Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bachelorette Par-tay Recap

Why does the universe like to play evil games with me? Like for instance, when I’m shopping for something in particular at the last minute, I NEVER EVER can find what I need. I don’t know why I even bother.

Instead of learning my lesson, I spent a solid 2 to 3 hours on Saturday frantically scouring the mall for a dress for the Bachelorette Party that night. Literally everything I tried on looked atrocious on me. There weren’t even any “maybes” or “ok, this will do if it has to” options.

Eventually I gave up my pursuit and went home defeated. I was forced to wear an old black dress that has already made its Facebook rounds more than once. How dreadful!
The classiest thing about this dress is that my bra hangs out of the back of it like a 2 dollar hooker. At least the young lad ringing me up at Walgreens told me (as he stared at my chest), “you look very nice tonight.” If by “nice” you mean I look like a huge slore, then thank you sir. I figured it was a bachelorette party after all, so whatever.

It didn’t help matters when after dinner the console of my heel snapped practically in half and I had to mend it with tape I bummed off the bartender. Yep, this happened:

The events of the evening were as follows – all the girls met at a hotel to board the party bus for the evening. Our first stop was dinner, followed by the lingerie shower, a drag show (yes!) and then wherever the wind blew us.

Below are the photos from our night out celebrating Kristi’s “final fling before the ring”.  All these ladies and I met Freshman year in college and have remained friends ever since!  Enjoy the photos and try not to judge. 

Ashley had a airbrushed fake tan gone bad on Thursday.  You should have seen the picture of her that she sent me right after it happened.  She would kill me if I posted it to the blog, but it was straight Anne Hathaway from the movie Bride Wars, but less orange & more brown.

Dinner was at this amazing new restaurant in Dallas called Park.  If you live here, you must check it out.  Our jalapeno mac & cheese and flat bread pizza was scrumdiddlyumptious.

After dinner it was time for a little lingerie shower in the back room of the restaurant.   

A group shot before we headed out to the main event. My big ole head is barely peeking in this picture.

And lastly, a few more pics from inside the party bus on the way to the drag show.  Sorry, but none of the pictures from the show turned out, it was too dark in there. BOO!
We're going to Vegas in November for Courtney's Bach Party! Can't wait!
It was a great night and I think Kristi had so much fun! Success.
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  1. I am so jealous looking at people's pics where they goto bachy of my friends needs to get married ASAPPP!

    i happen to do the same thing when looking for a hot lil number. Go to store the day before (or day of..ugh!) and cant find anything so I succumb to something ive worn a zillion times and ask people not to tag me in photos in the same exact dress!

    vodka infused whipped cream-best invention EVA


  2. I feel like you have something exciting going on like every weekend. I feel like I sit in total loserville up here in Ohio. But with that being said, how dare you wear something that has already been plastered all over Stalkbook!?!??!? I mean seriously!??!!

    Just kidding... I have been wearing stuff over and over lately, I just don't post "round 2" of the outfit on facebook usually haha ;-) I'm pathetic! AND kidding again...

    Anyhoo I think you look very pretty!!! And so does that jalapeno mac and cheese!!! <3 And I can't wait to see the mess yall get into in VEGASSSSS in November!

  3. Even with the malfunctions it looks like you still had a blast, and that's what matters!

  4. I totally LoL'd at lots of this. Insane!

  5. Do you know where that vodka whipped cream was from?! My bff is getting married in October and as MOH (yay!) I am planning the bach party... I MUST HAVE THAT!!!

    oh and the dress? Adorbs. Noone would know it was an oldie because it was a goody! Plus, its black... can't go wrong.

  6. this looks like total amazeballs fun. i feel bad for texting you through out and ruining your time.

    and no matter how many times you've worn that dress you still look great in it!

    and in august can we go to park? that mac and cheese looks DEEE-VINE!

  7. ok so umm ALL of your friends are getting or are already married.

    Well at least you are getting to party hardy with all your friends! I'm more jealous of that than the marriages.

    I think that dress is still super cute no matter if you've worn it 3 times or 500 times. But hey start vegas shopping now!


  8. fuuunnn!!!! I wanted to be there! I LOVE your dress and love you! seriously you are soooo gorg and I want your hair. love your hair. did you happen to curl it with the chi by chance?

    also, when you were telling me that story about the guy saying you looked nice at Walgreens, I TOTALLY thought that you meant you bought your dress at Walgreens. I was like, NO WAY, she would not, so I had to re-read it and saw that you really didn't buy your dress there, you were just wearing it there, Whew!!

    you my dear, are a blast. when I come to visit I want to go to that restaurant and can we rent a party bus? just the two of us??

  9. How much fun!! I always end up waiting until the last minute to shop too! It never works out for me either. But I love the dress you wore! Very classic.

  10. Looks like a great night!

    Hey! How's that vodka infused whipped cream? I've seen it before, but haven't had the occasion in which to purchase it :)

  11. So much fun! my besties stagette is this saturday i'm very excited !

  12. what's to judge? i would be doing the same!! looks like you had so much fun! Congrats to the bride-to-be!!

  13. Looks like you had a blaaast! :D and whip cream with vodka!? umm hello! where did you get that!

  14. Looks like a fun time! I doubt any one will be creeping on your FB photos to see if you've already worn an outfit more than once. I wouldn't have been able to tell if you hadn't mentioned it. But you can always wear a cute belt or necklace to jazz it up! :)

  15. so are you ok with me saying i personally know a hooker? haha juuust kidding! you look awesome in your third appearance in that dress...and i bought to all those drunk people that tape looked like shoe bling!

    looks like a real bang-up time! ;)

  16. Fun fun fun! I have the same problem with outfits, I seem to be rotating the same three ones over and over again, with different shoes and jewellery every time... and who cares? Better that than having a new but sucky, unoriginal outfit every time ;)


  17. I've worn many a slutty outfit in my time so I can totally relate. But you look HOT and it was a bachelorette so whatever.

    I want that jalapeno mac n cheese. Like now.

    Where does one purchase vodka infused whipped cream? Because that sounds amazing!

  18. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - where is this Park place with the fab mac n' cheese????????? I need. Or I'll just make my own version? Oh wait, I'm on hella-diet.

    That bach-ette party looked fun!!!!!!!!! Jealous ... I totally wish I had a friend getting married soon. Oh wait. They all are. You're next?

  19. I love your dress! Who cares if you wore it a few times! It looks great on you! You gals look like you have a fab time! Umm vodka infused whipped cream?! I want some!! The food looked amazing too! Yum!

    Oh, and I'm so jealous about Vegas! That's going to be awesome!

  20. Wow, looks like you girls had a fun and wild time! I love the dress you wore by the way. You can never go wrong with black, even if you've worn the same dress dozens of times!

    Oh and I have to say holy sh*t to your apartment complex! It's gorgeous! And with a pool even!

  21. wow you guys went all out with the party bus, love the pics. looks like you girls had a great time, the bride is lucky to have such a big group of girlfriends :)

  22. Awesome post! I can see from your pictures that you all had fabulous party. Have been preparing my sister’s bachelorette party at one of NYC venues. Will be hiring event planners too as want to make her day fantastic.