Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Pheonix attire is almost complete

Remember this post?  The one where I posted about my perfect bridal brunch outfit.  Well that dress has been shipped and is on it's way to me.  The dress is from Delia's, which I'm pretty is a store for little tweens.  I don't know if these 36D's and badonkadonk are going to fit in that dress.  I'm just going to cross my fingers and pray to the clothing Gods to give a girl a break.  PLEASE LOOK CUTE! 

I still was on the hunt for an outfit for the rehearsal dinner and a little get together for the Saturday after the wedding.  Both are casual events the bride tells me.  Speaking of the bride, I can't believe I haven't introduced the happy couple to you.  So without further adeiu, please meet my dear friend Christina and her future hubby Emmet:
Christina and I have been friends since 10th grade and have remained close throughout the years.  I cannot wait for all the festivities to begin in a few weeks and to see how beautiful she looks on her wedding day!

Sunday I had to return a dress to a little boutique at the mall, but the store only gives store credit on returns.  Annoying, but worked out in my favor this time.  I started browsing their sale racks and I came across some great stuff for even greater prices.  This maxi dress was half off, so I scooped it up for only $13.99.  I plan to wear this Thursday night for the rehearsal dinner:
I have it pictured here with white sandles, but I tried it on again and I think the dress is too long for flats.  I'm going to have to wear some wedges instead.  The earrings are from Forever 21 and were only $2.80.  Oh how Iove you Forever!

And I have been obsessing over florals this Spring.  How cute is this top for the Saturday brunch after the wedding?  I think it will look perfecto with dark denim and wedges.  It's hard to tell, but the straps are braided.  Love.
Want to know what's even cuter?  That top was on clearance for only $4.99!  Say what???  I think I just found my new favorite store.  For you Dallas ladies, this store is called La Mariposa and is in Willow Bend mall:
I'm making some shopping progress, which never happens.  Typically I'm scouring the malls pathetically in full panic mode the night before a trip because I always seem to wait until the last minute.  Hopefully this time I'm actually going to stay on top of my game.  I would love it if I even packed prior to midnight the night before.  We'll see about that one. 
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  1. I love the dress and the earrings look great with it! I'm love love loving that top!!! You're gonna look adorbs!

    Can't wait for you to take me shopping!!!!

  2. awwww mannnn why is everyone going to AZ except for me?!?!?!

    oops sorry I'm done whining now.

    I hate when teeny bopper stores make me feel fat... hi puberty and college happened.... mmmmk?

    the pattern on that maxi dress is fantastic! and I LOVE that top. I'd wear it with shorts and cowboy boots... oh wait I just thought of that because I read your blog and think of Texas heheh ; )

    ok luv ya! bye


  3. i love finding cute cheap stuff!! haha :) love all the things you got!

  4. Finding amazing deals is RIGHT up my alley! That dress will be great, and that shirt is to die for cute! Can't wait to see pics lady!


  5. Your coming to AZ this week?
    & love the floral top! & what a great deal on it. I have been loving floral lately, idk. I am girl that wears black 24/7, so flowers & I don't mix, however I am loving this new crush I am having on florals.

    Have a blast in AZ!

    xo $ARMIN

  6. Love the floral top! Can't wait for warmer weather up here so I can *finally* wear tank tops again.


  7. That's what I thought...I remember reading Easter Weekend, or something like that...How long will you be in town for? Are you staying in Phx?

    xo $ARMIN

  8. Cute! I think I may fly you to Ohio next time to help me shop for cute bargains. I need help!!!!!

  9. i'm sure the delia's dress will fit you! no worries and it will look "amazeballs" fo sho!

    they are the cutest little couple (i love the name emmet too)

    i love all your outfits and they will be perfect for all of your events. can't wait to see how it all turns out. and when you don't want them anymore, you can ship them to me in SC.

  10. LOVE ALL OF THESE OUTFITS! You are going to look amazing in whatever you wear! You always look fab! I love all the cute little shops and all the great deals you found!

    Happy Tuesday love!

  11. I LOVE LOVE the maxi dress. I'm hoping to get a bunch of floral dresses for the summer and that maxi dress is perfect. Too bad we dont have Mariposa on the East Coast.
    And I CANT BELIEVE you found that top for $4. CRAZY!! Why do I always find ripped and stretched clothes on the sale rack?! You make me want to SHOP!

  12. Love the maxi dress!! You have great style sense there, and you need to help me find things on a bargain, I'm horrible at it! It wasn't until just recently that I realized it ISN'T normal to pay full price for things. I'm missing out! And missing my money!

  13. LOVE the blues - the dress and those amaze earrings. AND YES, good ole Mariposa!

  14. Hello! I'm a new follower, just wanted to say hi and i loveee ur blog. im all about finding good deals and i can also relate to your pale-ness lol :-) def. write some more posts about your favorite self tanners!!

  15. i LOVE that floral top!!! I want it! I wish we had that store here in CA!
    xoxo Inna :)

  16. was your goal to outshine the bride? that's not very nice!!! you're going to look so sassy! I thing the "bargain blonde" NEEDS to meet the "full price brunette"....whoever she is ;)