Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet my Fab Feb Sponsors!

I feel like I'm channeling my inner Patti Stanger when she says "Meet my Millionaires!"  Except I'm not here to introduce you to rich tools, but instead, my fab February sponsors!  This is my first time ever accepting sponsors on my blog, and I hope to do this again! 

Instead of me telling you how awesome these eight ladies are, I'm going to let them do all the talking.  Take it away girls ... 

Hi Bargain Blonde readers! I'm Sarah and I write over at Total Basset Case. Over in my neck of the woods I write about our crazy, yet loveable, basset hound Floyd and his many 

I also love to talk about meal planning, recipes, DIY projects and weekly outfit posts! 

Floyd and I would love to have you stop by, hang out for awhile and say hello! You can follow us on Twitter here or 'like' us on Facebook here!  Thank you again Lindsey for having us!

I am Megan from A Suitcase and Stilettos and am very happy to be one of Lindsey's first sponsors on here!  Her and I go way back ... way back to the days of when I had a job in the US and blogged at work and I used to play email tag with her all day.  Now I am unemployed and blogging from the fjords of Norway, which is an adjustment I often write about on my blog.  

I also enjoy traveling around Europe, good beer, eating (I didn't gain 20 lbs upon moving here for nothing!), hiking, shopping, and those rare events when I find American food here in Scandinavia.  

Come stop by my blog, twitter or facebook and say hello!

Hi Bargain Blonde followers! I’m Renee, a twenty-something Southern girl and I blog over at

I’m a nurse but don’t let the blog name trick ya!  I blog about all sorts of things including life, recipes, fashion and a few DIY crafts!  Well, let’s just say I attempt the crafts.  Sometimes they turn out and sometimes they don’t.  But I’m real, and I also share my failures with you in hopes that you can do it better than me!

I love to make new friends so stop by my blog, facebook or twitter and hang out a while! 
Hi!  I’m Chelsea from Choose to be Happy, a place for my life stories, adventures and happiness; my own collection of memories.  I love a good stroll down memory lane. I really do. I think there’s almost nothing better than little snapshots that take you right back to the big, small or medium sized memories and blogging lets me do just that!   

But also, my blog has become a perfect reminder to myself that while life isn’t always perfect and while saying goodbye to my baseball playing boyfriend for the loooong, long, way too long baseball season, is oooh-so low on my list, happiness is a choice. And sometimes, especially in those sad moments, you have to choose it. Come visit!  

I’m Erin and I blog at Just a Few of My Favorite Things and I’m very excited to be a sponsor for The Bargain Blonde! As you can guess from my blog title, I have many favorite things that I like to blog about! 

I love trying new makeup and painting my nails with fun designs, especially polka dots and sparkles. I love to shop and finding new cute clothes and outfits. I like to scrapbook and do fun, crafty projects! I spend way too much of my time on Pinterest, but am amazed at how inspired it makes me feel! I also like to do yoga, run and I am a big fan of sports. 

I’m an elementary school teacher and absolutely love my job!  I also love to participate in various blog link-ups because it is such a great way to find new blogs and get fun ideas from other bloggers!  Come visit me!

Oh hi! I’m Rebecca and I blog over at Frugal Fashion Mommy! I’m a twenty-something, stay at home mom from beautiful Northern California with a husband and an energetic 17 month old daughter. 

I love travelling, delicious food, and most of all finding amazing deals on clothes! I started my blog as a creative outlet for my passion for fashion, because lets be honest, who doesn’t love clothes? 

I love new friends so be sure to stop by and say hi! =)

Hi there!  I’m Becky, the girl behind Petals, Lace and Pearls. Designing, crafting and a good playlist take me on an escape to my happy place. I have ventured into the “handmade” world and started my Etsy shop as a creative outlet and something FUN for ME! 
(Oh, and maybe actually use my retail marketing degree, ha!)
On my blog  you will find my creations, thoughts, inspiration, things I find fabulous and a little about my life. I’m married to my high school sweetie and we have an 18 month old baby girl and a mini dachshund.  I love the handmade community, and the people behind it, and I am excited about my journey as a part of it!

I’m Lia Joy and I blog over at Life is aMAYESing. I’m a twenty-something Texas girl, a wife and a follower of Christ. I started this blog to write down my personal thougths about life as a newlywed and it has evolved into something so much bigger than I ever dreamed. 

Most days you’ll find me blogging about life in general, daily adventures and my passions for fashion, cooking and crafting! You’ll also find posts related to my craft business: Joyful and Chic

I have been so blessed in this aMAYESing life!  Come say hi!

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  1. OOh new blogs to read. Thanks for introducing your sponsers:)

  2. I love Chelsea from Choose To Be Happy! Looks like you have some great sponsors this month!


  3. meeeeeeeeeet my millionaires. hahaha i love you. i really do :)

  4. Excited to check these ladies out...not in a weird way:) Thanks for giving me new reading material:)

  5. Yay! So excited to find new blogs to read! I love finding new ones to keep me entertained. :)

  6. yayya sponsors!!!! LOVE IT BB!!

    going to check all the girls out that i dont know! exciting stuff!!


  7. i could hardly scroll any further because i basically am in love with sarah's dog.

    and only you would reference patti on a blog post. (ps: we get MM here in norway usually is the highlight of my week when i see it).

    i think the blonde sponsor #2 is pretty hot. when she is blonde.

  8. Can't wait to check out the Basset Case blog! Looks like something I would LOVE! Thanks!!

    Alex ~

  9. Wow, you got some amazing sponsors for your very first month! We were already following Megan, Renee, Chelsea & Erin. Thank you much for introducing us to the others. We've already gone over to check out their blogs & showed them so love!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. Yay! I am familiar with a few of these ladies but now I have several new blogs to check out :)