Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Bachelorette Party Outfit!

I'm pumped for the weekend because tomorrow is one of my girlfriends from college Bachelorette Party and I of course, "have nothing to wear".  I mean, an entire side of my closet is strictly dresses, but of course, those won't do because they've all been worn before.

You see, like my my homie Beth said in her post today, once I've been photographed in something and it's made it's Facebook debut, I can't possibly be photographed in it again. The horror! My mom totally doesn't get this phenomenon, but I'm sure all of you ladies understand. Right?

Anyway, last night I went shopping after work, but came up empty handed (boo!). I am going to try one more time tonight, but in the meantime I thought it would be fun to put together an outfit I would buy if I actually had that sugar daddy I've been looking for.  

I love this idea that Av over at Long Distance Loving has to create outfits that satisfy your shopping needs without spending a penny!  Never in my wildest dreams would I throw down this kinda cash for one evening on the town.  I don't care if it was even for my own Bachelorette Party.  But, since the point of this link-up is to dream big, this is how big I would dream:


[click the thumbnail photos for details on each]

1. Dress - $546 - Herve Leger
2. Shoes - $995 - Christian Louboutin
3. Clutch - $1,350 Bottega Vaneta
4. Bracelet - $463 - Isaac Mizrahi
5. Vintage Earrings - $275

What would you wear to your besties' Bachelorette Party if you had a sugar daddy?
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  1. swoon! over the entire outfit, especially the shoes. too bad your too far away, you could have borrowed my blingy clutch! LOL

  2. thanks for the shoutout. and i have a dress that is similar to the style of herve leger that i could let you borrow for tomorrow if you didn't live in dallas. do you want me to express airmail? hey, if you pay for the shipping i'll do it for realsies. and i can just get it when i come back in august. :) i'm serious though. it will make your cha cha's look AMAZING. i'll send you a pic of it.

    in other news...this outfit is amazing...with your hair, eyes, smile, mystic tanned skin. i know you would look beyond gorge!

  3. This outfit looks perfect for a Bachelorette party! Esp those hot hot hot shoes!
    Happy Friday!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  4. if i had a sugar daddy i wouldnt wear anything to a bachelorette party because my body would look freaking AWESOME from the lipo and fake boobs id get.

    just kidding. id totally splurge at bergdorfs like nobodys biz.

    but since im poor, forever 21 and i have built a ridiculously close bond for occasions like yours :-)

    have FUN!

  5. The jewelry is a little too bling for me, but I love the dress and the pink heels. No doubt you'd look great in that little ensemble!

  6. Glad to hear that when the time comes I will not be expected to hand over the cash for this outfit for your bachelorette party. That is a big relief. haha


  7. That outfit is perfect, and if money wasn't an issue that is exactly what I would wear. I might have to go with bright blue pumps though, just because I've been obsessed with them for a while. :-)

  8. I love the pink pumps to add some *pop* to the outfit :)

    Have a fun weekend!


  9. I totally agree with you - you cannot be photographed at two different events wearing the same dress! I recognized the Herve Leger dress right away. If I had a Sugar Daddy I'd probably wear Badgley Mishka!

  10. Lol @ 1st Megan's comment!
    I wouldn't be kidding about the lipo, I would totally do that, or whatever Britney Spears did, the melting lipo thing.

    The dress is hot! & the shoes, OMG, just = sex!

    & I would wear something like what you choose, but my shoes would have to be flat, can't do heels.

    Hope you find something tonight.

    xo $ARMIN

  11. I defiantly feel you on the whole Facebook photo's! There are so many nice dresses in my closet that I feel that I absolutely cannot wear for at least another few months. I have a rule that any dressy clothing needs to wait 6-12months before being photographed again!
    But love that outfit, If I had a sugar daddy I'd be showing up in Chanel fo sho.
    Have a blast, bachelorettes are always so much fun!

    Cathy. X

  12. That looks like the perfect Bachelorette party outfit. Seriously. You have plenty of room to hide dollar bills in your bra so you can put them in the male stripper's G-strings.
    Come on, I wasn't the only one thinking that.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. mamasita has good taste! oh if we could all live the high life. That outfit is to die for.

    I wear the same thing like every day :( but that is only because I am so fat that nothing fits. All my totally awesome designer duds won't come up my ass. :( thanks for reminding my of this lindsAy.

    enjoy your skinnygirls.

  14. HAHA so true! I hate being tagged wearing something I've already worn!

    I love your outfit! it's hottttt and the shoes are fab! I'm sure you'll look great in whatever you choose to wear! :)

  15. Good pick! Little black dress is classy as always. I am sure you will look great in this outfit.

    Fashion Cat

  16. I would LOVE this outfit if I was skinny. Since I'm not, I'll leave this outfit to you! Haha!!

    Have fun!!

  17. I don't even know where I would begin.. love the classic black! Check out H&M or Forever 21; they are my go to for cheap, but fun party dresses!

  18. I love fantasy shopping like that! The dress is incredible, nothing beets a sexy black dress like that.

    Thanks for the sweet comments too :) I use photoshop and free fonts that I've downloaded when I make my collages, so glad you like them! Hope the bachelorette party was amazing.

  19. That's a hot outfit! The last bach party I attended was in Palm Springs mid-summer and it was over 100 degrees at night so we weren't at hot (attractive-wise) as we'd like to be lol! It was light cotton outfits for sure.

    Hope the party went well!

  20. I'm so thrilled you joined in the Friday’s Fancies fun--and what a great opportunity to start dreaming! A bachelorette party is sure to be heavily photographed and I totally commiserate with you on not wanting to be photographed in the same outfit twice. That's why I rent the runway ;) Hope to see more FF posts from you!!!! xoxo {av}

  21. I just stumbled upon your blog! I absolutely love it! I am the same way. Once my outfit is on facebook..I absolutely cannot be photographed again in it..even if it is years later!!!