Friday, May 27, 2011

My River Essentials

Sayanora y'all!  By the time you're reading this post, I'll probably be in the car w/ my IRL BFF Liz and her hubs driving 4 hours south of Dallas to New Braunfels to float the Comal River for Memorial Day weekend.
I used to HATE the river because I had a traumatic experience as a youngster when I thought I was drowning.  I wasn't actually drowning, but I panicked and it was truly horrifying.  Not to mention the river really is kind of a grimy body of water.

As an adult, I've been forced to get over my fear and have floated the river at least once a year since.  This weekend marks first my trip of the season, so I thought I would share my "river essentials" for having a successful float. 

1. SUNSCREEN.  The only safe tan is a fake tan, and I'm a huge proponent for safe sun.  A few years ago a co-worker legitimately asked me one day when I was wearing a dress if I had white panty hose on.  You guessed it, I wasn't wearing hose.  I'm not sure if I should be more offended that she asked that question or the fact that she thought I would even own white hose in the first place.  FML.

So, as you can I imagine, I literally cannot be in the sun for more than a few minutes without starting to burn.  And I'd much rather be a sunscreen natzi then end up wrinkly or dead.  My sunscreen picks:

Very lightweight and non-greasy feel for your face.  [BUY]
Equate Sport Continuous Spray Sun Screen - found at Wal-Mart
2. A HAT.  Necessary to shield your face and head from the sun.  A few days ago I picked up this floppy hat from Target for $12.99.  Love!

3.   AN OLD OR CHEAP SWIMSUIT.  River water, as I already mentioned, is grimy.  It could stain your suit so I always wear an old or cheap swimsuit I wouldn't mind getting ruined. 

I suggest no light color suits unless you want to risk getting brown stains all over it.  The last thing I need is to get out of the river and have it look like I pooped myself.  And yes, their bodies are so gross, I don't know who these skanks think they are wearing bikinis.

4. OLD TENNIS SHOES.  Unfortunately, you can't wear flip-flops on the river because your feet need protection from the rocky and slippery river bottom.  I feel like a complete frump wearing tennis shoes and a bikini (trust me, not a good look), but I refuse to wear "water shoes" or even worse, those DISGUSTING toe shoes. 

If you have ever even thought about wearing these hideous things, we are no longer friends.  I was embarrassed even Googling this image:
5. A COVER-UP.  I'll be wearing this Merona Cover-up in black from Target.  I got it a few summers ago, so if I happen to lose it, it will just give me an excuse to go shopping for a new one.

6. CHEAP SUNGLASSES.  My favorite places to buy cheap sunglasses is from the sunglasses table in the B.P. section at Nordstrom (y'all know the one I'm talking about? They're all like $10?) or at Charming Charlies.

7.  Last but not least, BEER. The whole point of floating the river is to lay back, relax in your tube and enjoy a few ice cold brewskis.  My beer of choice is Miller Lite in case any of you want to overnight me a Memorial Day present.

 I hope every one has a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!  I'll catch ya on the flip side.

p.s. Don't forget Monday I'm continuing my "Home Tour".  If you want to link-up, you get to show off your bedroom!
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  1. Have a great time! I'm jealous. I've always wanted to the float the Comal or the Guadalupe. I've floated rivers in Arkansas, which is fun, but I love the Hill Country.

  2. i hope you have so much fun this weekend. i still have no idea what i'm doing to celebrate memorial day...but their are rumors i might be poolside.

    it's hard to believe with my pale vampire skin, but when i go to the beach i usually only wear SPF 8...i don't really burn either. i put 30 on my face and i wear a hat of some sort. i'm probably getting wrinkles just typing this.

    another thing we have in common...i have the same coverup. and gasp...something we DON'T have in beer of choice is budlight.

  3. A guy at my gym has those toe shoe things and they are HIDEOUUUSSS! definite no no

    have a blast floating down the river! that sounds like such an awesome time...we dont have stuff like that around here! unless you count lazy rivers in water parks lol

    cute floppy hat..I need to invest one of those! I have a fedora but i think the floppy hat will be nice to shield SUN!

    have an awesome time and drink lotsa brews!


