Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blonde gets bronchitis + bye bye cig holder

You may have noticed I've been complaining about being sick for over a week.  Well, I finally gave in Friday and went to the doctor.  Good thing I did because turns out I have bronchitis.  Say what Dr. McHottie?  

Y'all!  I went to the emergency care center un-showered, no make up on and may or may not have forgotten underwear.  TMI?  Just my luck ... the curtain pulls back and in walks a young, cute doctor.  Oh hell no! He's hot and I smell.  I spotted a wedding ring, so I was like ehh .... doesn't really matter that I look like shiz.

Dr. McHottie hooked me up with some magic elixir hydrocodone cough syrup, which has made a world of difference and is the only reason I can sleep right now.  I almost feel back to normal, but bronchitis takes a while to get over. 

Take this as a lesson ladies.  Even if you are on your death bed, put some make-up on, spray some dry shampoo and most importantly, THROW A THONG ON before you leave the house.  You just really never know.

Ok, now onto the most important thing of all ...

I thought about it all weekend and although most of you said you liked (or were just being nice) the Grandma bingo hall cig holder option,  I just couldn't co-sign.  Plus, I really wanted something for every day use and that pattern was definitely more for going out.  Sooooo, I returned it today. 

Bye bye my lady, I found someone I liked better.  The Hobo International Leann in red, which is bigger and I can throw all my shiz in here with no problem at all.  The Lauren was a little too small for my phone and keys. 
This little lady was about 40 bones more, but was still 30 percent off it's original price.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's one of my Alma Mater's colors (red and black). 

I scored a few other items during my shopping trip today that I'll have to share later this week.  All on sale, duh!  The Bargain Blonde does NOT pay full price.  

Do you still like this one or are you bummed I returned the other?? This blonde with bronchitis needs to get to bed.  Cough syrup is kicking in.
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  1. ooh you poor thing!! Lots of crap has been flying around Dallas lately! Feel better soon!

  2. I LOVE you!!! and love that you took the most important advice (mine) and returned that nasty stinky thing. Now you are hot with a shiny red clutch. YOU GO GIRL HAHAHA!! (you do get the joke, right? Right girl??) anyway, take another swig and go to bed :) love your bestie :)

  3. oh no! i'm just getting over the nasty little flu myself :( i hope you feel better! :)

  4. I love this one muchhhhh better! :)
    Annnnnnnnd, you know that doctor might not even be married for real? I have quite a few friends who work in hospitals as nurses and etc, and they say most of the young sexxxxay doctors wear wedding bands to ward off female patients who have a thing for harassing men in white coats. lol. Imagine, if your sexxy, making bank, and saving lives, every woman and her mother is gonna hit on you. It makes sense to wear a ring. But who knowssssss. IIm gonna cross my fingers that he calls you personally to make sure your doing better and decides to make a house call with out his fake wedding band and just happens to have a bottle of wine handy in his car. :p hehehhehe! :)
    xoxo Inna
    My Bloggie!

  5. Aww I hope you feel better soon! I do love your new wallet/clutch! I love anything red! I think it's better if you can fit more in it and use it more frequently!! So I agree with you on returning the other for this one! :)

  6. feel better soon, friend!

    i were prepared when you went to the doctor sans underwear. just think...if the doctor had been single you could have had your way with him and he wouldn't have had to fool with that silly thong. too much?

  7. First off, I am LOVING this red one. I think you made a good decision (although I liked the other one too!).

    Second off, I am sad you're sick!!! I must have passed you the crap I had. Only difference is I am always too lazy to go to the doctor. :( I hope you begin feeling better L!

  8. LOVE the red one! Ya gotta go with the one you like better, esp for the money!

    Feel better... bronchitis sucks.

  9. ummm you are hilarious and i am so happy i stumbled on your blog. its FATE.

  10. I have the same clutch in off white. It's perfect and goes with everything! And it's great b/c it acts as a wallet + clutch! And you got a great deal b/c they're $100 at Nordstrom.

  11. :-( I'm sorry you're feelin sick. I hate being sick.

    The cluch is a keep! Red is my all-time favorite color!

  12. Love the red! Now you don't have to worry about bingo halls in the slightest!
    Hope you are starting to feel better!!

  13. OK, so I loved that sparkly 'cig holder' but if what you were looking for is an average day-to-day clutch, the red is totally the way to go. Its very cute!!

    HOWEVER, if you win a lottery in the next month, you need to go back and get the silver and gold one. :)

  14. Oh my gosh this is the funniest post ever! I have the flu today, and the LAST thing that is on my mind is makeup. BUT if I were to go to the doc, that would be my luck he was a hottie!

    Hope you are feeling better!!

  15. PS make an excuse to go see him again.
    BUt this time get all glammed up :) haha.

  16. im bummed you're sick. but the good news is that this illness hasn't kiled your sense of humor! that would be tragic! feel better lovey!

  17. Hi. I love you. I mean ok I thought I did before, but now I really do.
    So now I need to know what all your symptoms were because I guess I'm a hypochondriac and now think my cold is bronchitis. "I mean if she had it, I probably do too" right?

    I've yet to use dry shampoo but maybe I need to get some...


  18. So I just found your blog and I'm so glad that I did! Sorry to hear you have bronchitis : ( I can totally relate to your hot doctor story. I had to go to emergency to get my staph infection drained by a McDreamy and it was so gross! Sorry if that was too much information!

  19. Okay, this post solidifies my missing you.. OFFICIALLY! I read like 4 lines and I was already cracking up! I cant take it!! LOL

    Totally missed you like crazy anddddd I am back so you will hear from me all the time again! <3

    Thanks for the congrats on our new home!! Youll get the inside edition once we're in and junk!!!



  20. Ok, your shiznanigans totally cracked me {and Eva} up ... ohmygoooodness. Glad you finally went to the Dr. No undies???????????? LMAO