Friday, February 18, 2011

OK, so I lied

Scratch my plan to work-out today as mentioned in the previous FF post. Instead, I'm going to Happy Hour to sit on a patio and enjoy a margarita with a few friends. I mean, it's 80 degrees here and a Friday ...

need I say more?

It's not going to be a total bust because I am going to request a "Skinnygirl Margarita", Bethenny Frankel's 100 calorie margarita concoction.  I am also going to force myself to do some extra cardio this weekend to make up for it.   You just can't say no to patio weather, especially when we were snowed-in a few weeks ago.

The Skinnygirl™ Margarita
"The margarita you love, only 100 calories."

•2 oz of Clear Premium Tequila (count 1, 2 while you pour, no need for measuring)
•Tiny splash of Orange Liquor
•Juice of 4 Fresh Lime Wedges

To serve on the rocks, combine all ingredients over a glass of ice and garnish with a lime wedge

TGIF, enjoy your weekend.
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  1. How many cals does a Long Island Icetea have? You know what, nevermind...I don't know if its 80 degrees out in AZ, but it is Friday night, so whatever...

    Have fun!


  2. i have yet to try the skinnygirl margarita. i've GOT to get me a bottle.

  3. I so LOVE the Skinny Girl Rita. Someone brought it to a Jr. League meeting and it was GONE in no time. Who cares if you lied ... I remember quite a few Fridays on the patios of Dallas. They are soooo tempting. You deserve it. :)

  4. Haha, my legs? Really? Thank you!
    So, I had 3 Long Islands + a shot.
    How did you do?

    And I only seen Kim in black sheer blouse, where the pockets were white, is that what your talking about?


  5. The weather was fabulous this past weekend!!! :) I'm definitely going to have to try this margarita!