  4. Have fun and be safe! Im soo scared of the river.. Ive never been but I feel like I would get cut with glass or rocks or drown or something! Love your tips though!

  5. the river float sounds like a lot of fun! i hope you get great weather for it!

    i was DYING laughing at the white hose thing.... sorry but that was hysterical... my one friend always says she's so white and fair that she is invisible... bahahaha.

    and let me ship you some blue moon, with an orange slice in it... hahaha.

  6. GIrl, you are set to go!
    Floppy hats are a MUST.

    White swimsuits are unfortunate for the river! But if you see a girl with one, sneak a pic hahaha!

    Ewl those shoes are foul. I ran a little race the other weekend and the guy at the starting line with me was wearing those. I was like umm gross, yeahh.

    Have SOOO much fun, I am extremely jealous!! It's so not warm enough here to do that yet.

    Take pics and have a good weekend!!

  7. That sounds like so much fun!!! Have a great time!

  8. I love tubing the river!! I hope you have a blast!

    I always go barefooted...I hate wearing wet tennies!

  9. My husband seen someone out in public wearing those water shoes!! EW!

  10. I was literally just thinking that Aaron and I could make a trip to the River on Sunday ... maybe we will see you!

    Love your floppy hat!!!!!

  11. I've never floated the it really like that? It looks like a lot of fun, even though, yes, I do think the river is gross and nasty.

    uh oh. My husband owns vibrams. He thinks they are the greatest thing EVVVVER.

  12. first off, im offended you had to hate on water shoes. seriously?! i own like 5 pairs...different colors. i sometimes wear them to work when i have nothing else looking good with an outfit.

    i floated down the guadalupe when i lived in san antonio! once i got past the fright of "omg snakes live in this water somewhere", i had a great time (im sure beer helped). i wish i could come down there and do it too, but my fat body says it refuses to wear a swimsuit until i shed a few.

    i hope you have FUN! and in that badass hat, how could you not have fun!?!?! :-)

    happy memorial day weekend!

  13. oh my Linz, I am already jealous. That is RIGHT up my ally, however, we too will be out on the river on the boat, however, the water here is still a warm 30 degrees so we will probably not get getting in. But I WILL be drinking some delish beverages, so I'm with ya on that.

    do you tie yourself to your friends tubes so you dont lose eachother??

    white pantyhose HAHAHA!!!

    ahh, the V.S. girls. nasty, I totally agree.

    hey! never seen those water shoes before, but I kinda like! thanks for letting me in on those!!

    miss you already lulu!! Have fun!!

  14. Ahah this cracked me up!! Don't worry I am as white as they come too. I sometimes refer to my self as translucent!! So i am a huge advocate for sunscreen!! Have an amazing time!!

  15. I am SO with you on the hideous toe shoes - I'd be embarrassed to google image them, too!

  16. AHHHH I am so jealous! Is this where my sista from anotha motha goes?! I think it is! I am SO SO JEALOUS. I want to be there with you! Sadz. :(

  17. I am sooo jealous of your river trip! We have already talked about making MANY trips there this summer! Enjoy the water! brrrr :)

  18. I'm so jealous! This looks like a blast! I love your hat! Sometimes I find that the cheap sunglasses look better on me than more expensive ones! Score!

    Have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  19. That Neutrogena Age Shield sunscreen is the bomb! I used it on my face in Arizona. I hope you had a wonderful long weekend!

  20. i wore a white bikini to the lake once....terrible, terrible idea. not only was it a tie-side that gapped and i'm pretty sure everyone saw my hoo-haa at some point during the day. haha hope you had fun!

  21. I have a pair of the "toe shoes" ;) Though I would never wear them like...out and about (you're right, they're ugly as sin)...they are SERIOUSLY good for running. I promise.

  22. love this post! i have never done the tubbing thing cause i can't get in murky looking water. if it weren't for that i would love to do it though, it looks like a lot of fun.

  23. I just found your blog yesterday and absolutely love it! You crack me up - I am a texas girl too and LOVE going to the float the Comal despite the look of a bikini and tennis shoes - doesn't make you feel too sexy hahah!