Thursday, September 15, 2011

A big THANK YOU + what I'm loving

Well ladies, looks like we did it! All of our voting paid off!

This little blog of mine won CBS Dallas' Most Valuable Blogger in the Lifestyle category!   I cannot say THANK YOU enough for all of the support I received from you, my lovely readers, my friends, family and people that didn't even know me who voted!  I appreciate each and every one of you so very much.

A special shout out to all of you that tweeted, facebooked and blogged about this for me.  I still can't believe I actually won, but I suppose CBS wouldn't play a prank on me. So here it is, my blue winning virtual ribbon. Check out this little diddy that I'll cherish forevs:
Go here to see the full list of winners in each category.

Now that you got a proper thank you, let's go over some things I'm currently loving.  It's been way too long since I dished on some faves:

1. I love that I was having my first ever "No Heels Allowed Happy Hour" with Patty at my apartment last night when I found out I won.  If you missed this post, go here and you can read how to host your own No Heels HH.  I made us a meat and cheese tray with assorted crackers, Feta stuffed green olives, Dijon stone ground mustard and my new favorite drink concoction (see #2 for details).
Get in my belly!  This is so much better than paying for over priced glasses of wine at your nearest watering hole. I'd much rather kick off my heels, plop on the couch in PINK VS sweats and catch up with my bestie from the comfort of my humble abode.  Wouldn't you?

2. So whenever I pick up my favorite bottle of value-sized Riesling at my corner 711 (you read correctly), I always stick it in the freezer to quickly speed up the chilling process.   I normally put a few cubes of ice in my first glass to cool it off, but the ice melts and waters down my wine. Yuck, me no likey! 
Well Bs, I had a stroke of genius and added frozen sliced strawberries and frozen raspberries to it to keep it cool with out watering it down.  Plus they add a great flavor.  Try it then thank me later. I'm loving this concoction!

3. I love that I am the proud new owner of my very first pair of Hunter Wellies!  This is basically the best thing that has happened to me all week (other than winning CBS MVB, of course) Gilt {dot} com has tons of Hunter boots on sale online until Saturday.  I almost got the pink, but ultimately went with the pearl white. 
They were $89 instead of $145 and I think they'll look gorgy in the white snow.  You know, because it snows all the time in Texas.  If you want a pair, hurry up because these boots are going fast! Go here.

4. And how much do I love my Raven and Caroline??  Let me count the ways.  For one, they sure know a way to this blonde's heart.  Obviously that's through eye make-up.  Raven hooked me up with an Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette and DIOR mascara!  I'm fancy now, y'all! 
By the way ... if you're thinking, "The hell?!? But your birthday was in August?" ... I thought the same thing. Why has this trick NOT sent me a birthday present yet?  She claimed it was out of stock on Sephora online so it was on back order, yadda, yadda, yadda ...  I believe her. I guess. Just kidding boo! I love you for being so sweet and thoughtful and treating me to these splurges. This present was well worth the wait!

Now #crazycatlady Caroline ... that little hussy.  She surprised me with my favorite beauty product of all time. Like I'm not joking, I will go to Ulta's headquarters and stage a sit-in if they ever discontinue their Automatic Eyeliner.  How lovely of her to send me some along with a little NARS primer.  Be still my heart.

5. And last but not least, I'm loving that I caved and bought a Missoni for Target travel neck pillow.  No I did not wear it driving all the way home and no I was not sitting on my couch wearing it during No Heels HH. OK, I was.
I almost got a few other things, but controlled myself.  All I really want is this throw, but that is out of stock every where.   Did y'all scoop up any Missoni for Target? If so, what and what do you think of it?   I was not blown away.

OK Bargainistas, that is all for now.  See you back here tomorrow same time, same place. Thank you again! I can't say it enough. XOXO
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  1. congratulations again sweet friend on your award. you deserve it. just think...back in march you didn't even have 100 followers and now you have millions and you even won an award to prove you're the best blogger around.

    if i lived in texas we would have daily NHHH.

  2. 1. congratulations times a million on winning dallas MVB!!! yayyy (ill drink to your honor this weekend!)

    2. did you get a new camera? that first picture looks like a professional took it. no offense to your normal photos b/c they always look know what i mean.

    3. i showered today. (thought it was necessary to relay that message to you before you thought a dirty girl was leaving you a comment).

    4. i need to do that with my wine! problem is wine is like ridiculously expensive here. so i can never afford it.

    5. welcome to the world of owning hunter boots. best investment i have EVER made. especially since i have seemed to live in crap weather locations for the past 8 years of my life.

