Friday, February 3, 2012

Oopsies. I forgot to tell y'all I had a BLATE.

I really don't like the word "blate" (blogger + date = blate) for some reason.  It rubs me the wrong way, but I can't think of a better word, so blate it is.  

I don't know how I forgot to blog this epic event, but better late than never, right?  Caroline from Shades of Gray and I met exactly 2 weeks ago.  As many of you may know, Caroline and the hair poof queen PinkLouLou are real life besties.  

About a year ago all three of us have bonded over our in-a-prope humor, undying love for wine and affinity for trashy TV.  Well, Carol and I more so with the trashy TV.  Anywho, Caroline was in Dallas for a work conference and we got to meet up for some drinks before she flew back to Kentucky.  It was a blast and I wish we had more time to spend together.  More so I wish PLL could have flown down here too, but we all three will unite before this year is over and that's a promise.  

I made her do the "rawr"

Oh wait, PLL was there!

Sike.  I wish!  But we did send her this pic of us making "PLL" out with our hands.  She was there in spirit.

Oh and how sweet was Carol to bring me loot from Kentucky?  The famous Bluegrass Winners Cookbook, Maker's Mark Gourmet Sauce and this fancy schmancy Maker's Mark Shot Glass.  Love it all and loved our "blate"!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast. Love that you made PLL with your hands :)

  2. CY was there?! WTF?! i better still be his favorite bloggy friend of yours.

    p.s. you look hot.

    p.p.s. i'm not sure why this had to be a secret.

  3. Nothing made me happier than receiving these pics. Told you I was there. ;)

    xoxo PLL.

    Why were we rawring? Cause we iz kitty cat?

  4. Soooooo fun! I don't think I follow her blog (weird... must do that now!), but you ladies look like you've been friends forever!!

    I had a blate last night...... Woop Woop! Meeting bloggers is seriously so awesome because we're all so much more real, spicy and vulgar in person than on the blog, haha!!

    Glad you two lovely's had an awesome night together!!! Next time I'm in the Big D -- it's my turn to meet ya!

  5. Looks like y'all had such a fun time! I can't wait for my first 'blate' next month!! {and you're right....totally don't like that word either}

    happy friday! xoxo

  6. so fun! :)

    haha, blate ... now that i think of it .. it does sound, wrong.

    have a great weekend.

  7. Im jeals. everyone sees yo azz but me. not long, my dear. not long. I will be in tx soon.

  8. Love this! Also not sure about the word "blate" but I guess it works:) I also am a fan of inappropriate humor, wine and trashy TV so I can relate to you ladies...Hope your weekend is full of all 3:)

  9. Aww so fun! You and Carol lookin' hot to trotttttt. Glad you guys had a great time. I can't wait to have our blate /bcation next week with Steph, wooo!

  10. Sounds like so much fun! I've never had a blogger date I didn't like. :) Some of my real besties have come from blogging! And sooooo funny--based on twitter, etc., I totally assumed you and PLL had known each other for years! Glad you had so much fun with Caroline. :)

  11. Aw, this looks so fun :) I love the "Rawr" picture, your hair is so shiny!

  12. How about "Bloiree"?? Blogger+Soiree = Bloiree?! I think I like it.

    I alsoooooo love crass humor, trashy tv, and wine. I think I'd like you ladies!


  13. How cute of her to bring you goodies! Looks like a blast! I love meeting bloggers IRL. I'm actually going to a huge meetup tomorrow :)

  14. She gave you some awesome goods!! What a fun blate!

  15. That's just awesome. What a wonderful place this blogger world it. But for blogging you two would probably have never met.

  16. Looks like fun!! I want to have a blate although I also hate that word!

  17. Looks like you gals had a great time!

    I featured you at my place today. Come check it out.

  18. nice pics!!! enjoyed your blog....

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  19. Oh my gosh, you ladies look like you were having a great time! So happy that you got to have a "blate" (certainly we can come up with something better than that) with Caroline. How sweet of her to bring you prezzies!! ;)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  20. ok i hate the word 'blate' too but this looks like a fun one. and i seriously just found out about PLL....and yes, i feel dumb. it was like living in america and not knowing who Brangelina or the Bachelor was....and now there's a third one i need to know?! I really need work to stop being so busy so i can focus on important things - like blogging! I'll def have to checkout Caroline's blog!

    love the RAWR - my best friend in college did this - we called it her mating call :p

  21. tell your nephew to call my little 9 year old cousin in 15 years. they would be the cuuuutest. if he likes older women.