Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet my new BFF: "The Cosmetics Company Store"

It's official:  I'm obsessed with The Cosmetics Company Store (CCS).  It's an outlet makeup, fragrance, and accessories store that features the Estee Lauder-owned brands MAC, Estee Lauder, Origins, Prescriptives, Bobbi Brown, and Clinique.  I briefly mentioned it once here.

The products include overstock, discontinued colors, and limited-edition items that have been taken off department-store shelves priced 10 to 50 percent off retail.

I realize you don't all have access to an outlet mall, but if you do, I highly recommend you pay one a visit.  It's my new favorite place to spend my lunch breaks, and since I know you're going to do exactly as I tell you, here is the list of all 74 locations.

I present you with my favorite recent purchases from CCS starting with the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo color I found there in "Illusionary Burning Ambition", which I wore to work yesterday:
At first I thought it might be too shimmery for work or every day, but once I swatched it in the store, I didn't think so at all.  I paid $13.25 for it, and MAC Mineralize Duos are regularly priced $19.50.  Not a huge discount, but I'll take it.  I really love the smokey brown eye it creates.

I'm a natural blonde, so my eye brows are basically non-existent.  I've never really done much to fill them in because I feel like a drag queen when I do and am petrified of looking chola.  Well, the Bobbi Brown Eye Brow Kit in blonde/wheat caught my eye while I was there, so I purchased it for $24.50 (from my online research it appears it was originally around $38 to $40 full price).

The kit has two eye shadows for filling in brows, a mini eyebrow brush and mini tweezers.  You can actually see my eyebrows now and the best part is, I don't even look chola:
Don't get me wrong though, a serious chola brow can be exquisite.  There's this trick who works at the grocery store I go to and she rocks the best sharpie brows.  It takes everything in me to refrain from creeping a pic with my cell.  She looks a lil something like this:
The entire reason I even went there this week was to get a neutral all-over base color for eyes because I was out of mine.  Don't you love when you go to a store for one thing and walk out with more? Me too!  I got the Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Bone 2 for $14 (normally $20). 
Recently, I also purchased MAC's Knight for $10.25 (normally $14.50).  It's actually what I was wearing in the vlog yesterday.

Last but not least, I couldn't finish this post without sharing what's on my lips because it's such a good deal.  It's actually this lip balm called Gentle Lip Care Pearl & Shine from Aldi's beauty line, Lacura.

Do you want to know how cheap this stuff is?  It comes 3 to a pack for only $1.49!  I have one in my purse, make-up bag and bedside drawer.

Now you can't say I never told you anything!

p.s. A few of you little bargainistas have mentioned I should do a make-up tutorial, so I've been thinking about doing a vlog (shoot me now) or step-by-step tutorial on my make-up routine.  Any thoughts on this?  Let a girl know!
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  1. I have never been in this store, but I have seen it alot. I totally did NOT know they had Bobbi Brown, etc?!?!? I always see the plain jane name and don't go in! So glad you mentioned this and your eyes (and brows) look AHHHMAAAAZINNNG!!!!

  2. Please oh please do a tutorial on eye shadow and liner...I am hopeless...completely hopeless. :s

  3. you look gorge as always. i love some damn eye makeup...but just when i think i've done a good job i look at pictures and i'm like "damn! all that hard work and you can't even tell i have any eye shadow on." fml.

  4. umm is that picture of that girl a mug shot?

  5. Your makeup looks fab! I've never heard of this place....or maybe I have...but I've never been there! And of course there is not one ANYWHERE close to me....duh! But I will have to make a stop there sometime when we take a weekend getaway to civilization!

  6. You are insanely gorgeous. end of story. :)

  7. LOVE the make-up tutorial idea! and these items are fabulous!!!

  8. 1. UMM when I go to Vegas I am going to CCS! How cool is that store? And the discount?

    2. Your skin is close to flawless. Not fair.

    3. K I have never tried the duos but maybe I will run and get yours today! I think I have never tried them because I wasnt sure how to use them! Haha.

