Sunday, September 30, 2012

I found my Vegas apartment!

Happy Monday and Happy October! I managed to write 2 blog posts last week. I'm shooting for 4 this week, so cross your fingers.

I would normally do a weekend wrap-up on a Monday post but I didn't really do anything productive this weekend. I did gamble for the first time since being in Vegas Friday night and "played craps" for the first time in my life.

I use quote marks because I really had no idea what I was doing. I just rolled the dice and somehow ended up making $200. But reaalllllly, I only profited $100 because I lost $100 playing roulette before I lost my craps virginity. All I know about craps, I learned from Friends. Remember when they went to Vegas? I loved that episode.

So, in place of a weekend wrap-up, today I tell you about my new apt.

Right now I'm living with my BFF Kristina and her hubs, Josh. If you recall, I was in Vegas in Feb for their wedding and last October for her bachelorette party.

The entire wedding party.
This is their pup, Maxwell. I miss Bear, so Max is my new buddy for now. I bet Bear has already forgotten who I was. Sad face.

Maxwell wearing my Stella and Dot pearls. He's not pleased.
The lease on my townhouse in Dallas isn't up until the end of October, so Kristina and Josh have been kind enough to let me stay with them until then so that I don't have to pay two rents at once.

Last Saturday Kristina and I went apartment hunting and I found the one! I move in at the end of October and I'm very excited about decorating a new place and getting settled in Vegas. I still can't believe that I legit live in Las Vegas.

Here is my floorplan. The only difference in my apartment and this 3-D rendering is that the wood floors extend into the dining room and that closet you see to the left of the living room is actually a staircase that leads down to my front door.

I decided on this apartment because it had a fully upgraded kitchen:

But the main selling point for me was an attached garage. I need it for storage and its a good safety feature too. I don't have to worry about walking to my door late night. I can just pull into my garage.

There she is. Can't wait to get settled and to start having visitors!


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The drive and my first 2 weeks in Vegas

Some sights leaving Texas. Pour one out for my home state.

Would you looky there, I figured out how to post pictures. Actually, a few of you commented on my last post and told me about the blogging app called Blogsy that allows you to post pics. I knew you ladies were the ones to ask. Thank you!

This is not the look.

And above would be what I looked like the first day on the road after going to bed with wet hair in a bun. I know you all want a tutorial on how to achieve bad 1990s female country singer hair, but I just can't share my secret with you. This look is mine only. No share-sies for you.

So ... After spending the night in Albuquerque, I left the next morning around 8 a.m. to complete the second leg of my trip. I spent most of day two driving through Arizona before hitting the Nevada border.

The view crossing into Arizona from Nevada:

Arizona state line
Once I crossed into Nevada, I didn't have that much further to drive before I hit Vegas.
View from Arizona into Nevada. Gorgeous, right?
Once I arrived to my destination, I unloaded all of my worldly possessions for the next six weeks:

Clothes, hair tools/products and make-up. What more does a girl need?
I had two days of orientation during my first week to learn all about our Company culture and policies. The view from training:

Do you hate me yet? Although in all honesty, yes, Vegas is obviously glamorous, but there is life outside The Strip. My days are probably not that different than yours. Sure, I saw a celeb from The Bachelorette walk by me Friday morning and I got to spend my Thursday morning testing out the slot machines with the hotel's money, but that's totally normal right?

OK, so that stuff is NOT normal, but it's crazy because it is starting to kind of become routine. Drunk dude trying to holler on the elevator on a Tuesday afternoon? Pretty standard and pretty hilarious when you are dead sober on your way to a meeting. So yes, those things I just described are what makes working in a Las Vegas hotel so amazing, but dont be fooled. When it is work time, it's business. We work in an office and go to meetings in conference rooms just like you. The only difference is I just may have to walk through a busy Las Vegas pool party on my way to my 2 o' clock meeting. So, who is coming to visit me first?


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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Bargain Blonde is back bishes!

Did you miss me? Because I've missed all of you terribly! My life has just not been complete without blogging. Not only have I obviously not been writing blog posts, but I also have not read any of your blogs either. Three weeks was a long time to be blog world MIA but the time away was much needed. You know, since I moved 3 states away and started a new job (which I LOVE by the way).

I don't really even know where to begin. I kind of feel like I'm going to need more than one post to catch all of you up, so I guess I'll just get to it and start at the beginning.

Last you heard from me, I was in Albuquerque halfway through my drive from Dallas to Las Vegas. Well, I'm sure you gathered that I made it here in one piece. The 20 hour drive was not as bad as you might imagine. I listened to a lot of Miranda Lambert and Zac Brown Band, which made the time go by a lot faster. This was my favorite song from the trip. It really resonated with me and all the emotions I was digesting. 

I got in town on a Friday night and my first day at my new job was the following Monday. I didn't do much that weekend but unpack my clothes at my BFFs house (where I'm staying until the end of October) and obvi shop for my first day of work outfit! It seriously felt like the first day of school. I was scared to be the "new girl" but I had nothing to be scared about. Everyone I work with has been so welcoming, which has made this transition a smooth one. 

I've only had one really hard day, which was last Monday. I probably cried for five hours straight. It was my nephew Reese's fifth birthday and I was just so upset that I had to miss it. I will post more about Reesey and my last few weeks before i moved in a separate post because I want to keep this post upbeat.

Other than Reese's birthday, I've been absolutely loving my job, my new coworkers, the city and playing roomie with Kristina (the gracious BFF who is letting me shack up in their guest room). Hi Kristina! In fact, we just got done watching Breaking Amish, a new show on TLC. Super fascinating and I highly suggest you watch. Also, we watched certified cray Teresa Guidice and gang on the RHNJ finale. Goodness gracious, I can't wait for that reunion ... It looks like a real doozy. God bless Andy Cohen and the rest of the masterminds over at Bravo for turning out some seriously amazeballs television.

Speaking of TV, like blogging, I've had zero time to watch my outrageous amount of shows. Again, so much to get caught up on. I did get an iPad, which is what I'm typing this blog post on (can't figure out how to add photos). I got Hulu+ on here too, but it doesn't have most of my favorite shows. It does, however, have a Korean Drama TV category. Annoying. I need American reality. Heeellllloooo. 

OK, I've rambled on for long enough. I am so happy to be back blogging and I cant wait to get caught up with you ladies. I feel like I'm probably leaving a lot of important things off this post, so leave any questions in the comments. We've got this whole week to play catch-up! Also, someone please let me know how to add photos to a blog post using an iPad. I don't want to read a blog post without pictures so I know you don't want to. Help meeeeee.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello from Albuquerque!

Hi ladies! I have been so busy this week finishing up all my packing and I finallllllly packed my last box around 11 p.m. last night. I don't want to see packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, a sharpie and cardboard for a VERY long time. Packing is the devils work.

I knew I needed a good night sleep before my trek to Vegas but I felt like I never really fell asleep completely. All the emotions I was feeling thinking about it being my last night in Texas had my brain running a mile a minute all night!

I will give you ladies an official recap of my few days once I'm settled in Vegas (i.e. my painful goodbye to my nephew, which has me tearing up thinking about it).

Anywho ... I drove 10 hours West today and am spending the night in Albuquerque before heading out early again for the rest of my drive. Just popping in to say hi and bye!

Oh, and last but not least, I love each and every one of your encouraging comments on my last post. You have no idea how much it means!

p.s. I couldn't blog without one of my (poor quality) photos, so here is a picture I snapped of New Mexico today! Fun fact: I lived in New Mexico for 18 months as a youngster. Betcha didn't know that!
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