Monday, March 21, 2011

Coral blush for a tropical flush

Disclaimer: Let me preface this post by saying this is NOT a bargain beauty purchase, but I can justify it.  Swear. 

OK ...  My first justification is I literally have never in my life bought blush.  Maybe once, but I honestly cannot think back to a time that I have.  Any blush I've ever worn or owned was from a gift set.  So there.  Think about the 26 years I haven't bought blush, I can totally splurge on my first blush purchase.  I know you're in agreement.

So I did it.  I bought a $28 blush from Sephora during my lunch break, and I'm not going to feel guilty about it.  If you saw my checking account right now you would see that I should feel guilty about it, but I'm not going to because this blush is exactly what I was looking for. 

Introducing the newest addition to my embroidered make-up bag: CORALista by Benefit
So, can we all just agree that Emily Maynard from The Bachelor is perfection? 

What I would give for her hair, face, body, fiancé and wardrobe!  I told the Sephora lady I wanted cheeks like hers and after spending some time looking at google images of her on my phone (totally normal), we decided on CORALista.  We tested some other colors on my cheeks, but I fell in love CORALista.  Here is a swatch of it:
I think this is the perfect shade for summer.  It's a warm coral-pink powder with a soft, shimmery finish.  It's very similar to NARS' Orgasm, but without the large flakes of glitter in it, so it's more subtle.

If you’re a bit hesitant because of the price tag, I give you my second justification for this purchase.  NARS’ blushes are $25 for only 0.16 oz. and MAC’s blushes are $18.00 for 0.21 oz., which makes Benefit cheaper by the ounce.  This Benefit blush is .42 oz for $28.  

Clearly I'm not a blush expert, but I do love make-up and always have.  What do you think of this shade and more importantly, what blush do you recommend for summer?
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  1. i actually have been contemplating buying coralista for a while! i hear many rave reviews about it, and quite frankly, im not crazy about NARS orgasm, so this may be such a suitable alternative!

    i have benefit's bella bamba and sugarbomb, and i really love the way it shows on my cheeks! really hoping you like this!

    show us the results :-)

  2. Good choice on the blush! I really like Nars too!

    I didn't used to be a fan of blush, but once I realized how much more alive it made be look, I've been addicted ever since.

  3. i like that choice. i want to look like emily when i grow up. it'll never happen. fml.

    and i know nothing about blush...only that i've used the same kind for like 3 years and it's some cheap-o cover girl shade. i'm sure that's unsanitary but whatevs.

  4. First of all, I have a folder in my BB of pictures of Kim Kardasian, so its totally normal!
    & I like this color, I wonder if it will show up on my cheeks...I want a pretty coral/peach blush.


  5. I love it! If it's good enough for Emily, it's good enough for me!! And that is too funny that you have NEVER bought blush before. However I am much more of a bronzer person, but I love this coral color!

  6. Gorgeous!! I think it is just beautiful and sometimes you just need to splurge a little!!

  7. I am glad to see a good review on the Coralista. I have been wanting to get it!!!!! I just wanted to wait til closer to summer. thanks for sharing


  8. I think the color is gorgeous! I'm sure it will look great on you! Sometimes you just need to splurge ;)

  9. i LOVE this post. i have been raving about emilys blush for weeks. i am so going to my sephora this weekend to stalk this shade. thank you!!

    and no, dont feel guilty - that blush is fabulous!

  10. I really love that blush color!! I'm going to have to pick it up ASAP!
    I have NARS Super Orgasm but it does have a lot of sparkle flakes in it.
    Emily is gorgeous.. I think I'd buy every makeup product she uses!

  11. love this is gorgeous..I bet it looks great on you!!

  12. OH MY GOSH, Thank you! I will be trying this immed. what a great color!


  13. I LOVE this blush! Us it almost everyday! Plus it smells so good...which is weird, but a good thing.