Monday, March 14, 2011

Tagged: 15 facts about yourself

The super stylish and sweet Kristen @ Honestly Kristen tagged me last week to write fifteen facts about myself, so what Kristen wants, Kristen gets!  Here we go y'all ... let's see what interesting facts I can come up with:

1. I start to suffocate if I'm in a car with no air circulation.  The air conditioning has to be on or the windows cracked.  If not, I feel like I can't breathe and start to gasp for air.  I'm so dramatic. 

2. From the moment my nephew was born, I've been psycho about checking on him while he sleeps.  I check on his breathing obsessively throughout the night to make sure his belly is moving up and down.  I used to be a lot worse when he was a baby, but I still do it several times before I can go to bed myself.  Awww, look at baby Reesey:

3. I cannot go to the grocery store without a list and I make my lists in order of what area I am going to hit first to last.  Please tell me I'm not the only one.

4. I hate showering, but obviously I do it.  I just dread it every night, and force myself to do it.  

5. I know Coach Beiste on Glee is a woman, but I kind of refuse to believe it.  I still BBM Patty every episode and say "there is NO WAY that is a woman!"   Am I right or am I right?
6. I accidentally set my Blackberry on fire in my oven a few years ago.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Try explaining that one to AT&T.  Basically "what happened was" ... I was at Happy Hour after work one Friday, a Miller Lite slipped from my hands into my purse and spilled all over my Blackberry.  I'm addicted to my phone, so obviously I was devastated.  A co-worker who was there told me to take my phone apart, put all the pieces in the oven because apparently it is the "driest" place in the house and leave it in there overnight to dry out.  I was given explicit instructions NOT to turn the oven on.  Well, I had a few too many sips of the sweet nectar and decided I wanted to bake some shrimp.   I'm sure you can see where this is going.  I turned my oven on to preheat at 450 completely forgetting about my phone.  A few minutes later I smell a horrendous smell, realize I'm preheating my phone and run frantically to the oven.  MY PHONE WAS ON FIRE.  I had to get a spatula and fling it out of there. Needless to say, I have yet to live that one down. 

7. I have a problem burping, it's a horrible habit.  It's really bad after a beer or carbonated drinks.  And I'm single because?

8. Practical jokes and pranks make my life - there is absolutely nothing that makes me laugh harder.  Boiling Points on MTV was the best show ever, I'm so upset it's no longer on the air.  I YouTube old episodes frequently to get a good laugh.  Hahahaha I'm laughing now just thinking about it. This one is one of my faves because the people's reactions are PRICELESS.  It's disgusting, so be warned:

9. I have never been outside the country except to Mexico, but if you live in Texas that doesn't count as "outside the country".  There are so many places I want to travel to, I can't wait to be rich enough to see the world!

10.  I change into sweats/lounge clothes the second I walk through my door.  I can't stand to be in work clothes or jeans unless I have to. 

11. Anytime I see a restaurant that is shut down, I get really sad for the owners. I am sure they put all their hopes and dreams in it and I get a sad feeling for them and I don't even know them!

12. I walked to and from school every day in middle school.  I would frequently have fake conversations with myself.  Normal?

13. Speaking of fake convos ... When I was little my favorite thing to do with my Cabbage Patch Dolls was pretend we were flying cross-country.  I would make a fake "airplane" row out of my trundle bed, bring changes of clothes to change them on the plane and act the whole thing out.  Like, what?  Flying with babies cross-country would be awful.  At the time I thought it was the funnest thing ever.  Oh, the mind of a child.

14.  Apparently I used to rock a hot pink fanny pack. Exhibit A:

15. I'm going to "tag" any of you out there who wants to do this post too.  Please go right ahead, I'd love to read 15 interesting facts about you pretty ladies.  I love getting to know y'all better!
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  1. oooooh, i might have to do this 15 facts thing this week. i'll try working on it tonight.

    1. your nephew is cuter than can be
    2. i think coach is a dude too.
    3. my co-worker has a problem burping in the office, sometimes she burps out my name just to annoy me.
    4. i also change into my sweats and/or pj's the minute i get home from work.

  2. OMG. I almost peed myself from laughing. hilarious post!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds showering a (necessary) inconvenience. Hopefully that fanny pack will be making the trip to the AZ, too.

  4. I hate showering. HATE. DREAAAAD. Mostly cuz of the hair process that comes with showering. I also change into sweats within the minute i get home!
    xoxo Inna :)

  5. I'm a burper too. I did find a husband though. He doesn't burp so much, but whatever.

    And um, you hate showering??? I LUV it. I shower twice daily.

