Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Drinko! (random post)

I really need a drinko, today was ridiculous at work.  And if I wasn't already laying in bed watching Oprah that I DVRd earlier today (story of my life), I'd totally go find the nearest liquor store and buy a bottle of this:

Who am I?  I love margaritas, I love Bethenny Frankel (side note - I need to find myself a Jason stat.  He's perfection.) and I love cutting calorie corners.  How in the world have I NEVER tried her Skinnygirl?

Yes, I have ordered a "skinnygirl" margarita at Mexican restaurants, however, I've never actually tried the real thing straight from the bottle.  Basically what I'm saying is that if you want to ship me a case of Skinnygirl margs directly, I'm not stopping you.  In fact, I'd love you forever.

Generally speaking I would never miss a holiday that involves drinking margs and eating mexi food, but I have a good reason to sit this one out because tonight was my precious nephew's VERY FIRST T-BALL PRACTICE.   I was not missing this.

Seriously, I think my heart almost exploded tonight.  I have never in my life seen anything cuter than I did today at this practice. 3-year-olds playing t-ball is beyond words.  Just take a look at Aunt Lindsey's little slugger.  I have never seen him so excited.

Swing-batta-batta-swing.  Some intense concentration going on here:

OK, enough about the cutest kid in the world, I know people don't care about other people's children and he's not even mine.

One more thing I have to share.  I swear to you, this happened yesterday.  I was making a u-turn on my way home from work and I spotted a straight up ninja on the street corner.  You read correctly. A ninja.

Y'all.  He was dressed in head to toe black (we're talking face mask included) swinging some sort of a stick doing what I can only assume are ninja moves.  Ummm, what??  I obviously had to snap his pic.  Real life ninja spottings do not happen every day.

If you could only hear me laughing now in my bed typing this post.  This is just so ridiculous.  All right, soooo .... when I got closer I saw a sign that he was advertising karate lessons.  Still.  At first all I spotted was a legit ninja.  Amazing.  Sorry for the poor phone pics, ninja's are obviously too quick for my camera.

I think we can all agree this is the most random post ever.  Booze, babies and ninjas.  Speaking of booze, I hope you are all boozin' it up and having a great Cinco de Drinko.  Throw one back for me.
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  1. I think it's so amazing that you went to your nephews tball practice. How sweet are you?!

    Dude. That ninja is legit. haha!

  2. HAHAH laughed at least 3 times during your 2 minute post. im gonna have to get me a bottle of skinny girl and a cute ass nephew. oh, and your ninja sighting? LOVE. i usually see people parkouring around my area, but never a NINJA.

  3. LoL you crack me up! I have always wanted to try the skinny girl margarita. I heard they are fantastic! Your nephew is PRECIOUS! I used to have such a fun time going and watching our nieces play t-ball. Kids are so cute when they are young and uncoordinated :) And YIKES that ninja is intense. I don't think his promotion would get me to sign up for his classes. At least you got a good story from it though :)

    Happy Cinco!


  4. I just tried Skinnygirl a few weeks ago and was actually shocked how strong it tasted. I figured it would be super bland. It's TOTALLY yum!

  5. Frenzy! How have you never tried Skinny Girl?? Not gonna lie, it can handle an extra shot or two, but
    It's good! (no mia's but it's lo-cal).

    Love you. Mean it.

  6. I've never had Skinnygirl either but I want to try it cause I've heard so much hype about it! I spent my Cinco de Mayo with babies, too (babysitting an almost 3 year old and his 14 month old brother), so no partying over here. Hopefully I can make up for that soon. ;)

  7. Skinnygirl margaritas are really good! I made my Boyfriend and his friend try it (which made me giggle watching them pour from a
    bottle with "skinnygirl" on it). They both even said how strong it was! Definitely worth it (and I think it was only 11 or 12 bucks)!

  8. so...i read this post this AM in my the dark. i figured it would be nice to read it the way it was the dark. you freeeeeeak.

    but that ninja still has me laughing. nothing can ever top a ninja. BUT...i don't think ninja's wear tennis shoes. they have to wear some type of black ballet flat or something. how else would they creep? major fail for the ninja on that one.

  9. Following you from SweetBef's blog :)

    Aww...the ninja story was great even if it turned out he was sort of a fake ninja advertising karate lessons! A couple of months ago I saw people LARPing (a la Role Models) in a park near my house. I wanted to take a picture but didn't have my camera or phone with me!

  10. i just happen to have a whole bottle of skinnygirl margarita at my house that im planning on breaking open tonight! go out get some and do the same! you can still celebrate a day late!

    that was cute that you went to your nephew's t-ball practice, how cute is he!

    where i went the bar was packed and we spent 3 hours waiting for a table. insanity. i did get a free corona "poncho" coozee for my beer bottles though. Score! LOL

  11. Just stumbled across your blog and loved it! Too cute. I about died when I saw the ninja picture. That is hysterical. New follower and just wanted to say hi = )

  12. i LOVE skinnygirl!! Bethenny Frankel and her little family are SO adorable. Seriously obsessed. That's creepy but whatever haha

  13. Your nephew is adorable! And even if he was promoting karate lessons... that's a pretty strange get up lol.

  14. The SkinnyGirl marg is pretty good -- I do think it's a bit sour and I can taste the agave sweetener but overall, it's worth it! I have about 1/2 a bottle I need to finish... looking forward to that tonight! Have a good weekend!

  15. Your nephew is too stinkin cute! If I had a nephew as cute as him, I would definitely go to tball instead of drink margs! You can do that anytime :) What a great aunt you are! <3

  16. skinnygirls? never ever? I think I already knew this about you and still, I am disappointed all over again. Miss lulu, NEVER? I know what I'm getting you for your birthday.

    LOVE little Reesey. He is ADORABLE. that smile? Ahhh!! him and the gunz need to meet pronto. kinda like me and you.

    and I may not be able to come visit you now that I know there are real life ninja's in your neck of the woods. that's pretty scary.

  17. OMG - how am I just now seeing this ninja post????????????????????

    LMAO. Done. Just burned 100 calories giggling at this nonsense.