Friday, February 18, 2011

Fitness Friday: Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of Fitness Friday! I’ve got to tell you, this FF post has been a great way to hold myself accountable. If I did what I really wanted to do every night after work, I’d sit on my couch and watch my favorite TV shows while sipping on some of the sweet nectar.

How pathetic would I look if I went to write a FF post and had done nothing but guzzle wine and watch trash TV? Every time I try to convince myself to skip the gym or indulge in unhealthy food, I remember 1) my ultimate goal to get fit and fab and 2) that I have to report my progress on my blog.

As I mentioned in week 2, today I’m sharing my favorite easy and healthy snacks. According to a article, 64 percent of snacks aren’t planned. Unplanned snaking could easily lead to bad choices like processed, high-calorie food from your office vending machine. Instead, stock your desk drawers or office fridge with some of these healthy options that are easy to grab when you hit that mid-day lull.

Simple Cucumber and Cherry Tomato Salad:  Mix a cup of sliced, peeled cucumber with about 10 cherry tomatoes and a tablespoon of lite vinaigrette dressing (my fave is the Ken's Steak House).  I like to season mine with some fresh ground pepper.  Very refreshing and low in cals.  I'll make it the night before and bring some to work for an afternoon snack at my desk.
cucumber / tomatoes / vinaigrette / salad
Low Cal Cheese & Crackers: Cheese scares a lot of people who are watching their calorie intake.  However, there are so many reduced fat options now that cheese is no longer the enemy.  My favorite cracker for this snack is a water cracker.  I love the crunch, but more importantly, they have little flavor, which makes it a great neutral foundation so you can savor the cheese. 
crackers / colby-jack / laughing cow / cheese & crackers
Peanut Butter and Caramel Mini Rice Cakes: I like to dip mini caramel rice cakes into about a tablespoon of Jif Natural PB.  Some natural peanut butter's annoy me because you have to mix them and keep them refrigerated.  This Jif version does not have to be stirred or refrigerated, so I keep it in my desk drawer with a bag of rice cakes for the ultimate convenience snack.  I'm not a fan of caramel, but for some reason this flavor goes along great with PB. 
rice cakes / PB / Rice Cake + PB
Hopefully one of those 3 options sounds enticing to you.  Now on to the "fun" stuff.  Below is what I did this week at the gym:

Saturday: Went to a yoga class and then took my nephew to the park.  He thinks its fun to run from me so I spent the entire time chasing him and almost having a heart attack every time he made a beeline for the nearby street.  I would tell him, "Reese, this is not funny!" to which he would giggle, run and say, "Hahaha, yes it is Aunt Lindsey." Boys will be boys. 
Don't you love his cute little outfit?  Aunt Lindsey got him that shirt and those shorts at Old Navy for $11. 
Sunday:  12 mile mountain bike ride - NEVER AGAIN.  So my friend Kathryn and I went to brunch Sunday and while we were finishing up, she asked me if I wanted to go bike riding around a local lake since it was so nice outside.  "Sure," I said thinking back to my middle school days when I loved riding my bike around the neighborhood.  Reality check: Biking 12 miles up and down hills fighting the wind on a mountain bike is nothing like riding bikes back in the day.  I've decided I'm not cut-out for bike riding.  The seat really hurt and my booty felt bruised for the next 2 days and trust me, I've got plenty of padding back there. 

Monday: Valentine's Day.  After work I met up with my friend Courtney for Happy Hour.  We we're supposed to run hills and conduct a little "boot camp" at a nearby park, but for some reason wine sounded better to us.  Do you blame us?

Tuesday:  Bicep/Triceps + 30 minutes interval cardio + 10 min suana

Wednesday: Hamstrings/Quads/Calves + 30 minutes interval cardio + 20 min sauna

Thursday: Rested, legs we're sore.

Friday: After work I'm doing chest/shoulders/back and cardio.

Saturday:   I plan on going to yoga again and it's supposed to nice so I'm sure I'll be chasing my nephew again at the park.

Sunday: NOT going on a 12 mile bike ride.
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  1. Cherry tomatoes and cucumber, YUM!

    LOL at the 12 miles bike ride! 12 miles, that's pretty ambitious! ;)


  2. a.) Cherry tomato and cucumber = my all time fave summer 'meal'

    b.) Totally LMAO picturing you chasing Reese. I can totally hear you saying, "this is not funny." Bahahahaha!

    c.) Uh, riding bikes suck, unless you have the special seat and/or padded biker shorts. Spin class is one thing, WRL in the wind is another. Not fun.

    d.) GREAT JOB!

  3. Love your healthy snack ideas! Cute pictures too!