Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Save on Spring 2011's Fashion Trends

After looking at my checking account balance today, I had to issue a self-imposed spending freeze. This made me wonder how long I’m going to have to wait to become a BOL (Bitch of Leisure). My BFF Liz coined the phrase, and her blog, “Future BOL”, is the phrase’s namesake (blog currently on hiatus).

In case you are wondering what exactly a BOL is, let me break it down for you: A BOL lives a life of luxury. She doesn’t bother with mundane household chores and she certainly doesn’t spend her days slaving away at the office with the common folk. Instead, her days consist of shopping with unlimited funds, lunching and making sure she constantly looks good. A BOL’s life is Liz and my ultimate fantasy. Definitely the stuff dreams are made of.

Key words: fantasy and dreams.

The reality is I’m on a spending freeze, which means I’ve come down with a case of shopper’s itch. The weather in Dallas has been in the 70s since Saturday and it’s made me want to update my wardrobe with some of my favorite Spring looks.

Since I can only look and not touch, I figured online “window shopping” was safer than a store where it’s much easier to swipe a card. And seeing as though I’m actually a BOB (bitch on a budget) and not a BOL, I found my top 5 favorite Spring trends at a price even a BOB will love:

1. Old Navy Women's Rugby-Stripe Pocket Tee - $12.50
2. Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Strapless Floral Dress - $29.99
4. Old Navy Sheer Leopard-Print Blouse - $29.50
And my absolute favorite thing to wear all Spring and Summer to survive in the Texas heat is a Maxi dress.  I want this black Maxi dress from Nordstrom to pair with these gold acessories.

2. Charlotte Russe Twisted Mesh Chain Necklace - $12 (BOGO 50% off)
3. Charlotte Russe Mini Flower Stretch Bracelet - $8.50 (BOGO 50% off)
4. Charlotte Russe Floral Splendor Stretch Ring - $4 (BOGO 50% off)
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  1. Loving all of it! I, too, am on a self-imposed spending freeze. But maybe we can put away some cash to go shopping when you visit the AZ?

  2. I need to be on a spending freeze!
    LOVE that blouse from Old Navy. In a couple of weeks, it will be 15$, totally need get that.


  3. You should totally try it out! I swear its better then waxing. I only gotten my eyebrow waxed once, and I don't remember if I liked it, but I do remember the pimples on my forehead I got, totally didn't like that.


  4. thank you for your super sweet comment on my blog! Blogging is so much fun and such a great experience! I'm so glad I get to meet such wonderful people like you :)

  5. I love that first set of photos! Stripes are SO in right now :)

  6. I was just on, the sheer blouse is now 24.50...