Monday, May 23, 2011

New Series: Apartment Tour. Up first: Powder Room.

Last week I was brainstorming blog post ideas and I had a stroke of genius: I should tour my apartment room by room then break down each room to show y'all where I bought each item. Then I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to start a series and feature a new room on Mondays.  Whadayathink?

My ultimate hope is that I can provide y'all with information about how to decorate on a dime that you can use in your own lives.  I guess I'm a creep because I love to see into other people's homes to see how they live.  I don't know why, but it intrigues me.  I really hope I'm not the only one.

My "Apartment Tour" series will last 6 weeks and I'll break down the following rooms:

Week 1: Powder Room
Week 2: Bedroom
Week 3: Living Room
Week 4: Guest Room/Office
Week 5: Dining Room & Kitchen
Week 6: Closets, Cabinets & Laundry Room

My "Powder Room"
1. Vintage Vanity Tray
I blogged about this a while back.  To see more photos and read about it, go here

$16.99 from Target.  I needed a clock to keep me on schedule in the mornings while I was getting ready, and I loved the vintage look of this clock from Target. 

3. "Live, Laugh, Love" picture frame -
From Bed, Bath and Beyond.  You'll see I decorate A LOT around my apartment with photos of me and my friends and family.  I love photos.

4. Decorative candle stand -
Candle and stand from Ross.  I also use it as a jewelry holder.  

5. Mirror -
From Bed, Bath & Beyond on clearance
Floral Picture - $39.99 half off from Garden Ridge
Shower Curtain - Bed, Bath & Beyond on clearance. 
I picked out my shower curtain first then built my color scheme based on it.
Floor Mats from Kohls.  Trash can - Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Live, Laugh, Love wall art - Kohls
Candle Holder - Garden Ridge $6.99
Candles - Bath & Body Works

Towel holder from Target. 
Candles - $16 total, Read all about them here.
2 purple vases on far right - $14 total from HomeGoods.  Read all about them here.
There you have it.  My "Powder Room" in it's entirety.  Exciting stuff, huh?  Please let me know if you have any questions about anything I didn't cover.

Up next week: my bedroom!  


Do you want to link up and give us a tour of your Powder Room too? Just link up below and show off your space!
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  1. Ooo love the candle holder and the floral picture! This is such a fun idea :-)

  2. Love it your bathroom is adorable!! thanks for showing us around =]

  3. so first off, i freaking LOVE that you're doing this tour (and i love that you call the bathroom the "powder room"...sounds so chic).

    I anticipated you were a kickass decorator, but i didnt know you were THIS good! i totally need to steal some tips from you when i move! i LOVE it... and i really like how your bathroom (i mean powder room) does NOT feel like a bathroom, but its own separate room!

    i sooo love the color scheme here too!!! :-)

  4. i'm glad this was not part of the text pic tour you gave me friday night b/c then i wouldn't have been as surprised to see what everything looked like.

    but your "powder room" is super cute. i can't wait til i have my own place to myself and can decorate it how i want. right now my bathroom and bedroom are the only things that i've done myself. and my bathroom is too small to be "cute." but i try.

  5. this is awesome! Love this idea!

    I like that you based everything around the curtains. I'd never think to do that haha because curtains are always so damn hard to match!!

    I've actually been working on a "tour" of my town/house video haha as a blog idea! but i like that you are including where you bought everything..GENIUS!

    and damn you've got a lot of jewelry!


  6. My bathroom is also based off of my purple shower curtain and I just did a post about it yesterday! How weird! hahah but I love it - yours looks so good!

  7. such a cute series idea!

    1. Your apt complex looks AMAZEBALLS... the pools... damn...

    2. love love the clock idea in the powder room... i definitely need to do that. since i run late, like everyday. i think im in the bathroom for like 10 min, then i figure eh, i still have time... 25 min later, wearing false eyelashes (who does that!) i'm running late!

    3. love the color scheme! such a pretty shade of purple!

  8. ooo I'm excited for this series...

    Because I too love to see in other people's homes...

    and I don't have my own place yet SOOO when I finally do, I'll use the tips.


  9. I'm jealous of your amazing cabinet space. I would love to have all those drawers. Great decorations!

  10. Ahh I love all that space you have in there!! Jealous!

  11. what a great idea! you should let us link up and show off our rooms too ;)

  12. I love this idea! I love your bathroom! It's so nice! I love the colors and your decor! I have pictures all over too, even in the bathroom ;)

  13. Very cute! I love the candle/jewelry holder!

  14. You should have an area for people to link up

  15. Number one: LOVE this idea.
    Two: Your bathroom is so cute, love purple.
    AND THrEE: I used to live in a pretty apt complex like that back in Cali. Now We live in a town home in the middle of a prairie. LOL.

    PS Candle Holder holding jewelry, blew my mind. Must copy. I also love looking at other's decor, its fun!!!

  16. Love it! Wish I had that much room lol. I love seeing inside people's houses too! I wish that I could go and look at like every house that was up for sale just to see how they are set up and all :)

  17. SUPER cute!! I love seeing into other people's places as well. We can be peeping Toms together ;)

    Great bathroom - adorable decorations. And the complex? Wowzas! It's like a resort!

  18. I have a feeling you are living in an apartment complex that is part of the company we had our apartment with!

    I love the powder room! I think I might have to steal a few ideas from you especially the hanger and the candles!

  19. PS: Linds you've got an award waiting for you over at my blog hop on over!

  20. this is such a good idea! Because your casa su my casa, so I want to see what's going on!!

    and I am so going to do it too!! Your powder room is awesome! It looks like a huge apartment! are you raking in the dough or what??

    ok I want to link up but my powder room sucks. Seriously. people might thing I live in a mobile home (not like there is anything wrong with that...per se) however I hate my powder room.

    can I do my master bathroom? is that cheating?

  21. Your bathroom is nice!! I love the deep purple :) (my fav color) lol Dude, you're apartment complex is nice too! Our lease is up in October and we're looking to move... I just may have to check those out!

  22. wow this looks so great, wish my bathroom was so pretty as yours! xo

  23. My favorite part is the Live Laugh Love Decor! You did a great job decorating!

  24. What a great bathroom...I love the purple!

  25. wow. your bath room looks classy :) how lucky you are

  26. First - how classy are you? i just call it the bathroom - i'm totally going to start referring to it as the "powder room" haha

    my powder room is purple too ;)

  27. Cute! I have the same Live, Laugh, Love wall art in my "powder room" too. lol

  28. Way to cute for words Blondie! Your "powder room" looks very roomy. I like the candle holder that doubles as a jewelry stand. & Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing lotion, the best stuff on earth, right next to Snapple.

    I need my own place!!!

    xo $ARMIN

  29. wow! I love your bathroom and your shower curtain!!!