Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lucky in love

Even though I don't have a "plus one", I am lucky to feel love every day from my amazing friends, family and supportive blog readers.

So whether you are single or taken this Valentine's Day, broaden your idea of love and celebrate those who mean the most to you.
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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, lovely lady! Hope you have a fabulous, wonderful, loving day today!

  2. love it! happy valentines day pretty girl! xoxo

  3. this is the gayest most by you of all time. ;)

  4. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY HONEY!!! I hope you have a lovely day...your post is perfect for my linkup! I hope you will go add it and participate...Kori xoxo

  5. L is for the way you LOVE us in blogland

    O is for the OVERLY amazing posts you do

    V is for how VERY gorgeous and pretty and funny you are

    E is for the EXCELLENT blogging you've provided and I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog a year or so ago

    And im pretty much the lamest crayon in the box for this hahah

    but just wanted to show my LOVE for you and your blog and you are so right! Not having a plus 1 doesnt mean have friends and family and us blog friends and you can have 10,000 valentines instead of just 1! i think that's pretty special :-)

    Happy Valentines day pretty BB!!


  6. Happy Valentines Day :) Hope you celebrate with lots of wine like I plan to!

  7. Happy Valentines Day!!!! Hope you have a great day:)

  8. FYI: all my best Valentine's Days were spent single.

    Happy V Day! Hope you eat lots and lots of chocolate. My personal favorite are the strawberry cream hearts. OMG.

  9. Happy Valentines BEAUTIFUL! I dont have a "valentine" but I do have a very special Sadie girl. You are welcome to share her with me from far away! ;)

    Loved The post from Young and Fabulous so cute and sweet!

  10. Happy Valentines Day♥

    XO, Jess

    Stilettos & a fishing pole

  11. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a fabulous day with the ones you love!

  12. i like your attitude... i think vday is about all different kinds of love, for your family, friends, whoever!

  13. Oh I love the owl!! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

    You're right, today is about all love <3

  14. Valentine's Day is about all kinds of love! Love this :)