Friday, March 4, 2011

Fitness Friday: Week 5

Hey my ladies!  Welcome to week 5 of "Fitness Friday". 

This week I decided to change things up and invite you to link up and share how you are working on your fitness.  Tell us what you are doing (or plan on doing) in order to get in fabulous shape for that swimsuit and sundress weather that is quickly approaching us.  Honestly, if I put a swim suit on right now, I'd scare small children.  Can we say winter weight?  Barf.  I'm still waiting for that skinny pill to be invented.  I'll be first in line. 

I've never done a "link-up" before so hopefully you will help a sista out and participate.   Just grab the button below and share with us your infinite fitness knowledge.  Happy Friday!

Right click the image to save and upload for use on your post. 

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  1. Um, really, "scare small children" ... Lindsey, I swear. I doubt that!

  2. If I lived in Texas, I'd have to work out a good 20 hours out of 24 because all of the food there is yummy and the portions are ginormous!

    And pretty sure you're not scaring small children, silly, because you are fab! :)

  3. Ok how did I miss this post? I am so linking up next time!!!!