Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JACKPOT! The perfect summer tank

It's almost summer in Texas, which means it's about to get ridiculously hot.  Like silly hot where all you want to do is be in a pool or indoors in air conditioning with a nice frosty beverage.  To combat the hot summer weather, us Southern girls must wear as little clothing as possible.  What better way to do that then to throw on a tank?

Tank tops are a staple in the summer for me because they are so effortless.  Tanks are obviously typically casual, but I think they can totally be dressed up with cute vintage cuffs, some affordable statement necklace or a pair of dangle earrings.

I must say though, it's been difficult over the years for me to find THE perfect tank top.  If it's cropped too short or loose fitting, it's not flattering.  Jackpot ladies! I found a freaking gold mine at NY & Co a few weeks ago.  I present to you the perfect tank:

This baby comes in three colors: black, white and heather gray.  You better believe I have one in each color and I'm seriously considering buying a second tank in each color, "just in case".  What if they quit making them?  You just never know.

I. am. obsessed.  I loveeeeee how long they are because they're super flattering and slimming.  I'm only 5'4", but I know you tall girls will appreciate the length.

While I was there, I also bought a pair of their cropped yoga pants, and I actually like them better than the Victoria's Secret cropped yoga pants.  Yes, I said it and I don't take it back.  Plus, these are cheaper.  SOLD.

NY&Co Cropped Yoga Pants
You waiting for the price?  The tanks are regularly $19.95 each, but the three I bought were 50% and 40% off.  (I went back to buy every color after I became obsessed.) 

I am also signed-up for NY&Co's e-mail list and they send me promos and coupons literally every day.  I don't think there is any reason for you to pay full price for these tanks, so please don't. 

Do you have a tank you're obsessed with or have you been on the hunt and I just made your dreams come true?  Tell me!
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  1. Every once and a while NY&Co hits the ball out of the those tanks {I have a freakishly long torso and anything that has "long" in the description is all right in my book!} and those cropped yoga pants...well, I think I could live in them all summer!

    xx Cat brideblu

  2. i have a couple of those tank tops, not from that store but from others. I have a love/hate relationship with them because they make the bubbies look teeny weeny! I almost have to pack some heat with a giant bra to fill that shirt out

    but i do agree they are a summer must!

    i actually thought of you yesterday. I was at a mall food court in boston before the bruins game and was eavesdropping/creeping on a conversation between this guy dressed in a suit and a woman. Come to find out he was her personal shopper.

    They were talking about how they thought the Fendi purse she just bought was going to be more expensive than it was. Her personal shopper said "ah-ha! what a bargain!" and she said "ew, i'm not a bargain shopper"

    i wanted to slap her because she was stupid and ugly and had frizzy hair, but mostly because she ragged on bargain shoppers. which leads me to you because then i thought of how you share all these amazing deals with us,aka you're amazing..and i dont want to spend $40000 on a bag.

    theres my long story that probably made no sense


  3. I have a few tank tops that I've used and abused, and I should really be throwing them away... but I can't find decent replacements :/


  4. Love NY&C for casual pieces! Great choice :)

  5. soooo happy you gave props to NY&Co. that place is my go-to place for work clothes, and lately, everything else too.

    unfortunately in ohio it is still winter, given that i wore gloves yesterday as temperatures never got above 49 degrees (YES-NO F'ING JOKE). so tanktops are not being worn too much lately :( but i loveeee that you found this tank there!!!!

  6. This NY&Co tank looks really similar to a tank (well, really, tankS) that I bought at H&M a few weeks ago. I also have been on the hunt for the perfect tank that can be worn on its own in summertime. The H&M ones are AMAZING, only $5.95, come in a decent amount of basic colors (black, white, navy, cream, etc.). They are so soft & are long which is good so I can wear them with leggings also. I bought a few of each color (I'm obsessed!)


    lamb loves

  7. you know how i feel about NY&Co. I just don't know. i got a tank from Nordstrom last year that is PERFECT, but it's in navy blue so i can't wear it that much and i'm not a fan of my arms, so i always feel like i need to wear something over it.

    i don't really need to step foot inside a mall anytime soon, but if i do i'll take a peek for your sake.

  8. I have a NY&Co right down the street from me, literally walking distance. I need to head over there and get myself some tanks and yoga pants. Thanks! I think I might be heading out that way right now.

  9. And now I'm just envious. We don't have an NY&Co. Thanks for showing me what I'm missing out on :(

  10. It IS a perfect tank! It's the perfect length. I hate when I buy tank tops that looks long when you try it on but then shrinks when you wash it.

  11. Oh I love a good tank!! I'll definitely check those out.

  12. Hmm, I never thought about buying tanks from there! I just might have to go check them out :)

  13. I love NY&C tanks and I prefer the yoga pants there over anywhere else! They are the best! You can usually get a great deal too :)

  14. I have ALWAYS been on the hunt for the perfect tank top! ALWAYS! Like you, they are either too short, too loose, or TOO HIGH! I like show off my girl parts! I LOVE THESE. Unfortch, we don't have one of those stores close by so you better be bettin' that I'm going online to buy some STAT!

    I can always count on my lulu to make my life easier :)

  15. I love plain ribbed tanks for the summer. I just got two that I love from the Miley line at Walmart, for only 4.50 and they were on sale for 3.75. I mean for real what better deal is there. They fit great and have several different colors!

  16. Um, how do you read my mind every time??????? I'm sooo needing some tanks! Hittig NYandCo tomorrow - yes, score. Corpus has one! Thanks for the scoop!

  17. I have more cropped yoga pants than the law should allow. I am obsessed.

  18. I've been buying the long & lean tanks from Target lately :)

  19. I have been needing some black leggings like that!

  20. i have probably no less than 40 tanks (or as we like to call them here in the redneck south - "wife beaters") yeah, we're real classy like that.

    i totally agree they can be dressed up. i will have to hurry my buns across the street to the mall and check these sucka's out!

  21. I would die without tank tops. I wear them everyday. I am all about layering!