Monday, October 17, 2011

Courtney's "Cupcakes & Cocktails" Bridal Shower

Ello bargainistas!  So we meet again.  This weekend we hosted a bridal shower for one of my oldest friends, Courtney.  Read about her engagement story to her finance Tanner here

The theme of the shower was "Cupcakes and Cocktails".  And you guessed it, we had cupcakes and cocktails a plenty.  The cupcakes were delicately hand crafted by me (I'm lieing).  We ordered them from a bakery using a Groupon.  Lemon and yellow cupcakes:

For the cocktails, I made a Raspberry Champagne Spritzer adapted from a Padma Lakshmi recipe and we had "Cupcake" wine in red and white varieties. I bedazzled the "bride-to-be" wine glass (97 cents) using scrapbook stickers found at Wal-Mart. Total cost = $5

Of course we had way more wine than spritzer, but everyone kept drinking the spritzer.  The recipe was designed to individually serve in glasses, so I winged it to create a self-serve bowl of the spritzer.

What you need: 
3 bottles extra dry champagne
About 9 scoops of Raspberry sherbert (3 per bottle)
5 to 7 fresh mint leaves
Garnish with strawberries

Place mint leaves and sherbert in bottom of serving bowl.  Pour champagne over the top, mix and serve.

As for the food table, we made these DIY floral centerpieces out of wine bottles.  Instructions here. 
I painted the "Eat, Drink and Be Married" sign for the food table using acrylic paint and wood ($2.99)  from Hobby Lobby.

The shower was from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. so we had light snacks including my 3 ingredient sausage balls, dill dip and veggies, fruit kabobs, antipasto kabobs, Gouda dip w/ pita chips and spinach dip & chips (not pictured). Yumm-o.

Floating candles in mason jars for some easy DIY coffee table decor:

We had each guest fill out these cards for her memory book:

Before she opened gifts, we played a game where Courtney had to guess what answers Tanner had given to 15 questions.  Questions were like "What is one thing Courtney would throw out of Tanner's closet?" and "What does Tanner love most about Courtney?" [Answer = boobs for inquiring minds. Typical man.]  Each question that their answers didn't match up, she had to put a piece a gum in her mouth.  It was pretty comical:

Then it was present time:

And lastly we had a photo shoot with the bride-to-be:
Court + Me /  Erin (co-hostess) + Court / Court's flower girl / Court, her sister Kaleena (co-hostess) & step-sister Lindsay (my freshman roomie in the dorms)
Megan who is due any day now!  And Janice and baby Wyatt.  He is so, so presh!
Despite some people who clearly never learned how to RSVP "no" (All 10 or so of you. Yes, I'm calling you out because it's so rude.), the shower was a success! 

I can't wait for the big day Courtney.  You are going to be a beautiful bride and I'm honored to stand by your side.  XOXO
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  1. I am loving all of these ideas. Flowers in wine bottles and floating candles in mason jars - so simple and pretty! And I love how you incorporated the gum into the question game. Looks like you guys did a great job!

  2. um...i love those mason jar ideas. and the wine bottle ones too. if i weren't having a BABY shower in november i would def have the wine bottles as centerpieces.

    and i'm gonna need you to tell me how you did those place cards for the food. i want to make some for the baby shower.

    thanks friend!

  3. Love all the details - it turned out so fab!!!

    I HATE people who don't RSVP or even worse RSVP saying they are coming and don't. HATE. We had 9 people who did that at our wedding. I'm sorry, but you basically cost my dad $1k for NOTHING and we are no longer friends.

  4. I love this. If I ever get married, and I mean it won't be anytime soon, maybe in like a million years, will you plan this for me??? :)

  5. SUPER CUTE! what a great hostess you are!!!

  6. I love all the details! You did an amazing job!

  7. What an amazing shower. You are so thoughtful and I adore the theme. Cupcakes and Cocktails? Brilliant!

    I haven't had cupcake wine in 6 months - that was my favorite back in Washington. If I need to host any kind of party, I'll be emailing you for ideas.

    Have you thought about being a party planner?? You'd be great at it with your eye for details.


  8. omg i love this lindsay

    can you plan my bridal shower?! I loved all of this and your friend courtney is gorgeous!!

    stealing that cocktail recipe ;-)


  9. Not rsvping makes me bananas. As Bon Qui Qui would say, "RUDE!" Way to get all creative in the midst of your travels, moving, and ankle fail.

  10. so cute!! i love the whole idea, each piece is perfect and adorable! great job (as always!) girl!!

  11. How cute! I threw a bridal shower for a coworker a few months ago and I could have used your expertise haha. Looks like you had a blast!


  12. Linds, you did such a beautiful job!!! Every picture just kept getting better and better with awesome {and affordable} party ideas! Yep, you're a genius. I can't believe you painted that sign... amazing! The food looks so good I can't even handle it :)

    I played a similar game at my shower and it was a blast. My {ahem ex} had the same answer. Ha. Totally his loss! And, uh I couldn't agree with you more about how ANNOYING it is when people don't RSVP! For my bff's shower I asked for regrets only and do you think HALF the people listened? No. Glad I spent money on way more stuff than I needed. Anyway, everything looks perfect!! :)

  13. OH wow, those antipasto kabobs looks sooooo yummy. Love love that idea!

  14. Ummm go you! Look at all the DIY-ing...little hostess with the mostess. ;)

    I spy red velvet cupcake wine...was that any good? THought about picking some up last night but there was one Cupcake wine I was skeptical about so I ended up getting a different kind.

  15. what a great shower! you did an incredible job! you can see all the love you put into it ... loving all the details too!

  16. So cute! You sure do know how to throw a cute party!! I have been saving some wine bottles for like two months (so that means I have about 45...haha!) to use like that at my aunts anniversary party this month. Love that you had Cupcake wine. Seriously adorable idea!!

    You didn't tell us what shoes you ended up wearing!!!

  17. how in the HELLZ BELLZ did I not comment on this post? Nor SEE it for that matter? Since blogger hates you and never updates your reader status, you are supposed to message me when you post so I can book it to your blog and be the first commenter.

    you are failing me Leslie.

    ok, this bridal shower looks awesome!! I was so like, oh no Leslie did NOT make those cupcakes herself. and that cupcake wine? I love it. One of my faves.

    I seriously love those bedazzled wine ideas you southern girls do. We aren't that creative up here in the westcoast.

    and those bride and groom wine covers? SO CUTE!!!!!

    and the FOOD????? looks SOOOOOOOOOO delicious!! and the mason jar ideas, I love the whole entire thing.

    and you are gorgeous. And your long blonde hair is out of control.

    and you need a baby.

  18. Oh my gosh! I've so been wanting to try the cupcake wine! Especially the red velvet, but I just haven't had the guts (or extra money) to try it. Is it any good?

  19. ooh so fancy. i love a good reason to drink in the afternoon.

  20. Such a fun shower!!!! I agree people who don't RSVP are rude rude rude and deserve to be called out!

  21. I wish I was an iota as creative as you are.

    Particularly love the floating candles in mason pretty!

  22. This shower looks like perfection! I love all the DIY ideas, including the floating candles. Glad it was such a great success!

  23. please invite me to the next one of these. ill RSVP appropriately and be fun, i promise.

  24. You are one impressive hostess! So creative with the DIY stuff. Those touches are what make parties like this so unique. I'm gonna have to take a page out of your book next time I'm responsible for one!