Sunday, August 7, 2011

e.l.f. haul: The Conclusion

Hello friends, another week is upon us!  So many of you have contacted me telling me how much you're now loving e.l.f. and that makes my heart super happy.  I've enjoyed being able to share the wealth, and I hope you will be inspired to try even more new products after this post. 

Now, let's get to the conclusion of my haul sent to me by e.l.f. last month for free or what I like to call "Christmas in July".  Check marked goodies in the pic below are what I've covered already HERE and those labeled 1 to 6 are what I'm covering in this post.

 1. e.l.f. Essential Hypershine Gloss Box Set
$5 - Color: Summer Ready [BUY]

I have an issue with my lip gloss always vanishing.   I swear there is some lip gloss leprechaun who goes around janking gloss from girls.  As you can imagine, I don't like to fork over a lot of money for gloss since it's always disappearing (I'm looking at you leprechaun). 

This set is the perfect price at only $1 a stick, plus, I really love their light shimmery shade on me because I normally wear pretty heavy eyes.  The last thing you want is to look like a lady of the night with heavy make-up on your eyes and lips. 

My hands down, all-time fave lip gloss is MAC's lipglass, but e.l.f.'s hypershine gloss comes in at second place thanks to the pretty color and perfect price.  It's not as long lasting as MAC lipglass, but definitely gets the job done and looks very similar. 

2. e.l.f. Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
$1 in black - [BUY]
I don't EVER waiver from my tried and true, one and only make-up addiction, Ulta Automatic Eye Liner in black.  When I say ever, I mean ever.  Well, except this one time. 
I feel like I'm cheating on my imaginary boyfriend when I type this sentence, but I actually liked e.l.f.'s eyeliner pen.  I'm not saying I like it better because it's differen't since it's more of a liquid, but I do like it a lot.  The pen is very hard to apply to your lower lashline but it is GREAT for winging out eyeliner à la Lauren Conrad style. 

Watch this video to see how to achieve the winged look.  It's very easy to do, I've been rockin' this look for years:

3. e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

$3 in sheer - [BUY]
I was pleasantly surprised that this primer actually works.  As you have probably heard me say before, my skin is extremely oily. This primer helps keeps my shadow creaseless all day even in these miserable Texas summer temps.

I dab a little bit on each eyelid and use my finger to blend.  It goes on completely sheer and gives you a nice smooth pallette to work with.  It's now a staple in my make-up routine.

4. e.l.f. Professional Studio Matte Eyeshadow
$3 in Charcoal - [BUY]
I have only used this shadow once because I havn't had a reason to go too heavy on the eyes.  I have a lot of social stuff coming up, so I know I will get more use out of it when I have a reason to wear a smoky eye.  However, when I did wear this color, I was very happy with the rich pigment of it.  It definitely gives a dark, vibrant hue.  I bet it would work well as an eyeliner too.  

5. e.l.f. Essential Eye Makeup Remover Pads

$1 - [BUY]
For $1, they are a good investment for travel or to keep in your purse.  The pros: Non-greasy and effective at removing make-up.  The cons: The solution stings my eyes a little.  I'll stick to my less than $2 eye make-up remover for everyday use.

 6. e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color
$1 - [BUY]
The only thing I got in my haul that I would probably never buy again.  The compact is extremely small and literally I've used the lightest all-over base color less than a handful of times and it's practically gone. 

The browns were pretty colors and they do stay fairly long, but I would much rather prefer spending $3 on their professional studio single eyeshadow, which I LOVE and am definitely buying in more colors. 

So there you go bargainistas, the conclusion of my e.l.f. haul.  "But wait, there's more!" ...

I had to order some bridesmaids pumps via Target online on Friday, and you get free shipping when you spend $50.  Naturally, I threw some more e.l.f. merch into the ole online shopping cart. 

The following products will be reviewed soon, so hold onto your panties:

elf Studio Glitter Gloss in Glam Guava - $3
(recommended by my fellow cat lady, Carol)

e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in light - $3

e.l.f. Essential Beauty School Beauty Book in Smoky - $5
At the rate I'm going, I'm going to run out of e.l.f. merchandise to try, but I hope that day never comes. 

Is there any e.l.f. product I have yet to cover that you love? 

Obviously I love me some e.l.f. and have a slight addiction.  HELP.
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  1. Yayyy! I've been waiting for this post! Definitely trying out the the gloss. I've been keeping my eye on it for a while now and for $1 it's a great way to try new shades! Might have to try the eyeliner pen too. I've been using their liquid eyeliner for the winged out look and then use the Ulta automatic eyeliner for the lower lash line!

    Can't wait to see what you think of the shimmering facial whip! :)

  2. These ELF posts just depress me more and more. Anymore ELF posts and I'm going to demand a care package sent from you ;-)

    My fav ELF product is the eyeliner...I dont think you have it on here, but it is the double tip stuff. I like it in black and smoke. I actually stocked up and bought an extra before moving I love it that much!

    I like that loose matte eyeshadow you just covered!!!

  3. You are going to love the facial whip! I keep one in my makeup bag at all times so I don't have to care my Benefit High Beam in that glass bottle everywhere!!

  4. Glad I found this blog! :) now that you liked the lip gloss, I'm happy I ordered it. I just wonder when they'll dispatch my order, ordered 4 days ago...

