Monday, October 10, 2011

You know you had a successful NOLA trip when ...

you get rolled through NOLA airport security in a wheelchair on your way home. 

More on that in a second.  Let's rewind and start from the beginning, shall we?

Beth and I booked this New Orleans trip back in June when Southwest Airlines had their 40 year Anniversary flight sale. Prior to ever meeting IRL. Totally normal, right? I think so.

My flight arrived in New Orleans a few hours before hers did, so what's a girl to do? Post up at the airport bar outside her terminal with a new friend I met on the plane, duh. Bloody Mary anyone?

When Beth arrived, I was feeling a little toasty, which is what happens when you spend a few hours at the airport bar with your new friend who offered to buy your drinks.  Oh and it doesn't help when you forget that the only thing you had in your belly all day was a Starbucks Vanilla Latte at 7:30 a.m.
Reunited and feels so good!
For some reason I decided to greet her with a bag of trash.  I. do. not. know.  I blame the airport bar.
No words.
Once Beth landed, we took a cab to our hotel and got freshened up so we could tackle Bourbon Street.  Or in my case, so Bourbon Street could tackle me. The view from our room:

Canal Street:

We decided to grab an early dinner at Acme Oyster House first, and it's a good thing we went early because the rest of the weekend the line outside of it looked like this:
The food was deelish.  Go here if you ever are in NOLA.
After a yummy dinner we headed on our merry way to soak up the sights, sounds and booze on Bourbon.
Get down on it.

A marg for my lady?
Everything was going swimmingly until a few hours later when this happened:

If you follow me on Twitter, I'm sure you've already had the pleasure of seeing this yumminess. 

Yep.  I twisted my ankle on Bourbon. 

Let this be a lesson ladies.  Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT wear 4 inch wedges on Bourbon Street.  No matter how cute you wanna look, I promise you it's not worth it and a trip to New Orleans Urgent Care may get added to your itinerary like it did ours:

Not exactly how we planned spending our Friday in New Orleans.  Beth was a trooper and dealt with me hobbling all around the city.  Everywhere I went people just looked at me, shook there heads and said, "That sucks."  Yes, I know it sucks you idiots.

Friday we had dinner at this joint called Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar before hitting the bars. I had a shrimp poboy with a side of jambalaya, which I was less than impressed with:
The food wasn't bad, it just wasn't anything to write home about.
While standing in line to be sat at Felix's we came across some seriously strange characters including a homeless man with a little dog in his shirt that he kept tongue kissing (it was so sick) and a man who for no apparent reason had baby powder all over him.  We actually spotted "Powder" the night before and were very perplexed. 

Friday night the streets were filled with Florida college kids in town for the LSU/Florida game, and for the first time in my life, I felt like a cougar.

We had a fabulous time in New Orleans (who dat?) despite me being disabled and we can't wait to book our next trip.  We seriously laughed the entire hour or so we waited at the airport for our flights to leave reminiscing about all the freaks and shenans we encountered. 

Our question now is, what city will meet our acquaintance next?  My only stipulation is that this time, I do not have to be rolled home in a wheelchair.  K?
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  1. Hilarious. You are hilarious. I love the pictures. Not that I love that you are injured. But I do love the pictures. I am notorious for falling in cities that I visit - so I feel like we could be sisters.

  2. Your posts are always so funny! I've eaten at the Acme Oyster house - I agree, delish!

  3. Oh twisted your ankle. makes for a good story atleast. Did they skip you to the front of the security line at the airport? If so, I'd say it's worth it. ha.

    Glad you guys had a good time :) I say Columbus is your next stop! since it's such a hot spot destination and all.

  4. oh my! will i ever stop laughing?! probably NOT.

    i totally forgot about us getting our picture taken when that tuba man.

    oh lindsey! me and you are quite the pair.

  5. Can I just say I wish we could have met this weekend!?!?!? OH.MY.LANTA. I walked around Bourbon this weekend in flats and STILL managed to find little potholes and such. I completely GET why that happened to your poor little ankle. And you're right...COLLEGE SLUTS EVERYWHERE. I think I managed to see a relationship begin, endure, and fall apart all before my very eyes. My favorite was waiting to see if this guy was going to hit this girl, and my husband and other friends were waiting to jump in and save the day. I'm also really glad I didn't go up to them like I had planned and said, Make Love, Not WAR. But right as my husband said NO, this other girl decided to try and butt in and drunk college girl started to swing at her. I sure did dodge THAT bullet.

    NOLA was so fun though and I'm so glad you and Beth had a blast! Next time, we SO have to meet.


  6. Next stop, Mississippi? bahaha! When I saw yall were in New Orleans, I seriously wanted to take a little road trip down. It's so close!

