Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It really is the little things

Like my new cute embroidered make-up bag from Glitzy-Glam.  I get happy every time I look at it, can you tell? I took this picture to text my nephew's mom who was jealous of it.   (Now I know what to get her for Christmas)   
Me after a long day at work, don't I just look ravishing?

Isn't the packaging so super cute?  The bag comes in other colors.  You can also choose what font and color you want the embroidering done in and you can have it say whatever you'd like at no extra charge. 

That white spot is the reflection of the mirror (FYI).  There are compartments are all around the inside of the bag and on the lid. 
I absolutely love how girly it is (i.e. the bows on top, which are removable if bows aren't your thing), and all the compartments inside make it sooo much easier for to find what I'm looking for when doing my make-up.  I used to rummage through my bag looking for the right brush, the right compact, etc.  Now everything has a place, and that makes life so much easier.  Like the title of this post states, it really is the little things. 

*[Bargain Tip]
You may already do this when you online shop, but if not, before you purchase anything online, Google to see if there are any discount/promo codes.  I did this before I ordered this bag (which was already on sale when I purchased it a few weeks ago) and found a promo code for 10 percent off the price.  I ended up getting the bag + the cost of shipping for only $1 more than the full price of the bag.  The Bargain Blonde strikes again.

I seriously am obsessed and now I want more in different sizes.  Anyone feeling generous and want to buy me an early St. Patty's Day gift?  Mom, I know you are reading.
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  1. How cute is EVERYTHING on that entire site?! OMG - LOVE it all. AND that make up bag is awesome!

  2. The bag looks awesome - and such a great deal, what more can you ask for!?


  3. Love the bag! Love the black and white with the pink! You look pretty with your hair up!!

  4. Cute bag! I always check to see if there's online coupons, too!

  5. love this bag! i actually have it in the duffle bag size and have been lusting over the makeup bag for a while haha

  6. That is so adorable!! I want to get one - I love it!