Friday, February 4, 2011

Fitness (& freezing) Friday!

Oh, hello 6+ inches of snow.  This weather just keeps getting more insane in Texas! My office was open today, so I attempted to drive into work (about 15 miles away), but couldn't even get out of my apartment parking lot.  My tires just kept spinning and I was stuck.  To give you an idea of the snow here, here is my apartment pool this morning around 8 a.m.:

Even though it is a freezing Friday, this post is all about Fitness Friday, so I'll get to it: 

I started off this week by working out with a girlfriend at a nearby park.  We ran hills, did lunges up hill (omg), walked at least a mile and ran suicides across a football field (who did we think we were?).

Then the "Texas blizzard of 2011" hit us, so Tuesday I did nothing but stay indoors under warm blankets. Fail. Wednesday I bundled up and walked to my apartment gym and got a good session of cardio and weights in.  Last night I was going to do the same, but on my walk to pay my rent, I slipped and fell pretty bad on solid ice.  No gym after that, I was pouting and was sore from the fall.  Fail X 2.  This afternoon I'm going to my apartment gym to do cardio and weights again so that I will at least meet my goal of 3 days in one week.

As far as my diet goes I've done good this week watching calories.  I haven't been drinking as much water as I should or taking my multi-vitamin every day, but hey ... one step at a time.  The scale has dropped a few pounds so far, so something is working.

I've been using random travel carry-ons for my gym bag, but I decided if I'm going to get serious about getting fit, I need a serious gym bag that is both functional and somewhat stylish.

I started my gym bag research the old fashion way: by Googling "cheap gym bag for women", and one of the results was from  I picked out a couple that I liked around a $30 price point, but eventually decided on one with my Alma mater's logo embroidered on it.  A few clicks later, my new gym bag was ordered.  Here is what it looks like (They have 25 schools to choose from all priced differently.  Click here to see if they have your school):

Texas Tech gym bag. Price: $31.99

 Here are a few other bags that almost made the cut.  Which one is your favorite or none at all?

I liked this one for it's yoga or shoe holder on the side.  Price: $26.98  

I thought this one might be too small, but I love the polka dots.  Price: $23.99


Puma girl's duffel bag with adjustable strap. Price: $24.99

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  1. Don't take your "fails" too hard! This is extreme weather! I've been off work for 4 days now... My fiance and I made it to the gym 2 out of the 4 days though. We're going to try to get a workout in at home today. I can't believe how much snow there is! I literally feel "snowed in" and it's snowing (blizzard style) as we speak! (figuratively speaking of course lol) I've got cabin fever and I'm dying to get out but I don't think it's worth it. I'm watching cars in front of my apartment slipping and sliding around... I can't wait for this stuff to melt away!

  2. So over the weather!!! So much for fitness for me, the cold makes me fear the gym!

  3. Love the Tech bag! This weather has made it soooo hard to work out! I can't wait for it to melt so I can get back outside and run!

  4. I love any of the pink bags! I love when my things POP!