  7. I have a feeling you would find similar bizarre characters at OKC's "City Walk"... Trust.

    So sad you had such an epic injury, but at least you were someplace where it was expected that you nurse it in style - with lots of booze.

    Hope you're on the mend now and when you go in for that xray that there is NO fracture.

  8. hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    you SO didn't even tell the real story of how your ankle got twisted. I think your blog peeps would love to hear that.

    the first picture is the most classic picture I have ever seen. You HAVE to frame that.

  9. hahaha I saw this on twitter but the blog post makes it much more ofish. Poor Lindz! I feel your pain though cause New Orleans is always a disaster for me. But I love it. Let's see I did fall in wedges on bourbon once too but did not injure myself... those wobbly weebly brick sidewalks = no bueno. My # 1 NOLA Fail was NYE 2009 when my brand new {just got for xmas}, mustard yellow {with black/white polka dot interior} HOBO wallet with my christmas money and credit cards in it got stolen by some betch. I did not realize til the next morning and I woke up in a hungover panic and then made my friend get up and go look w/me at every bar on bourbon we went to.. lucky for me her parents and mine were in New Orleans that weekend and my dad was nice enough to meet me for lunch, buy me lunch and spot me a few dead presidents.

  10. Sounds like y'all had a blast! Hope u feel better soon.

  11. OUCH! That loos so painful! I did the same thing in Boston so I understand your pain/frustration/anger.

    I take my Southerwest 40 year anniversary priced flight this week hehe! Best deal ever! Annnd LSU football is in town for my trip too lol! That's too funny. Guess this weekend it'll be my turn to be a cougar!

    My friend and I want to go to NOLA next spring so I'll have to harass you for tips ;)

  12. You two are too much!! I am seriously cracking up at your pictures...especially the bag of trash one. I can't imagine what she was thinking when you handed it to her....hahaaha!!!!

    So sorry about your foot! Thats horrible!

  13. Awww booo about your ankle!!! That sucks so much girl, hope it gets better soon!! But I love all the other pics and glad you had a great time still :)

  14. OH NO! Your poor ankle! That's a serious sprain...go big or go home, right?! Hope you're feeling better now!

  15. are you sure it was baby powder..?

    ha looks like yall had a great time. ahh i wanna go to nola now!


    ok lindsey after reading ravens comment, i kiiiiinda wanna know the true story. Do you love me enough?! ;-)

    i was texting shalyn friday night on her way to NOLA and i was like omg linds the BB is there and she was all, WHOSE THAT! I had to clarify that BB meant bargain blonde..and she freaked! so excited! But then I got really jealous that she'd get to meet you two and i wouldnt!

    this trip sounds AMAZING!! and im so sorry about your ankle...but you are such a lil troopa! you and beth are so cute..and i find it completely normal that you booked it before meeting. i booked my trip to austin and didnt tell my family until 3 days before..OH by the way mother and father, im hittin texas YEEHAW,....BYEEE

    its all good! this looked like a BLAST


  17. A big part of me is aching to type "I WENT THERE!" about every place in this post... but I really don't remember the names of anywhere I went. oops

    I broke a strap on a brand new pair of wedges and was MAD! thanks for putting some perspective on that... but seriously Lindsey how is that ankle? holy cow owwww

    you guys rock and I bet New Orleans misses you

  18. oh my dear!!! girl, you are too funny. I'm glad the big easy treated you well....kind of. I love the airport bar story HAHA.

  19. Holy painfulness, Batman.

    Hope your ankle is ok! :)

    Glad to hear you had a fun time in NOLA.

  20. I was there in June! That city knocked me on my ass ... not literally but figuratively... feel better girl!

  21. Oh. my. gosh. All I can say is you my dear, are hysterical. Love your sweet heart, that ankle is NOT RIGHT.

    Bless her.

    love you!

  22. After prepping with Vegas, I can't believe you let NOLA take you down! I must say, I too have been wheeled through an airport. It's kind of cool, right? Hahah

  23. ok-that first pic of your ankle is NOT normal. Not one bit.

    I hope, (ok who am I kidding?) I KNOW you had to have had some alcohol in your system when this happened so I'm hoping it cut the pain a little.

    Damn, Gina.

  24. omg I coulda met you. I live here, but I was at the Hilton this past weekend w/ some friends partying it up. Yeah, heels on Burbon is never a good idea, but I do it anyway sometimes. I see you guys found the 3 for 1 drinks at BBC =D. That place is always a must. Did you get to check out the football game playing at Razoo's? Everyone goes there for their "Sunday Funday" and it gets pretty crazy. I'm glad you had a blast, minus the sprained ankle :P


  25. Ah total bummer. :/ Looks like a blast though! NOLA and I don't get along and there are stories out there from Mardi Gras. I'm scared to go back ....
    But if you happen to book another gals' trip, let me know! I so need to break outta this current life for a weekend. LOL

    And um .... I'm in D this coming weekend! HH????? Aaron flies out Monday night, so maybe Tues or Wed somewhere?