    4. Mac, Mac, Mac. End of story.

    5. My brows are almost non existant too hahah!! BUT I am glad to know from one blonde to another, about this Bobbi Brown stuff! I have a hard time with BB sometimes, because I don't feel her product lasts as long as I would like it to.

    6. CCS should have an online store, that would make life a whole lot easier!

  9. your eyes look beautiful :) i am shocked that i have not discovered this shop already but now i am dying to go in! i heart makeup!

  10. This post really makes me want to go out and get me some new makeup for this season!!! :)

  11. You got some amazing products! Why don't we have one of these outlets in Canada? Whyyyy? And holy shizz those eye brows are SOMETHING! Kind of looks like the pic is a mug shot which is fitting because anyone with eyebrows like that needs to be in jail! I kid, I kid ; )

  12. This store sounds amazing! I need to find one near me. I love Bobbi Brown but her stuff is so expensive.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA on the chola brows, OMG. PLEASE creep a pic of the trick, please? I muse see.

    Confession: so I already told you that I can't curl my hair with a chi to save my life, and you want to know something else? I CANNOT do eye makeup. CANNOT. I would LOVE to be able to the smoky eye, but I look like a freaking drag queen meets clown meets something else really bad, I CANNOT do my eye makeup. So the tutorial on that? YES PLEASE!

    Vlog. vlog. vlog. or better yet? fly down here and teach me how to chi curl my hair and put on my makeup!

  14. I've passed this store several times but never thought to go in! I had no idea they carried discounted high end brands!! :) I know where I'm going soon!

  15. Wow! Those are some great bargains! And, I agree with the should attempt the vlog and show us some of your makeup skeeeeelz! haha :)
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  16. I am so excited that you told us about the Cosmetics Company Store. Discounted designer cosmetics is basically my dream. I looked at the list of stores and there is one in Napa, yay! I can't wait to visit . . . although I'll have to establish a self-imposed limit before I do!

  17. Now I really CANNOT wait to move to Dallas... We have nothing of the sort here, at least not as far as I know. I need to check out the list of the stores.

    I always spend entirely too much. I would literally leave my paycheck at Ulta when I worked there. hahaha.

  18. and apparently there are 3 stores in CO, one of them only 10 minutes away from me... why the heck have I not heard about this place?!!! Thanks so much for posting the list! You are a doll!

  19. oh, HOLLER. i love all outlets, bar none.

    xx sharon / lemonontherocks

  20. Where is this fabulous store!! Amazing!!

    *Feel free to enter my giveaway!!


  21. I love the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos! I have two of them that I always use!

    P.S. Back to re-watch the curling video just to make sure I have it down ;)

  22. 1. I always do as you say. Theres a location couple cities away. Im gonna have to make a pit stop there my next trip to SF.
    2. I am also a blond, and am also scared of having cholla brows hahaha.
    You make me pee my pants. I wish i can attach a photo here, of real cholla art. But im not quite that blogger savvy :/
    3. I will watch any video you post just to hear your Valley Girl again! hahaha.
    Annnnnd 4. Im jealous of your big blue eyes lil missy! Trade? :p

    xoxo inna :)
    My Bloggie!

  23. I love Mac :)


    have a nice weekend :D

  24. Chola?! HAHA No, definitely not! Love your makeup! You always look great! I'm so jealous! We do not have any store remotely like this near me! I need one big time!!

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    I am very honored to be following it!!
    Could you follow mine too??
    And, can you follow the twitter, please? @_justforgirls
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  26. OMG I LOVE The CCS!! I used to have a serious MAC addiction, and it was so nice to get a discount on product! There is one about 45 minutes from me, and you've inspired me to plan a trip down there ASAP!

  27. Um .... I totally didn't get to that store on my last Dallas trip and I'm pissed.

  28. I know this is an old post, but why have I never heard of this store before?! I looked at the locations too and there's one near me. Clearly I've been living under a rock.

  29. I went to find my nearest location but the website you link to says 0! Did some digging around and found this list with all the stores - perhaps you should update it!?