Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Monday and I'm just rambling

Um. Are we aware we're already halfway through the first month of 2012?  Excuse?  I could have sworn I was just counting down to the New Year.

I've been majorly slacking on the blog front. Only six posts in twenty twelve so far, which is not OK. I said I'd be rocking your bloggy socks off last week, but then this little guy arrived and life got a smidge busier.

Oh hay, Bear, hay!  You're cute and all, but you are a lot of work.  At least babies wear diapers and don't use my hardwood floors as a toilet.  Can I get a refund??  Jusssst kidding.  I do love him, I'm just used to cats who are independent bishes who do everything on their own.

Friday night we went to dinner for my friend Kathryn's birthday and then we went to the Granada Theater to see Charlie Robison play.

I don't know if everyone knows this song, but I know my Texas girls do:

This is typical Kathryn.  Here she is using a hand dryer in the bathroom to try to dry her pants after spilling beer on them.

If you tweet the theater, it shows up on their big screen.  Cool, huh?

On Saturday I got to see my friend Megan's baby again when she stopped by to see my new house.  How cute is the wine bottle she brought me?

Her little guy, Ben, is even cuter. Babies are my fave.

Saturday night I celebrated another friends birthday, so it was a birthday filled weekend. Yesterday I took it easy and got my car detailed, went to the grocery store, CVS and Bath and Body Works.

All right, I'm even boring myself with this post.  I'll be back tomorrow with something good and entertaining for y'all to read.  TGIM ... not.
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  1. I love love love Charlie Robison! I haven't seen him in years, though. :(

  2. i had a baby shower? awesome. (no but seriously looks like fun).

    i feel so 15 again when i say i think its really cool you can tweet the movie theater. i used to do that at skateland when i was young (obvs wasnt twitter but something else different). may need to relocate to dallas.

  3. Haha, your little Bear is precious!! I would gladly take him off your hands!

  4. I can't believe how quickly 2012 is going as well. Time seems to be flying by!

    Bear is ADORABLE! Puppies are tough but the work is worth it!

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  6. Woohoo we made it! I love your place and Bear is adorable!!! See you Friday!



  8. please tweet the grenada theatre "go blog or go home" next time! haha

    bear is such a cutie patootie! i want to eat him up.

    ok, i've been stalking your facebook and i cannot wait for tomorrow blog post! haha

  9. oh Bear! So cute! LOVE that boot pic! Totally something I would do, too!!

    Umm...the photo op of your friend's hoohaa over the hand dryer is priceless. Aaaand I love it. :)

    And you. Ta ta for now!

  10. Cate wears diapers=)

    La Grange is too damn hot!!

    I'm from there=)

  11. I know its amazing how fast January has already gone by! and that baby is definitely adorable!


  12. Oh Em Gee! Your puppy is THE cutest thing, possibly ever!!

  13. Awe! puppy love! so cute and fluffy!

    sounds like you had a fun filled weekend!!

  14. First things first, I think I fixed my email, PLEASE let me know. And thank you soooo much for tell me how. Next, please no more Ambien with wine! Haha.

    I love Charlie Robinson, and I'm from KY! El Cerrito Place is like one of my all time favorites and I instantly burst into tears when I hear it. I want somebody to look for me like

    The pup is adorable. But damn, they are so dirty. I got a dog a couple years ago and I wish I would have never saw him. I love him, don't get me wrong, but he is SOOO dirty. So when you figure it out, let me know. :) Hope you had a good Monday!

  15. is that dog stuck in a boot? and who the eff is Charlie Robison? and Estancia wine is so good!!!

  16. New puppy + Charlie Robison = your life is awesome

    Seriously, love Charlie. And My Hometown.

  17. Um, we are going to need more pictures of that pup. And probably a vlog with him...just sayin!

  18. Charlie Robinson?? So freakin' fun! One of my favorites.

  19. that puppy is so stinking cute. just a suggestion that worked for us (and we have potty trained 2) :: take the dog outside every 30 minutes. It is a pain in the ass, I know. But he will quickly learn that he has to go outside! =D

    More pics of him please!

  20. Your new little dog is too cute!

    Have fun these next few months, puppies are a mess:)

  21. HELL YEAH i know who he is. love him i remember the first time i heard him.
    LOVE "Good Time" too..

    love that sweet little Bear!!