  26. How on Earth did that happen to your ankle?? Just a sprain? I didn't know you could get bruises like THAT from a sprain! Wow. Glad you're okay and still had fun though! It's pretty hilarious that you greeted Beth with a bag of trash. Hahaha!! Your pictures are all amazing.

    I want to go to New Orleans soo badly and eat some yum cajun food, I'll just probably stay away from Felix's haha.

  27. OMG that is pure shenanigans! you two! love it... poor linds... that does SUCK! there are really no other words for it. regardless looks like you two had a great time and that's what counts!

  28. Oh my gosh your poor ankle! That looks so painful :( Your post was definitely cute but such an awful thing to write about.

    I'm glad you still had a good time with your friend even with the injury!

  29. Oh my gosh this sounded like an epic trip. Your ankle looks HORRIBLE in those pictures!!! Is it all good, just bruised? Feel better soon girl!

  30. Don't you love the "state the obvious" people. Like you don't already know that it sucks haha.

  31. we have to meet in person one day. i'd love to spend some time at an airport bar with you! sorry to hear about your ankle, i hope it heals quickly!

  32. Despite the ankle, it looks like you had a blast! I've never been to New Orleans but its for sureee on my list of places to party... I mean visit. :-)

    You should totally come to Charlotte next and hanng out with me! Our hospitals and facilities are excellent!


  33. OMG I can't believe that happened! Girl, you know better! You shoulda worn flats!

    Well, I'm glad y'all had a fun time (regardless). ;)

    We were in NOLA two years ago during the LSU/FL game and it was cah-RAZY! I was pregnant first of all, so no fun for me. But people had stuffed tigers on leashes and they were dragging them around Bourbon. That kept making me giggle. :)

  34. hahaha can't believe that happened to you. that sucks ;) but glad y'all had a good time. a kick ass time.

  35. Ohmygod, your ankle! That looks bad girl! I'm so glad you had fun though despite your injury. NOLA looks like a blast!

  36. ok so when i read this (on stalkbook) i wanted to cry for you. but...i cant say i was, in the least bit, shocked. i knew it would be a shitshow in new orleans. im at least glad you (without doubt) had alcohol in you when this happened because it probably hurt a lot less then what it could have LOL.

    i hope it heals fast girl!!!!!!!

  37. airport bars are. the. best. especially if you're a [n attractive] female traveling by yourself. One time this awesome dude was even on the same flight as me and happened to be sitting across from me and bought me drinks for the whole flight as well. And he wasn't a creeper, either, so....major plus. haha

    I wore heels ONE night when I was in NOLA in 2010 and realized...BAD idea. Sorry you hurt yourself but I definitely second that wearing huge heels (wedges, stilettos, whatever) on Bourbon is NOT a good idea.

  38. It wasnt a successful trip unless you come home in a wheel chair!

  39. that is some serious bruise girl! & i can't believe it managed to look like that from a little spring. WOW!

    & i have never been to New Orleans but really want to go!

  40. I laughed at the wheelchair pic before I knew the whole story {because people in wheel chairs are so funny and all} but I knew there was a story! THEN I felt BAD because I do not know how you got around with that beat of a knot on your ankle, CHILD!!

    I say we all plan a big trip! hahaha somewhere tropical....or wintery....I just like to travel. I think a group of us should so a Charleston, SC trip or something.
    Thoughts? K go....

  41. i cannot believe this happened! um heck yeah it sucks - did you at least work it and get free drinks?

    um by the way i love you two for just up and going to nola!

  42. dude you lived my dream! i've always wanted to be pushed through the airport!

  43. I've always wanted to go to NOLA! Looks amazing and so much fun! Hope you are feeling better and your ankle is healing!!!

  44. Favorite Line: "For the first time in my life, I felt like a cougar." Ummm. First time? :) Reminds me of Allie and the sailor.

  45. Kinda laughed out loud when I saw the the wheelchair photo, but you poor thing. How is you ankle now? Your Urgent Care visit reminds me of my ER visit in Vegas. I guess that's the norm. Nola looks gorgeous. I wanna go, I wanna go! & I think you & Beth should visit Phx next, yeah?

    xo SARMIN

  46. i am so sorry about your ankle ... no wonder you have to wear flats! so sorry ... is it bad that i laughed when i saw the wheelchair picture? i know, i am one horrible blog friend.

  47. oh god...I can only imagine how many KA's you saw from UF...Go gators!

  48. Had to read this after all the suspense you built on A Beautiful Mess :) Did you seriously give her a bag of garbage? Oh my god, you are amazing. Haha. Hope your ankle healed up well! I've sprained the same one twice and it never healed the same :(