Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday: My favorite things

Happy Sunday y'all, I hope you ladies are enjoying what's left of your weekend! The weather has been amazing in Dallas, I wish it would stay this way forever!  Unfortunately, I know 100+ summer temps are right around the corner, which I'm definitely not looking forward to. 

Yesterday my nephew and I took advantage of the weather by playing what he called "big man" baseball at the park. 

I have a list of things I need to get done today, but I'm here laying in my bed playing on my blog.  The usual.  Before I start being productive, I decided to do the "favorite things" post that Sarah Elizabeth @ We're Just Like You Only Prettier tagged me in this past week.  Enjoy!

{1} food. Why Tex-Mex of course. Do you know even where I live?  I'd like to meet a true Texan who wouldn't pick Mexican as their favorite food.  Last night I actually ate with 2 of my girlfriends at my favorite Dallas Mexican restaurant, Manny's Tex Mex Uptown. The food is what I like to call "bomb dot com"!

{2} color. Number one = pink.  Number two = green.  If you saw my desk at work, you'd think the color pink exploded all over it and I wouldn't have it any other way.

{3} animal. Kitty cat. meow, meow.  I'm not a dog person, sorry peeps.  You can blame my ex-bf from high school's dog, Tiger, who attacked me and left the back of my right knee scarred with 2 puncture wounds from the dog's teeth aka fangs.  Yep, that happened, but I'll spare you the gory details and disgust pictures.  This is my cat Nicky on his leash. BTW, cats don't appreciate leashes.

{4} sports team. {college + pro} College = The Texas Tech Red Raiders, diz-uh!  College football in the South is a way of life, and I'm already itching for it to return.  Pro = Texas Rangers. I love going to the games mainly because of the hot dogs, nachos and beer.  Sad, but true.  

{5} dessert. My Grandma's brownies.  Yum in my tum.

{6} artist/singer/band. Pink, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Zac Brown Band.  A few years ago we got VIP @ Pink because my friend Richard is besties with one of her back-up dancers.  We also sat second row, it was amazing!  Best concert I've ever been to, love her!

{7} pair of shoes.  My red, scalloped "Wizard of Oz" heels.  Don't you just die?  My faves hands down.

{8} outfit. In the summer, sundresses or maxis.  I wear nothing else (unless I'm at work).  Winter = leggings, long sweater, boots and a scarf.  We only have 2 seasons in Texas ... hot and cold.

{9} store. I don't think I can pick just one, but probably HomeGoods.

{10} brand.  Sorry, but I don't have one.  I wear a lot of all kinds of stuff. 

{11} perfume. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior.

{12} accessory.  My custom made garnet and diamond college ring.  I cannot leave the house without it on my finger or I feel naked. 

{13} city. Las Vegas, NV!  Hello, the place dreams are made of!

{15} beauty product.  Ulta Black Automatic Eyeliner.  I think y'all already know this since I devoted an entire post to it.

{16} snack. Cheese and crackers or Natural White Cheddar Cheetos. So deelish and only 150 calories for like 34 of them.  Addicting.

{17} holiday. Christmas hands down, my most favorite time of year.

{18} movie. My all-time fave since I was little has been Father of the Bride.  Steve Martin is hysterical and I ALWAYS wanted to be "Annie".

{19} song. [right now] Jerrod Niemann "What Do You Want"

{20} guilty pleasure. I watch A LOT of trash TV and I'm not guilty about any of it.  I love it, and take it for what it is.  My favorite reality show is BIG BROTHER and when summer rolls around I'm sure you will be hearing all about it all the time.  It is my biggest obsession.
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  1. Why did you have to mention Manny's. I'm already missing Dallas sooo much right now. Damn I miss that place! :)

  2. i LOVED this post. i love when bloggers post their favorite things. and father of the bride is one of my favs of all time too!

  3. Those are my two fave perfumes!!! Those, and Curious by Britney Spears. ha. it smells so good! And I loooooove your red heels. They're amazing!

  4. i'm not a dog person either. i grew up having cats. my mom now has two of my cats that i used to "raise" from college and one from post college. once i move out on my own i want to get another one. she won't let me take the other ones back. and that picture of your cat on a leash is hilarballs.

    i'm OB-SESSED with Big Brother. sometimes me and my roomie stay up late just to watch the "after dark" show and we read all the blogs, etc.

    hope you had a great week, blog twinny!

  5. Reasons why I like you even more:
    texmex, hello.
    hit'em, wreck'em.
    ML is one of my top faves as well. Have a friemd who was her TM for a bit and he sd she is just as awesome in person. Luv it.

  6. We have too much in common. I love Mexican, Las Vegas, Father of the Bride, your hot red shoes, Juicy perfume, Home Goods, sundresses, ahh the list can go on and on! I love your saying "bomb dot com"!

    Happy Monday love! XOXO

  7. Oh my I love this.
    I am so jealous you saw PINK, she is my favorite!
    But then again, I love Miranda and Carrie too!
    I want to go to Dallas just to try that resturant!!!


  8. YESSS i so love learning stuff about my fav bloggers :-) And of course you put witty twists on things which makes me laugh sooo loud at work, that people must realize im not getting any work done!

    first of all, im laughing because your cat's on a leash. LOL... you are so right. they hate leashes... my cat kept meowing one day when i was outside...(he was inside) so i went and bought him a harness leash so he could join me. WELL, BAD IDEA... he became like paralyzed when i put it on and tipped over on his side. LOL!!!!!

    Miss Dior Cherie is one of my favorites too :-) and Vegas...yeaaa. that is where i met my current boyfriend, as humiliating as that is to say LOL!

    and ive never seen big brother..hmmm...i might have to check it out!

    have a greatttt week lindsey!!! :-)

    <3 megan

  9. Oh no, oh no. I just read this and saw that you said you aren't a dog person, but a...gulp...CAT person. I'm not so sure we can be BFF after that revelation....