Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Listen to me whine then ask whatevs

Boot camp don't play y'all.  It's 10:30 p.m. and I finally opened up my lap top.  I literally stared at it sitting on the edge of the bed and almost didn't even bother turning it on because it sounded like quite the chore. 

My feet are achy, my entire body is sore beyond belief and my jacked up NOLA ankle is swollen.  In fact, I currently have it wrapped with ice as I lay here and type. 

There is no yelling drill sergeant as you may imagine.  In fact, our instructor is extremely encouraging and nice.  But it is an hour of non stop running, push-ups, shoulder presses, etc.  Basically Hell for the girl that until Monday was on a 6 month work-out hiatus. 

Anywho ... I survived the first two days and I'm just hoping it gets easier and I end up with my high school abs again:
Flannel pants, green glitter bloomers, white high top Reebok's (yep), sponge rollers and some serious bang situation. Normal.

Speaking of abs, how amazing, beyond belief adorable is this picture of my brother and Reese in their Incredibles Halloween costumes. I mean, seriously. I die! 

All righty, have you recovered from that cuteness?  OK, good.

So I'm totally stealing this idea from my girl Jess at The Kentucky Priss and I'm going to do a "Getting to Know the Bargain Blonde" post for all my new (& veteran) followers. Where did you fools come from??  Hola and welcome!! 

You get to ask me anything you want in the comment of this post and I will post the answers on Friday.  I'm just not telling you my weight.  Let's be real.
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  1. Hope your ankle is feeling better! I've been reading your blog for awhile, especially love the posts about makeup. I saw where you rave about e.l.f., so when Groupon or Living Social had an offer (can't remember which one), I bought two. I bought 27 items from them, and loving it so far. I just received it yesterday, but plan on doing a review either Thursday or Friday. :)

  2. Plus, I love the prices. And if you had never talked about it, I would have never known to try it. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. Hah! That picture is awesome! :)

    And one question, I've been wondering about lately, is if you'd be at all interested in guest posting on my blog some time? Not gonna lie, I've been wanting some more readers, and I think you are awesome, so I'm hoping that with a great post from my favorite blogger, would get me a few more followers...maybe?

    Thanks Lindsey! You're AWESOME!!!

  4. I love this post and I totally know what you mean, I have pics from high school like I want to be "that" weight. hehe But from your pics you look the same as high school, I hope your ankle is feeling better and the icing helps. The halloween pics are adorable btw love your bros, hehe, lucky guys with their built in abs costumes. lol


  5. Hope your ankle gets better and soon!

    Ah your brother is a cutie! haha and so is the little munchkin! too cute!

    ah! So reading about your workout thing is making me worry! ha. So I posted a status on fb last night how I couldnt sleep and one of my friends from HS we never really talked yet he is a friend on here ha you know how that goes, or do you? well he claimed he had an even BETTER idea, than me staying home today from class to find a sitter and come tomorrow night for his boot camp class that ive made every excuse under the book not to go not to mention i am BROKE and hard to scrounge up $10 for it :(. but sheesh it looks like I may be stuck going haha. And i will be complaining how soar I am! I am worried I wont make it thats why i dont wanna go and ill be embarassed haha! yikes!

    anyways good luck girl!

  6. I am absolutely LOVING your typical competition-morning picture! I can't even tell you how many pictures I have of me in my uniform top, bloomers, PJ pants, and sponge rollers in my hair. We didn't have the high top Reebok's though, we had the NCA-standard (BTW, love the NCA towel also) Asics Classics. You are too cute. I wish I could find a bootcamp class near me ... maybe I'll have to look. It may be the push I need to get my rear in gear!

    So ... question for your "getting to know you" ... hmmm ... What is one thing you won't skimp on (cost-wise) and one thing that you will always skimp on?

  7. Your two incredible heros are PRESH!!! I hope you finally got your giveaway package.

    I have started a link up party, come check it out!

  8. The picture of your brother and nephew is adorable! LOVE!
    Hope you're feeling better!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  9. What boot camp do you go to? A couple of my friends go to one in Reverchon Park. I am thinking of joining them. Question - how old are you? Ohh and I am a fellow weight watcher! Lost 20 lbs and feel great and am life time! I gained a few... so I am back on the tracking this week!! Which includes measuring my wine before I drink! so sad!

