Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A stunning Vegas wedding

Welp kiddos, I'm back from Vegas and still trying to catch up on my sleep so my apologies for the delay on the recap.  

The wedding was perfection and Kristina was seriously a vision. I had the best time and can't imagine the weekend going any more perfectly.  

Her hair was perfection. Her dress was perfection.  Her make-up was perfection.  See for yourself.  I already know y'all are going to die over her dress.

Joshua and Kristina's first look:

Snaps from the stunning wedding day:
our bouquets 
Bride getting beautified.
me, Lesley (grooms sis) and BFF Liz
Liz and I at reception
We're working backwards today, so now for the rest of the pictures from the wedding weekend:
First time flying first class.  It was the life. 
Did I mention Emmitt Smith (ex Dallas Cowboys player) was sitting directly behind us on the way there? He's on the right. You may recall he also won Dancing With the Stars back in the day.

on the way to the rehearsal dinner
My rehearsal and wedding shoes. Both from Dillards. 

if getting married means all this ... sign me up immediately.

Kristina - 
You've been my best friend since 6th grade when we would sneak out of reading class to play with our lip glosses.  I love you and was honored to stand by your side.  I am so thankful and blessed to have you in my life, and I couldn't be happier for you and Joshua!  Start planning our NOLA trip immediately.  

Lindsey Lee aka honey boo boo child

We have come a long way from our matching gap cardi sets.

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  1. What a gorgeous wedding dress!! They look beautiful.

    Looks like such a fun weekend. You looked so pretty.

  2. stunning bride! her dress is insanely gorgeous

  3. Her dress is to die for, gorgeous!
    & your, OMG, looks amazing!

    xo SARMIN

  4. Was that at the Indian reservation Paiute golf course!?? You look gorgeous!

  5. Amazing Amazing wedding!! Everything looked perfect! Do you know the designer of her dress was? Love it!

    And you looked gorgeous. Love your "on the way to the reception" pic - so spicy!

  6. This is so cute! That dress is so unique and over the top! Was the wedding at the Bellagio? I can't imagine anything more fun than a Vegas wedding.

  7. Wow. Holy gorgeous- especially the bride!! Ps- jealous of you sitting by Emmit . I think he is so cute. I named a fish after him after he won DWTS. Weird. I know.

  8. So glad you had such a wonderful time! All of you look beautiful!! :)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. not many girls can pull off a dress like that. but if anyone can, she can. y'all were all beautiful and i'm so glad it turned out well. i mean...did you expect anything less?


    I love those red dresses on y'all too!

    The weekend looks amazing. I wanna go to NOLA with you! Sign me up!

  11. WOW looks like a beautiful wedding!! LOVED her dress! You guys all looked gorgeous - glad you had fun!

  12. Everyone looked so pretty! And I swear the bride could pass for Gia (from the Bachelor)'s twin! :)

  13. BEAUTIFUL! For some reason, she looks familiar to me but IDK why or how!?

    LOVED her dress! She totally pulled it off without a hitch!

    And the flashback pic of you and your friends in matching cardigans is priceless. I almost didn't even RECOGNIZE you!

  14. Wow! Thanks for the first look at Kristina's wedding pictures - she looks beautiful! Everything was perfection. As always, you look great too. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. You got to wear a red bridesmaid dress?! That is one awesome bride.

  16. I have been thinking about that dress all week. I mean, I loved my dress, but I really love that one. I don't think I could have pulled it off, but I am totally admiring it on her!

    So did you BOOK a 1st class ticket or were you just upgraded because of your awesomeness? I find the latter more believable actually.

  17. The brides dress = GORGEOUS!!!!

    Im seriously IN LOVE with it!!!

  18. I think we were in vegas at the same time! And you're right. She looks amazing. (so did you!)

  19. VEGAS!! Glad you had fun. Bride looked AMAZING!!!!

  20. i cant get OVER how gorgeous this wedding looked! OMG her dress...i am obsessed!

    and teh fact that it was in vegas too is amazing

    PS. the pic of you 3 girls in red dresses. you are a BARBIE! hot!!

    love this! :-)

  21. wow, her dress her dress her dress! so amazing!

    also jealous that she got married in vegas. I *really* wanted to do that but my husband had no desire :-/ (something about that has always seemed backwards to me...)

  22. you are a SIGHT for sore eyes girlFRAND.

    and first class. baller.

    and yes, I am DYING over her wedding dress.

    love YOU.

  23. Sounds like and looks like you had an UH-MAZING time! you looked gorgeous and so did the BRIDE!

  24. I love Vegas! Such a fun place for weddings too! The bride looks absolutely stunning!!! I loveeee her dress and hair!!

    You looked gorgeous too! Always love your hair and makeup!

    Oh, and totally jealous of your riding in first class! How awesome is that?!