since I'm a girl of my word (sometimes) ... here I am. Today I blog.

One of my New Year's goals is to blog like the old days and that starts today with a recap of Christmas. As you know, my family came to Vegas for Christmas including this little fellow Reesey. We had a great time and I loved being able to spend time with them. Get ready for picture overload courtesy of my one true love, Instagram.

Reese's first night here! When I picked them up from the airport he said to me, "Aunt Lindsey will you come back on the plane with me and never, ever come back here again?" Dagger to my heart!!!
Baby bed head
Ice skating with Daddy
Roasting marshmallows and skating!
"Santa in the shipwreck" @ Mandalay Bay
Petting dem stingrays
That shark scare me!
Up to no good hanging out with me
Christmas Eve dinner with tamales my Grandma brought frozen from San Antonio. So good!
'twas the night before Christmas ....
I showed Reese this picture of him and he told me, "That's me as the Hulk when I got mad. You don't want to see me mad." I cannot handle the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Melt my heart.
Get in my belly.
This is the magical winter wonderland that is Mt. Charleston and only 30 miles from my house. It's a dream. We headed there Christmas Day for lunch at the Lodge.
Like I said, magical. 
The Lodge where we had lunch.
Merry Christmas from 7,650 feet
My favorite gift of all: My Christmas Tree skirt my grandma has spent years working on for me. Some of the appliques my Great Grandma who I never got to meet made.  I love it and cherish it.

And then the day I dread arrived, it was time to put Christmas away.  The only thing that made it slightly enjoyable was this label maker I bought. 

Christmas all packed up.  See ya again in 11 months. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. I already miss it terribly.

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