Thursday, July 5, 2012

My 4th of July via what else? Instagram.

I'm going to make this post quick, but I wanted to share some pictures from my 4th of July for those of you that don't have Instagram.

Tomorrow I will be hosting my Friday Favorites link-up, so be sure to link up!  I'm setting it to post at 7 a.m. EST ... I better see all your pretty faces linked-up. Mmmmkay?

The flag flying in my yard!
Melt my heart.

I honestly did nothing for the first half of my day but watch TV, do laundry and paint my nails.  That gold is "Golden Ticket" from the Sonia Kashuk summer line at Target (I blogged about her lipstick here) and I'm pretty obsessed with it.  The other color that looks red is actually a pink and it's an Ulta color I've had forever called "Shocking". 

I tried out this 
bloody mary mix I hauled back from Charleston and it was legit, Reese had the cutest 4th of July outfit on and we brought BBQ home from Rudy's BBQ for dinner.  

Reese and Bear taking a dip at the pool.

We could see our city firework display from our house, so we brought chairs and an ottoman out to sit and wait for the show to start.

Bear was excited for his first 4th of July ever!  Ruff.

Father and son. Hash tag presh.

I hope you all enjoyed your time off! I totally thought it was Saturday all day yesterday.  The 4th falling in the middle of the week is unconstitutional if you ask me. 

God Bless the US! 
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  1. I was the most useless person ever yesterday morning! I was watching Kendra on Top...that is when I know it is bad. Glad you had a good 4th.

  2. That food looks so good! Love your pictures.

  3. I slept till noon then watched the Don't be tardy for the wedding marathon on Bravo, then worked. While I was at work the hubs taught our 4 year old to light fireworks with sparklers......seriously? Who has the 4th on a Wednesday?! That's just unpatriotic!

  4. I'm on the fence with having the holiday on Wednesday... A break right in the middle of the week was awesome, but def made me more tired today :( Is that gel polish?! Have you tried the one you blogged abt yet?!

  5. Love your nails, so pretty!

    That Rudy's BBQ is making my mouth water. Maybe I'll have BBQ for dinner. Thanks a lot! ;)

  6. A) That BBQ looks amazing. I can feel my jeans getting tighter just looking at it.

    B) Your dog is adorable!

  7. Could Reese and Bear be any cuter?? Ugh, they kill me.

    Love that polish!

  8. I would love to devour that whole plate of BBQ. Nothing better than some baked beans! Happy 4th!!

  9. I am obsessed with the nail polish picture! lovee! Looks so fun!

  10. I love following you on Instsgram!

    I love your nails! So cute!

  11. Cute nails! And totally agree about the fourth falling in the middle of the week...I mean seriously? Not cool. Glad you had a happy fourth though!

  12. Sounds like a fun 4th of July, glad you enjoyed it! Oh and let me just say that the food looks delish!