Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Eye" love this brush!

How did I not even know what the E.L.F. cosmetics line was until I started reading about it on blogs a few months ago? I know, I know. Granted, I've only actually tried one thing from the E.L.F. line, but this one thing has been magical. You ready for it? I absolutely love this eye contouring brush. This one right here:

This brush is what I used to create my eyes for the wedding (and every single day since). I have pretty big eyes, and this works really well for my creases. The price? Only $3! And seriously so soft and great quality.

I bought it at Target the night before I left for Arizona along with these bad boys for $24.99. I mean, I’m not one to brag, but these wedges have scored me several compliments already in my week and a half of ownership.  Just sayin'.

OK, back to the brush. According to the E.L.F. Web site, this new brush is :

• anti bacterial

• a synthetic haired Taklon brush

• softer and more absorbent

• can be used with wet or dry products

And did I mention, only $3!? You need one in your life. Trust.
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  1. I love E.L.F products! I buy their eyeshadows! A million colors and they last all day! $3 each as well!

  2. i'm gonna have to look into this. can these e.l.f. products be purchased at wal-mart? i'm scared to go into target this week.

    and i ALMOST got those shoes in brown. TWINS!

  3. love love love ELF products! and the fact that most all are only $1 or $3 makes my day ;-)

  4. Sometimes Big Lots has Elf, Beth.

    I get mine online usually. I have had ELF brushes for a couple of years now and it's about time to replace and this one looks like it might be the ticket!

  5. I love ELF brushes!!!!! That is all I have. I've tried their make up and hated it personally.

  6. WHaaaaattt?? Miss Bargain Blonde has never heard of the E.L.F. products until just recently?

    come on Linz. just kidding. I may have to get that brush, but that would mean that I would have to have a semi-clue when it comes to doing my eye makeup, which I don't. I hage NO CLUE when it comes to my eye makeup, NADA. maybe when we meet and its the best day of our lives you can show me??

  7. ELF is awesome! I have gotten a few shadows and other things from there, super cheap, some free with a coupon and I love them! I was definitely happy to find them too!

  8. I got an ELF brush set for Christmas and love it! I use this brush every day too. I was amazed at how soft their brushes are!

  9. Good score at Target - I love those shoes. They look like they would be comfortable too.

    A $3 brush is basically free. I've spent $$$ on brushes and get irritated when the bristles fall out. I will track one of those down, thanks for the tip.

  10. LOVE those shoes!!! amazeballs for sure! i've been on the hunt for some new wedgies - the kind for your feet :0 (ok - i am 10 years old) moving on - they sell e.l.f now at the target! score! love their bronzer!

  11. I have that brush and I use it DAILY. I lucked out and got their whole "professional" set for FREE when I purchased $25 of ELF products :) I'll keep you posted if another sale happens!

  12. Never heard of e.l.f... I'll have to check if it's available in Canada, 'cause at 3$, that's a great deal!


  13. Hey girlie! I just stumbled on your blog and am LOVING it! I'm a Texas girl, too. I'm your newest follower and will be visiting often to find out about the great deals you find! BTW....I had never heard of the E.L.F. products either, but I will be checking them out on my next shopping trip! Would love you to come by and visit


  14. I love E.L.F brushes! And their $1 eyelash curler that is pretty much amazing!


  15. Totally have to check that out! I'm in the market for some new makeup. I will definitely look into the E.L.F line. How could I not with that price?! Love the wedges! Too cute! Are the comfy?

  16. I bought those wedges too! They are soo cute!


  17. I didn't know about e.l.f. cosmetics either, until I started reading beauty blogs! Unfortunately we don't have the line in Canada so guess who's picking this up when she goes to Phoenix in a couple of weeks?? That's right!

    Your wedges are gorgeous! I have a similar pair I got from Wal-mart last year. Yup, WAL-MART!

  18. i got those same tarjay shoes myself. love them!!