    6. the naked pallette will change your life forever. nice going raven and caroline (introducing the bargainista to the best spent 48 bucks of my life!). :)

    7. are caroline and raven looking for any new buds? i could surely use some good makeup in my life. anything nars is primetime in my book.

    8. i am glad (for once) that target is not in norway so i didnt spend unruly amounts of money on missoni stuff. but i would have been to lazy to fight crowds or deal with internet traffic anyways.

    9. can i start my own server so we can all move there and not have blogger have you not show up on my blogroll stuff anymore? annoyed.

    10. thatssss all :) <3 mwah

  3. Congrats girl!!!!!

    Ok... maybe the neck pillow isnt so bad :)

  4. Congrats on the win mama! Glad all my clicking paid off! Whoo hoo!

    And great idea with the froz fruit in the adult bevvy. will def have to try soon!

    the hunters you got are cute... i looked for them in green but sold out. :( oh well...

  5. Congrats!! How awesome to win that award!!

    That No Heels HH looks pretty awesome, and I might be doing that eventually when I have a place of my own :) My favorite white wine is Moscato...mmmmmmmm SOOO yummy!! I can imagine how yummy that would be with frozen fruit in it, too...kinda like a quick white sangria! YUM!

  6. congrats! I picked up a pair of the Missoni pumps. I wasn't too impressed with anything else.
    I need to try this eyeliner. Any particular colors that you recommend? So it stays on well and doesn't smudge?

  7. WAY TO GO!!! CONGRATS! I am not totally impressed with the new line at target....

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew you would win, you are the BEST dallas lifestyle blogger there is - duh!! So glad to have the DFW-MVB be my first follower! (see, I told you I would never forget...even though it was only like a month ago!)

    I so wanted to get me a pair of the Hunter rain boots this morning, but I just couldn't do it. I spent so much money shopping online yesterday that I couldn't justify it! I think I keep our UPS driver on the payroll with as many times as she comes to my house.

    Such a good idea to use the frozen fruit in your wine. Totally trying that. And LOVE the no heels happy hour idea!

  9. I am soooooooo glad you won!! You totally deserve it. now REMEMBER. you famous = me famous, right???

    ok and SHUT UP! That item WAS out of stock! It ALWAYS is out of stock! seriously, a few girls even posted a while back that that naked eye pallette is always out of stock. So there.
    but you will look beautiful.

    and I am SO getting some frozen fruit to put in my wine, but wait, I drink Red. That wouldn't work.

    and I hate the missoni line. SO ugg BUT I do like that travel pillow. That I could stomach :)

    however I LOVE you and you are absolutely just the bestest estest ever!!!

  10. oh ps I NEED THOSE WELLIES! I tried going to the website that you posted on twitter but I cant find them? WHERE DO I GO?????

  11. SOOO Exciting!! i'm so glad all the voting paid off, you deserve it!!

  12. Congrats!
    And whoa about the frozen fruit to cool off the vino. I normally put mine in the freezer too but forgot one night and the bottle burst sending tiny glass shards everywhere. I've been too scared to do it again. You can tell I buy the good stuff.

  13. First off, congratulations again!!!! I knew you'd win, but still :)

    The wine with the fruit sounds so yummy! Good thinkin' on that. Oh, and aren't you lucky getting so many amazing make-up goodies?! :)

    I looked at the Missoni for Target apparel online and definitely wasn't blown away. I'm the last person to want to race to the racks to see what I can score though haha. PS love the pearl white Hunter wellies :) Congrats again, girlfrienddd!!

  14. Congrats again on the win!!

    The no heels get-together sounds perfecto! I feel like I did that all the time in college with my gal pals but I want to do it all the time NOW. I need to arrange this pronto.

    I wasn't blown away by the Missoni stuff either. There were some cute things for sure, but most of it was just so-so to me. I wonder if people just went crazy and bought things b/c they wanted bragging rights for obtaining it. Most of it I didn't find brag-worthy, but maybe that's just me.

  15. I am flying on a plane tomorrow. I neeeedzzzzzzzzz that neck pillow. Too bad every Tarjay in the continental US is prob sold out. Boo, I did not know about that item. My tarjay was wiped out like crazy {keep in mind I live in a Suburb outside of Bham... still -- i live in Alabama... and my local target has nothing but rednecks who dont even know about Missoni} I am ill over this sitch!

  16. congrats on winning! **i kind of had a feeling it would be you**
    Raven wasn't joking about how hard it is to get the Naked palette. I've been trying to order it all summer and they are always out of stock!
    i really wanted one of those throws, but apparently so did everyone else in the country because it was already sold out online and in our store by the time i got to it. Actually they were sold out of pretty much everything I liked. No Missoni for me.

  17. SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??? Even Ashley said it's out of stock all the time SO THERE!!!!!

