Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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1. First and foremost, I have to reveal the thing I am LOVING MOST this week. 

Do you see this hot ginge? I mean, obviously you do.  Her name is Beth.  
You can hop on over to her blog if you'd like to get to know her more.  And you should.

This is how Beth looked as a sassy bebe ginge.  Presh, right?

The first time Beth and I e-mailed we both said to each other, "Umm are we the same person?" because we had so many similarities.  Apparently even as youngsters, we had the same taste in fashion. Exhibit A:

Most girls go through that "awkward middle school stage", but not Beth.  She kept it fancy and elegant by rockin that jean jacket.  What is it that Countess Luann de Lesseps is always preaching?  That "elegance is learned"?  Well, I think this is proof that this ginge was born elegant.  
Step aside Luann, there is a new countess in town.

Here we are back to present day, but pretend it is actually August 12.  This is Beth throwing a deuce to South Carolina.

And hopping on a plane that is headed to Dallas for my birthday weekend in August!  That's right ladies (&maybe a few gents), BETH IS COMING TO DALLAS anddddd it's my birthday weekend.  Coincidence?? Of course not!  Beth enjoying a cocktail on said plane:

I'm so excited for her to come and for us to tear up the town together.
This is my excited face for when I finally get to pick my little sweet cakes up from the airport:
 All right now, enough with the jokes.  This is, in fact, my excited face!

I can't control my excitement just thinking about the shenanigans we were going to get ourselves into.  I. can't. WAIT.  Thank you Beth for being the best birthday present ever!  You know you are my one and only.   I mean, people ... this is proof that dreams really do come true and definitely what I'm loving this week.

Now before I move onto to number 2, I don't wanna hurt my BFF Raven's feelings because she does like to keep her LuLu (her nickname for me) all to herself.  Raven may be coming to Dallas this summer and if that doesn't work out, we ARE going to meet up in Vegas ASAP.  Either that or I already told her if she takes me on one of her fabulous vacays as the "boozin' babysitter", I'll love her forever.  

So don't worry Raven, we will be united soon.  So soon.  And I loved the post you did yesterday on picnik.  You seriously made my day.  You need to know though that she is more gorgeous, skinnier and funnier that me.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself and watch one of her HI-LAR-I-OUS Vlogs.
2. I'm loving that my friend's sister gave me the book "Something Borrowed" on Sunday after she finished it.  I've been busy this week and am currently only 2 pages in, but I just know I'm going to love it.  I've wanted to read this book forever.  Anyone see the movie yet?  Is the book better than the movie as usual?  In my opinion, movies never live up to the books.

3. I'm loving Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries, which can be found in your grocer's frozen organic section.  SO GOOD.  I cook mine longer than it says because I like these babies crispy.

30 fries = 130 cals 

 4. I'm loving this "L" necklace my mom surprised me with at Easter.  She got for me when she was in Florida for work.  I love it.  I asked for something similar to this for Christmas, but never really picked out what I wanted.  She did a great job picking it out, don't you think?

5. I'm loving that I have a semi-special announcement.  Are y'all listening?
On Monday a lot of you asked if I would show you how to do the chi curls.  Who am I to keep the goods from you, so your wish is my command!

I am going to work on a chi curl tutorial video this weekend!  Best news you've heard all day?  I thought it might be.  Anyway, keep an eye out next week for the vid.  It will be my first video - eeeeep. Any tips on vlogging?  That would be much appreciated.

6. I'm loving that yesterday I hit my 200th follower!  Each and every one of you who stops by my blog, reads my posts, comments, emails, tweets me, etc. are all special to me.  Blogging would not be the same without all of my amazing followers.  I know this is corny and every blogger says this, but we wouldn't all be saying it if it wasn't so true.   Blogging has changed my life and I love it so much.  

My sincere THANKS for following along with me through this journey.  Y'all are the best bargainistas a bargain blonde could ask for.  SMOOCHES and let's cheers to you!
 Champagne ladies?
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  1. you. are. high-larious. i like i might be in love with you! that #1 dedicated to me was perfect and had be LOL'ing for realsies the whole time. :)

    can't WAIT to see that excited face of yours greet me at the DFW airport on August 12th around 2:35PM.

  2. LOLLLLLLLLLLL! You are absolutely so crazy and I love it!!! And so jealous you get to meet Beth! I might just have to sneak on a plane and head down there myself HAHHA. AND, I remember seeing the word "GINGE" all over your Twitter last night...but I never said it out I have and I totally get it. I dunno what I thought LOL

    Super stoked you're gonna do a tutorial on the Chi-curls. When I do it, my hair has many creases and looks so ridiculous LOL! Maybe it's because I have massive breakage in my hair and it's screaming for a haircut. excited you're getting to meet up with Beth. I'm sure that will be nothing short of a shitshow. LOL! <3

  3. Love this post! And yay for me being your 200th follower!!! Can't wait to see the tutorial! :)

  4. I love this post! Def lots to be lovin' today! I myself, love me some Raven too... I've said it once and I'll say it again... all three of us need to get together ASAP and do us some booze cruisin on her boat... would you be able to handle two more kids, babysitter Lindssey??!? You betta!!!