  5. I've been wanting to try that eyelid primer! It sounds much better than spending $18 on Urban Decay Primer Potion!

  6. I was hoping you'd do a review on the eyelid primer, I was wondering about it!

    Thanks for turning me onto this makeup line! I really love it !

  7. Perfect timing, right as I'm about to my eyeliner, I watched this video. LC does it better than I ever can. With a bad right eye, it makes it hard to do my left eye because I close it. So they're never even lol

  8. Um. I still haven't gotten my ELF goodies..... I know that living down here in Coastal Siberia has something to do with it ... shipping always takes longer.

    I cannnottttt wait!

  9. I loooooove all the elf brushes I have tried! And the eyelash curler is amazzzzzing! I travel a lot and I usually break them. But my elf one appears to be un-destructable!

  10. Addicted to ELF - yikes. Just do not start eating it or you will be on that show Strange Addictions - no wait! Eating makeup isn't wierd enough. You need to eat the packaging of the make up while driving to work each day in your diaper, with some dead person's ashes in your front seat to keep you company. Then you can be on the show


  11. i seriously love elf, their stuff is the bomb. i've been using it for years now and i'm so happy they have stuff available at target and a broader line online. there's so much stuff i want to try, i can't wait to order more from them.

  12. i love the facial shimmer whip. its wonderful!!

  13. our lipgloss leprechauns must be roommates because he steals mine too!! UGH! i always lose it

    i love all the different ELF lipgloss colors! you can never have enough shades of red/pink if i say so myself

    im deff in the market for eye makeup remover! I found a portable little case a couple weeks ago at Forever 21 that was like 2 bucks but i dont think they work good AT ALL haha I will have to check out these ones!

    im gonna have to check some of these things out STAT!! i likey the prices!


  14. I am with you on the disappearing lip gloss! I think we should win a prize should we ever finish a lip gloss! I love the beaty rush lipglosses from victorias secret. I have a drawer full, compliments of working there. I think they just paid me in lipgloss and panties, ha! I also love elf's eyeliner!! :)

  15. because of you i am going to check out e.l.f. products now ... i'll let you know if i find anything good!

  16. I love how are you still an honest reviewer and say that your fave lipgloss is still lipglass (MINE TOO!!!!) but for 1 buck a pop? I be tryin' that elf lipgloss.

    I have that elf facial whip and LOOOOOOOVE it! I bet it will look smashing on you my dear leslie.

    I can't believe that whole beauty book is only 5 dollas? Say what? Do you know that I cannot, CANNOT do a smoky eye? I NEVER have EVER worn a smoky eye IN MY LIFE outside, ever. Because I straight up look like a clown. Maybe one day when we meet you can show me.

    love love love love love love love love YOUUU!!!!!

  17. I have a problem with the leprechaun lip-gloss stealer, too. Him and the sock monster! We don't get a lot of e.l.f up in Canada unfortunately : (


  19. $5 for all of those eyeshadows in the last pic? That's a steal - and they are great colors. I seriously am jumping on the elf train. Next time I am in need of a product I am heading to Target.

  20. i love their eye lash curler. it actually the best one i've ever used. the only downside is that the cushion pad gets worn down pretty quickly.

  21. i've seen this brand at target or drugstore and i was always curious about them. thanks for the post, i will have to check out their products more closely next time i see them!

  22. Perfect review =]
    What's the facial whip for, though?

  23. I have recently discovered E.L.F and fell in love! Hubby is a seminary student so money is very tight to say the least :) This make up has been a blessing with the low price and great quality! I just purchased their liquid eyeliner (first time I have ever used something like that) and I really liked how it went on! Looks like you made great choices on your purchases!

  24. YAY! LOVE the e.l.f reviews! I finally spotted e.l.f. at my Target!

    I also love the winged look and your twinnie, LC!

  25. I am definitely going to try the eye shadow primer. I tried the eye shadow recently, and I agree, I wouldn't buy it again!

    Thanks so much for doing this post. It makes it a lot easier for us to try new things when we know if they actually work or not!

  26. AWW! so glad you posted your elf haul! i have been meaning to try alot of these, but i can't seem to find them this cheap {anywhere}!!! i guess i will have to keep looking! :]

  27. I love ELF products. Sometimes my Target carries them, which is sweet, but I must get e-mails from them ALL the time with free shipping or free product offers. Just a few months ago, I had a coupon code that if I spent $10, I would get 10 free mineral eyeshadows. That was like a $30 value! I was proud of myself for that. One item that I like that you haven't mentioned (that I've seen) is the nail polish remover pads ... they're in a container like the eye makeup remover (so don't confuse them!), but they work really well and aren't drying and they smell good too!

  28. Girl, the only time I have a smokey eye look is when someone else does it for me. I've been playing in makeup for years. and its a complete fail. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I wandered around Target for an embarassing amount of time searching for this stuff the other night before asking (it was right in front of me). Thanks for helping me out: )

  29. I can't wait for the rest of the reviews! Love love love it!

  30. This post inspired me to go buy some of that ELF lip gloss! Love it!

  31. Love love love LOVE the waterproof eyeliner marker. I buy one every time I go to Target. I have like, four floating around between by purse and my markup bag! On my last trip, I also tried the eye primer and I have to say I was also impressed!! I love the facial whip too!

    Keep the ELF coming!

    I love the boxed gift sets I saw too!