Friday, January 20, 2012

The No Brainer Wardrobe

As I mentioned earlier this week in
this gem of a post, I get pitched some pretty ridiculous products to review on this here blog of mine. Well, we're all in luck because for once, this wasn't one of them.  Y'all know I "keep it real" and I certainly would not be talking about this if I did not think this was perfect for you bargainistas. 

The "No Brainer Wardrobe" is an 80 page ebook writted by Hayley at the blog Tiny Twig and she had me at, "I noticed that my friends were spending a lot of money on clothes and never had anything to wear."

 .... uh, me.  

In Hayley's words, "The book was designed to to help women learn to love the clothes they have, lose the clothes they hate, and shop for items to fill the gaps."  

If 80 pages sounds daunting, don't worry your pretty little faces.  It was such an easy read and I'm not exactly what you'd call a book worm.  Reality TV addiction anyone?  You honestly don't feel like you're reading a book, but instead an article in Cosmo or on one of your favorite blogs (ahem ... mine?).  

The first thing The No Brainer Wardrobe tells you to do is discern your style suggesting the use of Pinterest as a tool.  Duh, why didn't I think of that?  Who isn't addicted to Pinterest these days?

Look at all of your fashion pins and look for patterns.  What do you consistently pin over and over again?   Below are 10 of my fashion pins and I've already noticed some patterns: cardigans, pink, layers, and ruffles.

The "tough" part comes after you figure out your style preference: purging your closet.  EEEP!  If you are like me, you hate to get rid of a single thing because you tell yourself, "what if I want to wear that one day?"

Listen up ladies.  At this same exact time last year I purged my closet and I can tell you that without a doubt that there is not ONE SINGLE THING that I gave to Goodwill that I have ever given a second thought to.  If you don't wear it, get rid of it.  It's just taking up space in your closet and cluttering your head when you try to get dressed.  The book gives you step-by-step instructions for "deleting" things you feel fat in, that don't fit, make you feel uncomfortable, etc.

After you purge, you get to the fun stuff.  Now you build your wardrobe with clothes you feel great in, look great in, will last you and are a great value.  She honestly covers it all by teaching you how-to:
  • Group your wardrobe into 3 apparel sections. First is the "Essentials", then the "Additions" and finally the "Finishers",
  • Shop at a value store (my specialty),
  • Thrift,
  • Figure out your body type and dress for it,
  • Dress professionally,
  • Make jeans and a t-shirt an outfit, 
  • Dress your age, 
  • Shop when you're preggers (she's a mom), etc. 

The book is regularly $7.99, but Hayley is offering all of of you bargainistas 50 percent off a copy of The No Brainer Wardrobe  Just enter the code "blonde" at check-out and you, my friends, only pay $4.  Cheaper than a cup of Starbucks.  You can't beat that.   If you order it, I want to know what you think.

That's all folks.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Disclaimer: My copy of this ebook was provided to me free of cost, but I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.  As most of you know, the only other product I've ever promoted on my blog was e.l.f. because it is a product I believe very strongly in.   I have been contacted by countless companies to review products that I have turned down because I feel very strongly in only reviewing products I feel pertain to my readers and are in line with my bargain philosophy.  That will never, ever change!  
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  1. I'll have to check this out. I really need closet help.

  2. Cheaper than a cup of starbucks...hellz yeah!!!!
    (maybe I need to learn to SPEAK my age huh?!?!?!)

    Thanks Miss Bargain Blonde, super excited for a new read :)!

    xoxo HAPPY FRIDAY and have fun at the wedding this weekend!

  3. bought, downloaded, and I can't wait to read it! :)

  4. Cleaning out my closet has been my big priority lately. This would be such a good precursor to finally getting that done! Thank you for the hot tip and reminder that a purged closet is a happy closet.


  5. Only 4 bucks. Just bought it! THanks for this, I always love dress-up/dress-down inspiration!Whoo hoo!

  6. wowweee this is fantastic BB!! I think I need this book. Going for it right this minute! :-)

    I look at my pins all the time and want to buy the outfits except half the time its a tiny t-shirt that cost 3,000 dollars as if it's made with the queen's hair

    i think its so true about people buying so much and not having anything. That is definately me. I have so much but sometimes I'm not sure how to WEAR it! And I get kind of freaked out to wear some things (ruffles, different patterns with different colors, etc)

    eeee going to get this NOW!!


  7. i could totally use help.

    done. and done!

  8. I really need this book! My closet is AWFUL. Dresser is even worse. And I love in magazines how put together everything looks, but I can never do it myself! I will def have to check this out!

  9. I think im going to pick this book up! The outfit with the wide leg black slacks and brown sweater is absolutely amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sounds awesome!

    I hate getting rid of clothes too. I always want to keep them, but some are too young looking, and some are just plain ugly. Last summer/fall, I got rid of 400 clothing items. I have been meaning to do more, but haven't had the chance.

  11. oooh I need to buy this! My closet is a mess.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. Just wrote a post about cleaning out my closet--totally linking this! And checking out the eBook! Thanks :)

  13. Ooo how sweet of you guys to offer a deal :) I'm gonna head over and snag a copy now. I mean, it's gotta be good if it talks about Pinterest, right?! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  14. i just tried to use the coupon code and it's expired. FML. but i guess i can spare the 4 extra bucks.

  15. This book is just what I need for my wardrobe malfunctions!

  16. It said the coupon was expired for me too, ugggghhhhhhh. I need it for the pregnancy stuff especially!!! Haha

  17. Thanks for giving us a review on this!! :)

  18. Definitely going to be buying this book! I need a closet over-haul like nobody's business! Thanks for the 411 chica!

  19. I love your philosophy. I'm the same way; I don't get as many pitches as you, but I've been contacted by all those companies who want to do giveaways on blogs . . . CSN, My Memories, etc. and I ignore them all cause they're totally unrelated to my blog, style, etc.

    This e-book sounds fascinating (and like it could be extremely relevant to me). I'm gonna click on the link--thanks for the tip!

  20. This is EXACTLY what I need. My closet needs a massive over-haul!

  21. Talk about good Kismet!! I was just telling my husband I needed to find a good book to help me organize my closet because I'm totally failing! Happy Friday :)

  22. I can't get the discount code to work. Any help would be appreciated!!

  23. I need help with this! Hah
    I have so much clothes but no "outfits"

  24. This looks like a really good read. It's something that I need to do so so so badly. My closet is brimming and ridiculous, but I always have the hardest time getting dressed....I'm going to look into it. Do you read it on your computer or kindle? And are there pictures?

  25. i def going to check it out, i need to clean out my closet so bad. it's a nightmare!

  26. I saw these tips of Ruche too! I threw out and donated a lot of clothes and noticed the pattern of styles that I liked. I loved this because 1 my closet is less packed and 2. it gives me the ability to see what I own and need.

    Thanks for posting and I'll have to check out her blog too.

  27. Sounds like a great book! I'm keeping this post as a reminder to order a copy. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. The end of the year is when I always purge my closet. My fave part is adding back to it though! ;)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  28. LOVE the idea of organizing the closet by the essentials the additions and the finishers..why didn't I ever think of that?? Great post!

  29. I think I need to check this out. Honestly I've purged my closet/dresser TWICE in the past...say, 14 months. And yet I still have WAY too many clothes laying around that I simply don't wear. Ugh.

  30. ok so what about me who lives by the motto: I will wear this when I get skinny? Which basically consists of EVERYTHING in my whole entire closet. So I cant give everything away or I will have to wear Robs clothes forever.