  5. I just started reading Something Borrowed too!! It's really good so far, I'm about 50 pages in! Can't wait to see the movie when I finish reading!

  6. LOVE Emily Giffin :) That book makes me smile! Also love your necklace & canNOT wait for the chi tutorial - I have always wanted to know!!

  7. WOW! You have so many great things you are loving today! I just started Something Borrowed this week as well!

  8. LOVE Alexia sweet potatoe fries as well, they are seriously the best! And love the new necklace, so pretty! How sweet of your mom!

  9. I've been meaning to pick up that book! Now I think I just might! :-)

    Happy early birthday!!!!

  10. have fun with your friend! and I agree Raven is hilarious!!!

  11. I want to read Something Borrowed pretty bad. Before I see the movie. :)

  12. hhaha love this post! beth is a sweetheart so jeals you get to meet her..can I tag along? :) can't wait for you vlog!

  13. Yes! I can't wait until the Chi curl tutorial!!!

  14. I love what you wrote about Beth. I can definitely see you two being best friends.

    If you are unavailable I will be Raven's boozey babysitter... oh wait except I have very little experience in one part of that job description.

    Can't wait for the tutorial!!!

    Oh and I don't think Something Borrowed comes out until Friday so if someone already saw it, they need to tell us all the deets of how!


  15. Visiting from WILW, and I love your post! So stinkin' funny!

  16. You are going to love Something Borrowed!! I am dying to see the movie!

  17. Love this post! You are going to love the book. It was one of those I didn't want to put down. Hoping to see the movie this weekend. Fingers crossed!

  18. OHmygosh, you SO know me. The whole time I was reading all your glory and praises to Beth (I love you too Beth! I really do!!) I was also seething under my breath.....UNTIL I saw that you did a little blurb on ME TOO!! awwww me loves you :) You really do know me. and yes YES to the Hellz we WILL be getting together. It's not even a question.

    We get those fries from Costco ALLLLLL the time! SOO good and my babies down them.

    love the necklace, your momma has great taste and CAN'T WAIT FOR THE CHI TUTORIAL! You will be the bestest thing ever on blogger when you do that :)

    love you BESTEST!!

  19. Love your posts! They make me laugh. I'm excited for your Chi hair tutorial. And that's awesome your blog friend is coming for your birthday!! So if you live in Texas you must have one of those cute accents right? Jealous!

  20. Loving all your shout outs. You're such a sweet blogger-friend :)

    Those Alexa sweet potato fries are awesome!

  21. i already pitched a fit on beth's blog about how jealous i am over ya'll visit.....yes, i pitched a virtual fit. #brat.

    you are going to LoOOOOOVE something borrowed. i am obsessed with emily giffin! i am the world's slowest reader and i actually read this book in like a week (yes, that is considered speed reading for me)

    speaking of obsessed - your necklace. i adore! can you throw a girl a link to where i can purchase the "A" version?

    oh and i can't wait for this magical hair tutorial.

    do you think this post is long enough? gah, now you won't have time to read emily giffin!! :)

  22. I want to meet y'all! Love that you two are getting to meet! Love you both!

    Emily Giffin is amazing! You'll love the books and I heard the movie is really as fab as the book!

    Can't wait for your vvlogggg!! <3

  23. Couple things!

    1. Beth is ADORABLE - I'm married to a ging, so I'm partial, but how CUTE are her pictures from childhood?

    2. Something Borrowed is great!! I read it years ago, and I can't wait to see the movie!

    3. Love the necklace!

    4. Can't wait for the tutorial! I do the curls with my flat iron, but I'd love to see if we're doing them differently!

    Great post!

  24. I seriously hope you can help me understand how to curl my hair with a straightner. Because now its just one big FAIL.

  25. Yay i can't wait for the tutorial. As i was straightening my hair this morning i was thinking of your curls wondering how the bejezus you did that!

    And i cant wait to go see something borrowed, but i also wanna read the book. let me know if you like it!

  26. Hey Linds, maybe you should sell the tutorial video to chi and make some money for that townhouse downpayment. You know I am the biggest clutz when it comes to doing hair, so I am glad you got the good gene. Love you.

  27. Thanks for playing along!

    My cousin Chi curled my hair for my wedding but I've tried to do it myself but it never turns out :( I'll have to watch your video to get the low down!

  28. So glad I found your blog today! You are hysterical!! Say hello to your newest follower :)

  29. LMAO - you and your chi curls .... You've told me how to do them a million times, and I just simply cannot. Well, now I don't have enough hair to do them. Oh well.

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd can you please have your Mom call my husband and tell him I want that necklace. Please and thanks. Your Momma rocks!!!

  30. so glad i came across your blog! i loveeeee it! can't wait to read more girl :)