Thursday, March 10, 2011

Got green?

It's that time of year again.  Time to adorn yourself in green from head to toe, guzzle green beer, get sloppy and pass out before dark.  That's how it works in Dallas anyway. 

Every year Dallas has a big St. Patty's Day parade followed up with a block party.  We all gather early at our friend's house closest to the block party, drink mimosas, eat breakfast and walk over to the party.   It's always an adventure and every year we have new stories to tell from this day.  I love it!  Definitely one of my most favorite times in Dallas.  Here is a picture of some of us at the Block Party last year:

One problem.  I have nothing to wear yet and as usual, I wait until the last possible moment to go shopping.  I've kind of had my eye out for green dresses, but haven't fell in love with anything yet.  I threw together an affordable look from Charlotte Russe since there is one right by my office.   I might have to go scoop this ensemble up after work.  This day is all about having fun and you are on your feet for hours.  Sandals or flip-flops are a must, trust me.   
Dress / Sandals / Tattoo / Aviators
How do you spend St. Patty's Day in your city?  And more importantly, do you have something cute and green to wear yet??
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  1. OMG, the green aviators are a MUST for Greenville! I am so p!ssed we are missing it this year!!!!!!! I was prego last year and we also missed the year before. Ugh. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. where i went to college in Columbia, SC they have a HUGE St Pat's day thing where are the bars are downtown. They block the intersections off and you just walk around, get food, listen to bands, drink, etc. i can't go this year b/c i have other plans. i'm really sad. i've been like the past 6 years in a row.

  3. That dress from Charlotte rusee is adorable I almost got it but it was a little too short for me to wear by it self so I didn't get it! You will love it!

  4. Lots of peeps already celebrated this weekend in ny and brooklyn..I'm not sure why we celebrate over and over again here, but lots of people wear green and party for a couple weekends to celebrate the day. I love the green aviators!
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  5. cute outfit!! If I lived in Dallas I would totally come party with you haha! Can't wait to see the pictures from this year!

  6. New follower!! Love your blog!! So fun. I love St. Patricks day and have nothing to wear yet either!!!

    Feel free to check out my blog:

  7. Love the outfit! Can't wait for St. Patrick's Day! Dallas sounds like so much fun! I definitely must visit there sometime in the near future! Hope you had a great day! xoxo

  8. I will be out there TOOOO!! Its one of my most FAVORITE days in Dallas!!

  9. Your St. Patrick's Day sounds like so much fun! Can I come visit for it please? Nothing terribly exciting happens out here and suddenly I feel like I'm missing out!

  10. I love St. Patrick's Day! Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of crowds, so I tend to do a more chill routine in recent years! Looks like SO much fun though!
    I also love the green aviators you posted!

    Great blog...following you now ;-)
    Have a great weekend!

    <3 Megan

  11. Sounds like SO much fun! I have only celebrated St. Patty's day a few times but it is lots o' fun... I had to get that o' reference in there, lol! Anywho, I also always forget to wear green and end up getting pinched all day long!

  12. love your cute accessories for St Pattys! I think I will probably be at home with the husband this year since we are stuck in AMISH CAPITAL, USA!!! ugh!