Friday, February 11, 2011

What I miss most about Valentine's Day

Other than how it used to not be a day that so cruely reminded me I'm single, I really miss getting to decorate shoe boxes to collect cards from all the other kids in your class. Remember how excited you would get if you had a crush on a boy and you got a card from him? Or was that just me?

If I got to decorate a shoe box for my desk at work (ha!), I would want it to look like something like one of these: 

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  1. So funny--I was thinking about this today when someone on fb posted a picture of her kid's box! I'm single but I still love Valentine's day. :)

  2. I'll admit that I cannot wait for the day when I help Eva make a box, valentines and cookies for her class. Can.not.wait. :) SUCH CUTE PICS you found!

  3. I'd have to say Valentine's Day reached its peak from like K-5th grades for me (even when I had someone to 'celebrate' with as an adult). The shoeboxes, the cards, the candy, shamelessly giving gifts & cards without having it being misinterpreted, I loved it all.