Friday, May 6, 2011

These are my confessions

I had so much fun confessing last Friday that I'm back to spill some more secrets. 


Forgive me blog world, for I have sinned ....

I confess I still have not unpacked my suitcase.  It's now been 2 weeks since I've been back to Texas.  See:

I confess I never finished reading The Happiness Project and in fact, I only made it to page 130. Also, if you haven't already noticed, I quit making monthly goals after March.  The book got boring and redundant.  Sue me.

I confess I drink out of Christmas coffee mugs year round.
I confess that there is a boy in my nephew's gymnastics class that I want to punch in the face.  He and his father are so strange, the kid can't pay attention and he pinches and hits the other kids when the teacher isn't looking.  Seriously little boy, pinch or hit my nephew one more time and see what happens!

I confess last night America's Best Dance Crew came on my TV, I was too lazy to find my remote to change the channel and I actually liked it.  How amazing is this dance (fast forward to the 1:20 mark)?

I confess that I didn't shower today.  God bless dry shampoo.

I confess that I have been sucking on cough drops as my afternoon snack for the last 2 weeks because that's all I have in my desk drawers and I keep forgetting to bring a legit snack.

I confess I left a cup of soup in my gym bag the entire time I was in Arizona and forgot about it.  I found it the other day and couldn't stop gagging.  Who forgets there is soup in their gym bag?

I confess I don't clean my make-up brushes nearly often enough. I know I told y'all they're supposed to be cleaned weekly, but I clean mine monthly. On a good month.  I'm a fraud, I know.  However, I did clean all of them this Sunday because I felt guilty after posting that post.

I confess I have a serious addiction to the 99 Cent Only store.  It's for realsies my favorite store.  On Monday I went there on a whim and left with so much stuff I just "had to have".  My favorite purchase was these 4 pots of flowers for my balcony. 

I confess last weekend I ate an entire Little Caesars pepperoni pizza by myself (over the course of 2 days, but still).  This is why I don't order pizza.  I can't control myself.

I confess I bought these new pair of Nike's on Monday but have yet to make it to the gym.  Make that one week hiatus now a two week hiatus. If it's the last thing I do, I'm working out every single day next week.   Got these at the Nike outlet for only $39.99.  Don't mind if I do.

All right my bargainistas, it's your turn.  What do you confess?
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  1. I confess- when we have cable (ha! We don't have it right now) I can't stop watching ABDC. It blows my mind to watch people dance and the things they come up with. I hate getting addicted to MTV shows but it's useless- they get me hook line and sinker. Teen Mom anyone? :)

    As for the boy in gymnastics.. punch him. ;) I kid I kid, but really no, he needs a beating ha!


  2. Your confessions were much better than mine this week, though we both had shoe pics in them! hahaha...

    And yeah, i thought of you the other day when i looked at my make up brushes... felt guilty for a sec, and then dumped them back in the drawer... LOL!

    Cute flower pots! A trip to the dollar store may be in order for me too!

  3. i confess that i love a lot. but that is something you already knew.

    i don't what i can confess that you don't already know.

    but i will say that i love this post. :) that is my confession.

  4. Love your confessions!lol First time seeing these links and they are cracking me up! I'm going to have to join next Friday:) Girl, I wash my make-up brushes monthly too and wish I would do it on a weekly basis!! Oh and I washed mine Sunday too... Crazy!!:)

  5. lol lol.. So I confess .. that i went to rack room bought 2 pairs of shoes.. (im a nurse so i wear ball shoes everyday. ) i bought 1 pair for work and 1 pair for running and it might have took me 2 weeks to get the running pair even laced up ;~)...

  6. I also leave stuff in my suitcase for weeks. And each time I pull crap out of it, I have a mini tantrum and just dont ever feel like unpacking it!

    I also rarely clean my makeup brushes oooopsie! But what can you expect from a girl who also wraps her cord around her dryer/straightener! dont hate mee! hahah

    and cough drops as snacks are the bomb. i just ate a whole sleeve of fruity lifesavers in a day and a half..probably should have lasted me a week

    loved this post.

    I confess that I put self tanner on my legs because I am a ghost, and forgot to do it on my feet so now it looks like I am wearing brown/tan pants and have white feet. Not hot


  7. I confess I've done at least 70% of the things you list above. Including leaving food in my gym bag/car/backpack then throwing it out with the container because I was too scared to open it. :-)

  8. Soup in your gymbag? Try a banana in a purse for a few days... you know your purse is 1) too big and 2) too full, when you don't realize there's a banana rotting at the bottom of it!