  6. Alright so I change the minute I get home too, your nephew is too cute for words, you are too funny and I can't believe you set your phone on fire. RIP blackberry hehe. I also have never burped in my life!

  7. cuuuuuute post! i love getting to know adorable fellow blogger ladies.

    i did a similar post here:

    and, i too loooove me some sweats and hate me some showering. as stated above, mostly because of the hair styling process that has to follow without looking like a Bichon dog. go ahead, look 'em up. it's bad. not to mention showering sometimes means shaving. dread.

  8. I LOVE how much you love your nephew. Is he your sister or brother's child? And how often does he stay at your house? Do you have a crib at your house? Do you live alone? Why haven't I asked you any of these questions before??

    I love showering :) Think you may be alone there lol!

    I have NEVER seen an episode of Glee. Will you still be my friend?

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Love the blackberry story! OMG THat is SO something I would do. I too am a blackberry addict and am in love with my phone.

    HEY! We should BBM on blackberry...

    Practical jokes and pranks!?? MAKE MY LIFE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all those shows, from Candid Camera back in the day to Girls Behaving Badly with Chelsea Handler. OMG I have all the old DVD's from that and watch them ALL the time.

    Ok, I need to stop. We are too much alike and it's killing me. I ONLY put on cute jeans/clothes if I go outside my house. Inside my house ALL about the V.S. sweats. Always.

    Fake conversations with yourself...hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! SO TOTALLY ME!!!!!!!

    And the fanny pack picture? Makes me love you even MORE!!!!!!

  9. how have i not found your blog before?! so glad i did b/c it's clearly awesome!

  10. that fanny pack!

    also, I make my grocery list the same way! Who wants to double back and forth and spend an hour getting groceries?! This also helps me not impulse shop or by thongs just because I am hungry... So not only are you efficient, you are totally normal! Everyone else just isn't as organized as us! haha

  11. Yes, I think you just became my new favorite blogger after this post! I love your sarcasm and humor LOL!!!

    I am the same way with can be dead of winter and I still have air conditioning on in car or I get sleepy and can't breathe. Luckily for me, my friend totalled my car, so I have none now LOL>

    I hate to shower too. In fact, I love the days I don't wash my hair so I can take a 1 minute shower. And if my apartment is cold, forget about it, I refuse to step out of a shower into a cold place.

    I am laughing sooo hard about your Blackberry story because recently someone told me if I ever drop my phone in the toilet again (yes, it is frequent occurance), just to put it in the oven. And I told them "With my luck, it will catch fire". You have validated my concerns LOL.

    I can burp whenever I want and although I'm not single, I'm not sure my boyfriend knows of this stellar skill of mine yet.

    (OMG THIS IS BECOMING A NOVEL!) I get sad for restaurant owners too when I see it. AND...I change into sweats the instant I walk in the door from work. :-)

    Loved this! Have a great Tuesday girl!

  12. To comment on your number 4 (as someone said - 'you might be alone there') - you're not along. I am ashamed to admit, that I just hate showering. I love it when I am actually in the shower. But getting out of my clothes, getting the right temperature and getting out of the shower, wet, and stepping into a bathroom that is most likely not warmer than your shower - well, I hate it.

  13. Okay Lindsay, I cant get over how absolutely hilarious you are! You remind me of me and my friends, it's just too too funny!

    I am actually going to do this 15 facts thing and post it on my blog! Check it out later today..

    AND I awarded you the ONE LOVELY BLOG award.. because you rock and so does your blog!!


  14. Hahaha THANK YOU! And you're absolutely WELCOME!! WELL DESERVED!

    You're life is awesome PERIOD! Hahaha


  15. Hey Boo! I finally posted my Facts! I am seriously exhausted! Talking about yourself is exhausting!! LOL! Hope you enjoy mine! Mine arent as hilarious as yours, but let me know what you think!!

    Broke and Fabulous!


  16. Yay! I don't know how I just saw that you did this, but yay! And damn right, what Kristen wants, Kristen gets. :p

    Haha your thing about showering is so me. We're not dirty, we'd just rather spend time doing other things! So glad I'm not alone there.

  17. This is amazing because I BLEW UP my phone in a microwave freshman year of college. Dropped it in a beer and everyone told me to put it in the microwave to "air it out"...believed them.

    BLEW UP..Snap Crackle POP seriously.

  18. I related to just about every single one of these on here...even watched that episode of Boiling Points and laughed!

    Doesn't help that I wasn't grossed out...I am always embarrassed to tell people I sleep with a book of matches cause My Person can't control his flatulence! He farts, I burp...I guess we're a gassy couple, what can I say?

    I've been reading for a while, love your wit & your ideas! :)