  18. Anything for my favorite Lindsey Lee the Cat La Deee (see what I did there? hahahahaha). Love you boo & soooo happy about your award! Thanks for the sweet shout out :) xoxoxo
    ps- dont be gettin crazy with those eye liner pens... i dont wanna see any meth brows :)

  19. WOOO HOOOO!!! Winner winner chicken dinner .... oh hey btw where did that saying come from? how random


  20. congrats girl! that is so amazing! i knew you would win, especially since you had a whole bunch of amazing people voting for you!

    i am in love with those hunter boots! so cute. & i wasn't blown away by the stuff at target either. i got a few things -- but nothing exciting & when i went at 6pm at night EVERYTHING was sold out. it was kinda crazy! i didn't even know anything about it until that day. ha oh well.

    but Congrats again!! :] xoxo.

  21. p.s. i really want that throw too, but too bad they are sold out & all the ones on ebay are going for rediculous amounts of $$ :(

  22. Congratulations on the win! And the Hunter Wellies are super cute.

  23. I so want those boots! I mean they do have my last name and my fav color is hunter green... hmmm, bday present for myself, perhaps. I do live in the NW so I could justify it with all the rain we get. SOLD!

  24. Yay! Congrats! That's so awesome and well deserved :)

    Um can you pass me one of those drinks? Please and thank you!

  25. 1. I think I have those wine glasses! And 2. Super cute boots, lady!

    2. I want this concoction of yummyness.
    3. So jealous that you have that Naked palette. Every time i go into Ulta I always look at it. Sooner or later I'm going to cave.
    4. I love that people crashed the Target website for the Missoni stuff. I have needed to go to Target but I've been avoiding it the last few days because of it.
    5. Let me know if you have any questions on places for Vegas. I know you said your one friend lives here...but, second opinion? Besides, I feel like I need to actually meet some other bloggers, and Ash lives here too.

    But congrats again!

  27. that is soooo exciting!!! Congrats! so happy you won!!! and genius idea with the frozen fruit in the wine! i always put ice cubes and that waters down my wine ... i'll have to try this!!! :)

  28. you are sooo deserving of this award. im so glad it went to you!

    um lovin those boot-ties! you should totally come rock them in ATL.....i hear we get amazing dirt slush!

    and, if raven and caroline need more best can ship them my way!

    SOO jelly of your missoni! i went to target yesterday and they were out...of EVERYTHING! ha

  29. Congrats again girl... so exciting for you!! :) And I'm with Raven.. not a big Missoni fan. Not sure what the big fuss was all about! I feel like a loser though- since its all everyone is blogging about!

  30. Congrats to you!!!

    I'm loving your fab idea about the frozen fruit in the wine. I will only drink chilled wine so I feel ya!

    It looks like we share some friends. Who doesn't love Raven? She's a hot mess.

  31. Don’t even worry girl, I totally buy my wine at the local gas station down the road. It’s cheaper, duh!
    Oh and congrats again!!

  32. Glad that you won the award! Ad that mascare is the best! I just went and got more and it's the black out its teh same as show but extra dark and if you go get the plumper to go with it's even more amazing!

  33. I buy a pair of Hunters every year in NY and march around in them, which apparently New Yorkers do, but only outdoors. I wear mine everywhere while I'm there, out to dinner, to business meetings, everywhere. I love.

  34. Congratulations on winning. How wonderful!!! You deserve it - you're so great at keeping up with your posts and writing about interesting things. Major kudos to you!!


    Oktoberfest Themed Giveway - 2 Authentic Beer Steins from Germany. Ends soon!

  35. AHhH I wrote about the missoni line right after I saw that commercial..not a fan what so ever...but whatever floats everyone else's boat i am sure you could pull it off! :)


    I am starting my own cosmetic business with ARBONNE! it is amazing and i can not wait to share it with everyone on my blog...go look at any of the make up you have bought...if it says "filler" on anything...that is DEAD ANIMAL FAT! ew..i am never putting anything from Nordstrom on my face ever again....agggh I am starting my official business october excited!

  36. Congratulations on winning! That is soooo awesome and you deserve it!

    I love your little wine and cheese night! So cute! Love the napkins!

    I'm not digging the Missoni but I do like the print on your head rest pillow!

    I have heard such wonderful things about Urban Decay naked! I want it but it's so expensive. Is it worth it?! Then I will definitely splurge!

  37. Obviously we are the most awesome. Let's take over the world now. Any thoughts on how to do that?

  38. Congrats on the win!

    great idea for chilling your wine btw :)

  39. Congratulations! You definitely deserve this award!

    Btw your cocktail napkins are great.