    Have a great weekend :)


  9. Ha ha I confess I can eat a whole medium Little Caesar's pizza in one sitting. You're not alone! I confess I let my cat sleep on my boyfriend's clothes when he's not around even though he HATES it because she sheds so much. And I confess my bottoms came off in the Meditteranian ocean when I was 14 and I confess I don't know how to spell Meditteranian. Have a great weekend! xo

  10. love a good dry shampoo...for those days!!

    i think it is awesome that you haven't unpacked. like super awesome!!

  11. Pizza is one of those foods you can just mindlessly eat and not realize you have had half the pizza. Some days dry shampoo is a girl's best friend. I love those flower pots!

  12. Mmmm, pizza! Now I want some :)

    Love those shoes! Don't think of it as slacking off from the're just keeping them pretty longer!

  13. I'm terrible about cleaning my makeup brushes! I reallyyyy need to do that this weekend!

  14. I am AWFUL at cleaning my make up brushes. Like, i have never done it? oops.

  15. so I STILL haven't had time to update my blog let alone catch up on my commenting, but I couldn't go to bed without taking a hop skip over to my FAVE FAVE EVA and see what she is up to.

    not unpacking two weeks later? SO me.
    Havent heard of the happiness project :(

    LOVE that you want to punch that little boy in the face HAHAHAHA!! THAT'S the lindsey that I love. Anything to defend our precious little babies, yes??

    cough drops, oh my gosh, you are flippin hilarious. at least they are low cal snacks and will get you bikini ready, right?

    I already told you that I only clean my makeup brushes like twice a year. nasty I know.

    My bargain blonde would love the dollar store :) those flowers are adorable on your patio.

    I like you. wait, love you. marry me?

  16. haha yummy pizza!!! :D Great post! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :D

    Have a nice weekend!! :D


  17. I like Americas best dance crew, some of them are amazing!! I would also looove to get a new pair of shoes!! That would be perfect!!!

  18. You can not get hooked on another TV show. You will have to get another DVR. Hang on. So you think you can dance is almost here and Big Bro!

    As your Mom - Unpack, but only 2 weeks. I know you have not even come close to your record.

    I confess I ate big dipper fritos and cottage cheese two days for dinner this week.

    I also bought another pair of clack sandals that look like all my other pairs. - WHY???

    I also confess I love you so much for wanting to hit the little monster in gymnastics. He pushed Reesey in the back when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

    And finally I want to shake the hand of the person who shot Bin Laden. I know celebrating a person's death is not usually a good thing, but I am not sure this guy was much of a human being.

    The Bargain Blonde's Mom

  19. get another DVR haha!!!! BIG BROTHER! YES!!!!!

    hahahaha yay! Mom loves you for wanting to hit the little monster that messed with her baby Reese! LOL!!

    and I totally agree on Bin Laden! I LOVE The bargain Blonde's mom!!

    funny thing? Me and you miss lulu are exactly alike, even funnier?? Your mom reminds me EXACTLY of my mom!!! We need to get us all FOUR together hahah!!

  20. um, can we be friends? oh wait, we already are! i leave lunch crap in my gym bag all the time. grooosss! and i love that you drink out of a christmas mug - how seasonal!

  21. Love your confessions! The funny thing is we are all guilty of doing things very similiar if not worse.

    I'll repost since i think my readers will get a kick out of it!

  22. This makes me laugh. I'm the worst about un-packing my suitcase!

  23. Amazinggg post! I confess that now I have Usher's 'these are my confessions!' in my head! :)

  24. I confess that I could have written at least half this post myself! I used to be TERRIBLE about unpacking. Lately I've been better...but only because I'm traveling so much that I *have* to unpack so that I can almost immediately RE-pack!

    We drink espressos out of Christmas mugs all year long...because our Christmas mugs are the only ones that are the right size for a double espresso.

    I won't even get into cleaning my mkaeup brushes...heh.

  25. Oh, I love your blog! Too cute! I can't wait to sit down and read the whole thing. I found you over at blondepisodes and I'm your newest follower!

  26. i cant even comment on this with my confessions because im laughing hysterically that your mom commented on this LOLLLLLLLLLLL.

    but, let's just say the "not shower" and "not unpacking" thing is something that happens to me...all too often. i know...GROSS.

    and remember i gave u crap on twitter about me unpacking and u needed to be inspired by me? well...i still haven't unpacked. it was all talk and my damn suitcase is still sitting there unpacked. ugh.

  27. hihi these are all so much fun to read!!!

  28. I confess I have a huge issue with bargain shopping... Like last week I got 18 bars of soap because I only had to pay for tax :/ I know strange right

  29. this is so funny! What a great idea!

  30. Finally someone with real confessions. This also confirms that we may be the same person. No shower/ dry shampoo. New gym shoes/ no gym. Overflowing suitcases. Yeah got it all.