Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't waste money on trendy jewelry

Here's my theory on buying women's jewelry.  It is my opinion that you should only spend money on classic pieces that will never go out of style (i.e. pearls).  Anything else you want because it is trendy and in style should be affordable.  Odds are whatever is a "must have" right now will be out of style by next season.  You with me?

So, if I'm buying "costume" jewelry or trendy pieces, I have a go-to store and that's Charlotte Russe.  I recently bought several necklaces and earrings this Spring and I get compliments on them every time I wear them.  We're talking several compliments a day from strangers at the grocery store, out to eat, co-workers, etc. 

I always just say "thank you", smile and hope they think it was a really expensive piece.  Little do they know I only shelled out about $8 bones for the damn thing.  Me so sneaky.

The Charlotte Russe necklace I'm wearing today.  It's one of my faves:

And just for y'all, I went online and found 4 pieces I would totally buy right now if I wasn't currently broke.  Do you ever get really scared to log-in to your online checking account?  Your stomach starts hurting before you even see the damage you did during the weekend.  That = me this morning.  I really need to find a sugar daddy, and preferably a non-geriatric one. 

You could buy all  four of these pieces for only $40.  Or you can go to Express (don't get me started) and spend about that on one plastic ring.  I mean, it's totally up to you. 
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Where is your favorite place to buy trendy jewelry?  Do you agree with my theory?
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  1. you're a genius and I couldn't agree with you more.

    also... ever find a receipt from a bar in your clutch and look at it with nothing but regret and shame? I do. It's ridic. Well except now I don't ever go out.

    The necklace you're wearing is bomb.


  2. I have this one necklace I got from Target, it was maybe $24, I ALWAYS get compliments on it! But I also love telling people that it was a bargain! :)

  3. First I love you! Ha!
    Second I LOVE that necklace!
    Third, I couldn't agree with you more!

    I don't know if you have a Charming Charlie's around you, but they started out in Houston and just opened a store next to me and I LOVE them. They have all kinds of trendy pieces for just a few bucks.

  4. love the necklace today, friend.

    i usually get my trendy jewels from tar-jay or forever 21. you can get a plastic ring for 1 bones or a cute necklace or earrings for like 3 bones. can't beat that.

    and one compliments you as much as you say they do. ;)

  5. loveeee your necklace! and i COMPLETELY agree..I hate spending money on things that wont be "in" for longer than a few months!

  6. couldnt agree with you more! i dont spend money on jewelry period. if a guy wants to buy me some, that is at his discretion...but i never buy anything over 20 dollars (max). except one was a cute bracelet for 70 dollars i HAD to have from club monaco. ;-)

  7. I love all of the necklaces you posted. Especially the gold one. Hopefully something like that wouldn't turn my chest green. Also, if you ever want to feel tan, stand next to me, no mystic needed.

  8. Agree agree and agree! I usually shop F21 for their $3 necklaces! I usually lose my real jewelry anyway so it def doesn't pay for me to spend the money i don't have on it in the first place... however, once i win the lottery and make my millions.... LOL.

  9. Love your bargain jewelry finds...with an intricate as they look it is hard to think that they are so inexpensive!

    I believe in investing more $ into the jewelry you'll wear everyday...certain rings, a watch, etc. But earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are made to be switched up...and I say save the $ so you can maximize your switching!


    xx Cat brideblu

    ps. adore your blog, dear...following!

  10. Love those necklaces!! And I'm the same way....I put off logging into my online checking account because I know I will be shocked! Eeek!

    And if your sugar daddy has a brother, hook a girl up! :)

  11. Totally agree. "Fun" jewelry should never be pricey!

    Maybe you could join think of the blogging material you'd have!!

  12. I love this! I have this one necklace that I get complimented on EVERY time I wear, far and AWAY the piece of jewelry that I get most complimented on. And? it's the cheapest thing I own! I think I paid $5 for it???

    so true my bargainista bestie. love you! KISSEY FACE! GET BACK TO WORK!

  13. naturally i love the most expensive necklace up there! oh girl - i have the checking-bank-account-blues almost daily. i have a little thing called a shopping problem. but i totes agree on your theory. that is also why i rationalize certain things as "investments" - ha also not good.

    LOVE your necklace today - i totally thing my pastiness rivals your though - seriously - you would look Caribbean next to me ;)

  14. Do you have a Charming Charlie's by you? The whole store is laid out by color, so if you're looking for a specific colored piece of jewelry, you know exactly where to get it. Everything in there is mega affordable (much like Charlotte Russe prices)! Love it!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  15. Very cute. I never buy trendy jewelry...because I have classic expensive jewelry in a few pieces that I never take off - I just don't have the energy or time to change it all up every morning but I love it when other women wear it. Sigh.

  16. I sell Premier Jewelry so of course I wear it most of the time, but Forever 21 is my go to place other than Charlotte. Love them both. F21 just has so much to choose from and most of the earrings are $2.80!! Love love them.

  17. Sugar daddy, haha I need one too!
    & I am bit of accessorie whore, so I will spend money on these items, but for clothes, yeah they better be 20$ or under.

    xo $ARMIN

  18. a teacher at my campus rocks some CR bling all the time and I am CONSTANTLY complimenting her for it...

    I did go to Express this past weekend, desperate to find some post baby jeans that actually FIT. (Sizing sucks.) I did get two pair of jeans, and wth a coupon, the total was $110. I MIGHT have had a heart attack but after one pair and getting no less than 15 compliments, i am superficially satisfied, :)

  19. LOVE the necklace! I couldn't agree with you more! I can never justify spending more when I can buy something just as cute for less! <3

  20. Beautiful necklace!! perfect for this summer! :D


  21. I've gotten a lot of my trendy jewelry at Old Navy and Target lately (and most of it I got on clearance!) I have a couple cute pieces from Kohl's but I don't buy jewelry there unless they're having a really good sale. I totally agree with not spending a ton of money on trendy jewelry!

  22. My lord...I am in love with all those necklaces!!

  23. Totally agree...i also check goodwill, salvation army, yard sales, ross, tj maxx, etc. I found a pair of $100 earrings at Tj maxx for $20!!

  24. I just discovered the glorious cheapness of Forever 21's jewelry. Fan-freakin-tastic.

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