Monday, February 6, 2012

Random snaps

I have some snaps from life so far in February that I thought I'd share today.  

First up we have the many faces of my nephew Reese during Taco Thursday last week. You can get a glimpse into his little personality here.
The fixins:
Can you believe how big our new pup Bear is already?  Reese and Bear chillin with Aunt Lindsey in the Starbucks line.

My mom was in town this weekend and we had some mexican food and skinny girl margs Friday night:

Sunday I had 3 cups of this maple pecan coffee and felt like I was on crack.

Blueberry muffins and turkey bacon. Yum in my tum. 

I thought I'd also show you how my room is coming along.  Well, my bed and vanity area anyway.

This isn't the best picture, but here is where I get pretty. That is an earring holder sans my earrings on the wall. 

Last but not least, here I am looking real rough on Super Bowl Sunday. Forehead wrinkles in the house.   
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  1. Your room is looking so cute!!! Love it!!

  2. You room looks so good! I love the accent wall. Can't wait to see it when it's finished

  3. Where did you get the maple pecan cofee? I NEED it!!
    Love your bedroom, very chic!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  4. your room is hid. i would rather sleep in a bedroom set up from Pottery Barn Teen. ;) j/k. looks great and very grown-up.

    i was more focused on the pics of reese.

  5. love the bedroom! looks like it's coming along.

  6. Reese and B should have a face off - most facial expressions in a minute to win it. It would be a close call I think!

    AND we too partake in Taco Thursday, one of my favorite traditions for sure.

    I still want Bear. Badly.

    Very jealous of the margarita. 4 months and that too will be mine.

    Any caffeine is like crack to me lately, I totally understand.

    I will also eat that breakfast, please and thank you.

    Loving the bedroom :)

    I see absolutely no wrinkles you crazy lady.

  7. Your room looks great! And the pup is so cute. I may take him in the night, for real.

  8. And p.s. You do not have forehead wrinkles... Ridic!!!

  9. Im about to publish my blog post and its the same exact idea! Random pics from the weekend ha!! great minds baby doll...great minds.

    Reese is a badass.

    So first Aunt Lindsey didn't even want a dog in the house, now Aunt Lindsey is letting the dog in the CAR?!?! Craziness...

    omg in that coffee pic you are actually wearing a horrific brown colored CARDIGAN. We cannot be friends anymore.

    Cant wait til we get to sleep in the same bed together.

  10. Everything is so cute: nephew, your room, you, etc. and the taco stuff looks DELISH. Do you live with your sis and nephew? It's awesome that you're so close. :) Makes me miss my sister, who lives all the way across the country from me!

  11. Omg. The pics of Reese are too cute! He reminds me of my cousin, always being silly!

    You're bedroom is so cute! When I move (hopefully) soon I plan on making my bedroom more organized and cute! I'll be using you as inspiration ;)

  12. Reese is too cute and don't even get me started on Bear!!! Oh my! Love your room!

  13. Your room is looking great and your bed looks so comfy!

  14. Dayum. I want, no neeeed that Mexican food and Margaritas. I have gotten to wear Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee does crayzeeeee shit to my body and nerves. Even when diluted with lots of decaf. Sad. :(

  15. i really wanna try some skinny girl margs!

  16. Your room looks so cute! As does your sweet puppy and adorable nephew! Taco night looks like tons of fun :) Ps. I need some of that coffee asap. Sounds delish!

  17. I love your room, it's looking great! =]

  18. He is ADORABLE! And I love love love that cup. I've seen those a lot and feel like I'm the only one missing out. haha. Also, girl look at that stylish room! Love it!

  19. I think your bedroom is cute! And I love the rough picture! Shows the real you. And love the pecan coffee crack. Yes indeed! haha.

  20. ok, soooo much to say...
    reese is adorable! i LOVE all the pics!!
    can you please send me some crack! er, i mean pecan coffee ;)
    the mexi food and drinks sound fabulous!
    lastly, your bedroom.....AMAZING!!! diggin' your decorating style, you can come do my room next! ok?!

  21. how DARE you go postin' pictures of my boyfran all over the world wide web!!!

    Ok so he's so precious. I thought his hair was lighter though?! Maybe I'm crazy...this is nothing new.

    Taco Thursday, huh?! I'll be over this week. Deal?

    Your room!!! I LOVE that wall!! Is it black?!?!? Whatever it is, it's totally working for you and your room is looking SO good!! PS-i'll need that jewelry hanger. Where can I find?!


  22. nice pics...!!!enjoyed your blog...

    visit my blog!!!


  23. Can Reese get any cuter? Love those eye, goodness! Can I please have Bear? Turkey bacon, YUM! Room is looking good...Wasn't the wall brown though? It looks black on my screen.

    Have a good Tuesday Blondie!

    xo SARMIN

  24. no more pictures of american food again pleaseeeeeee. you're killing this poor soul in norway. just killing it. and that includes margs.

    on a happier note, reese and the pup together in one photo is like wayyyy too much cuteness to be in just one snapshot.

  25. LOVE the color combo you are using in your bedroom - looks awesome!! Those taco fixings are making my mouth water - yummmm!

  26. Ummm, Taco Thursday needs to start taking place in my house. Those photos look delish! Now I'm going to crave them until I get a "fix." ;)

    I have that same Anthro coffee mug, only mine has an H on it for my last name. I loooove those mugs!

    Your room looks great. I love the accent wall!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  27. Your nephew is so adorable! So is that puppy! Your bedroom looks gorgeous. I'm loving the colors!

  28. Your room looks awesome!

    And yay for fun adventures. Looks like a pretty fantastic weekend :)

  29. I am loving the room! It looks amazing!!!

  30. Maple pecan coffee? What What?

    Need to know where this greatness is from!

  31. Your room looks so cute! love the pillows!