Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Reese ...

It's your favorite Aunt here ... Aunt Lindsey, of course.  I cannot believe you turned 4-years-old on Saturday!  From the moment you were born, I've loved you more than I knew was possible.   Here I am holding you for the first time.  You were the most beautiful, perfect baby I had ever laid eyes on.

I never knew when you were growing in your Mommy's belly that you would be the best thing that's ever happened to me. You were the happiest baby, always giggling and showing off your big blue eyes and presh dimples.  You totally should have been a Gerber baby and made your Aunt rich.  
You didn't like to sleep through the night though, which reminded me I was not ready for babies until at least I was 35. As time often does, it flew by.  Before we knew it, you were celebrating your 1st birthday in style as a pirate ...  Arghhhhh!

Then your 2nd ...

Your 3rd ...

And on Sunday, we celebrated your fourth at Chuck E Cheese aka your heaven. You were the most handsome little spidey we'd ever seen.  You played some football:

Played games with Daddy:

And Mommy lifted you up for all to see during your birthday song. 

You got really excited when your cake came out.  I know everyone really appreciated you licking it.   
Happy 4th Birthday to the the smartest, funniest, cutest and most perfect little boy!  Aunt Lindsey does have a heart, see?

Aunt Lindsey
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  1. So so sweet! What a lucky boy to have such an awesome aunt in addition to having great parents :) Hope he realizes he hit the jackpot - bet he will when he gets over.

    You like that I'm stalking you from Germany? Haha, xoxo

  2. Errr, I meant "older". This is why I don't normally read blogs on the iPhone

  3. awwww I LOVE this post! Those pictures of Reese as a little baby, SOOOO cute! You are the cutest auntie EVER!! and the bestest (besides my sisters, of course) but I tell you that all the time.

    Reese is SOOOOO freaking cute. Those blue eyes, LOVE.

    oh hey look! It's Reese's mom aka my twin.

    I LOVED this post Les, seriously, makes my heart happy.

    ps Im glad that you made it out of Chuck E Cheese alive. That place is dangerous.

  4. Such a cute post! Your nephew is adorable and he is lucky to have such a sweet aunt. But I'm sure you feel more lucky to have him as your nephew!

  5. Such a sweet post!

    You know I love Reese! He is adorable! I love the videos! He is the cutest and I love that he just licked the cake! HAHA He is the birthday boy! :)

  6. he should have been a Gerber baby! so adorable!

    happy 4th birthday Reese!!!

  7. this is so freakin' sweet!!! He is adorable-i just wanna squish him!! Talk about a little heartbreaker?!

    PS-you may or may not have the best singing voice I ever did hear. ;)

  8. Awwww, happy birthday to the little guy!! He's seriously just so stinkin' adorable I can't get over it. Sounds like he has quite the personality too :)

    The close relationship you have with him is so heart-warming and inspiring. I hope to be close with my baby niece as she gets older. I love that you posted this :)

  9. His little dimples slay me...almost as much as the cake on the face!

    You're a great Auntie :)

  10. Awww *tear* It seems like I was just at your old apt seeing him as a new born!! Love little Reese. Best drop-kicker I know!

  11. Aww so cute!! He is precious!! And seriously- all of my friends who have 4 year olds are doing Chucky Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza. It seriously must be the age!!

  12. He was seriously one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!! Love the post!!

  13. Oh my gosh Lindsey. So freaking cute. What an adorable Happy Birthday Post!

  14. Awww what a sweet post! He's lucky to have you as an Auntie who cares so much about him and loves him to pieces! Have fun in Vegassssss!

  15. I'm totally dying over the 3rd b-day vid. You were bustin some lyrics! American Idol ......

  16. what a great aunt u are!!!
    my sister is an awesome one to my little man too..