Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vintage Vanity Tray

So I made my first antique purchase, whadayathink?

I love this vintage vanity tray for the counter top in my bathroom. The best part? It was only $9.95. From my limited research, I found most vanity trays this style and size are going for about $19.95, but I searched the entire 25,000 square feet of the Allen Antique Mall (I could spend HOURS here and still not be bored) looking for the perfect piece and price.

Isn't it so interesting to think about the story behind an antique? I wonder whose dresser this was on and what their life story was.

Now it's on mine and that's where I like it.
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  1. I LOVE that tray! I could spend hours in vintage/antique shops as well... I haven't been to the Allen one but it's on my list!!!