  10. hmmmm...what question could i ask that i don't already know? let's see...nah, i won't bombard you with a question when i'm sure others have more "serious" questions to ask you.

    i LOVE little reese in that picture.

  11. OK there's a WHOLE lotta stuff I gotta cover here, child!
    1. I am in the process of replying to your email from yesterday because I just got too crazy busy and I loved it and cracked up at my desk and that is all.

    2. HOLY SWOLLEN ANKLE!!! What the H Linds!? Boot camp is NO JOKE!
    You GO GIRL!!

    3. Dayyyyuuummmm look at those abs! I was pudgey in high school, definitely not ripped in high school!

    4. Your brother kinda looks like Ryan Seacrest, no? haha

    5. What do I want to know! LOTS of things: What is something that we your readers would be surprised to know about you? What is your favorite guilty pleasure? And name something SPENSIVE that you have splurged on that you ultimately wished you had not!


  12. Hope your ankle starts feeling better :-( great minds think alike- im doing an answer vlog today. okay... so...

    If you could marry any celebrity (including married ones), who would you pick and why?

  13. i need a little boot camp action in my life. i heard jillian michael's 20 day shred means business as well. i've been working out intermittenly, butttt eating like a fiend. so that's gotten me no where.

    and uhh no questions i can think of right now :)

  14. I hope your ankle gets better soon. I have a question for you. What do you despise worst... working out or dieting?


  15. Hope your ankle starts feeling better.

    And those Halloween costumes are he best!!! Ever!

  16. Umm things I need to know...

    1) What is your fav zoo animal? This one is crucial.

    2) What school did you ALMOST go to other than TTU (I mean, most of us applied to a few, right?). No, I don't expect you to say OU, but I think it's cool to see how different things could have been - esp since you are so hardcore TTU!

    3) You just had twins. A boy and a girl. What are their names? Speaking hypothetically of course. I'd be so mad at you if you were preg w/ twins and had no idea... I know you're smarter than that.

    I'm sure everyone is wondering my name exact questions.

  17. Ummm, and I'm obviously caught up on the name Q since I said name instead of SAME. Oppsies. I promise not to steal your names - pinkie promise.

  18. dayyyum look at that sexy bodd! work it still got it

    i absolutely LOVE reese and your brothers costume. it in a way that you need to sen that pic to somewhere based on its cuteness!


  19. Hopefully your foot gets better!!

    Love the costumes! SO CUTE! :)

  20. Hope your foot gets better soon! What boot camp are you using? The only one I ever went to had the screaming drill sergeant guy & I really hated that.

    Also... please tell me you watched the game Saturday night! I was at the Ranger game following Tech on my phone & kept thinking that I was reading the score wrong!

  21. linz my lover I feel like I have been so behind. Ugh. me loves you. that picture is amazing of your bro and Reese. seriously.

    ok so my question is .....

    when you come to my house and stay with me, will you wash my hair?

    totally serious question.

  22. Question: Do you blog/read blogs at work? How do you keep from spending hours on end trying to keep up with everyone's? When you first started, did you ever feel like starting a blog is kind of like trying to sit at the popular table at lunch in high school?

    Lastly, since I'm a fellow white girl (aka 2 mins of sunlight and I am burnt) do you use tanner on your face or just on your bod?

    OK maybe that was more than one question. Oops!

  23. Love your blog! Any tips on starting up one? Also what is your go to weight loss and workout routines?

  24. Okay. I'm concerned about your ankle. Can you please go get it checked for a stress fracture? That would make me happy.

    PS- good luck walking tomorrow.


  25. i was laying in bed couldnt sleep so i got up and rememberd i didnt ask you questions!!

    i asked rissy this
    if you were someone else, would you be friends with yourself?

    and just because im feeling naughty, if you could DO any celeb, who would you do and in what position ;-) its midnight..why else would I be asking this creepy question


  26. Okay, first off, LOVE the cheer pic of you. Oh how I miss wearing high top Reebok's to all my dance competitions. NOT!

    And here we go with the random questions:
    1. Someone asked something similar to this but what's your blogging schedule? When do you write your posts, when do you read other blogs/comment, etc?

    2. And another blog question: Have you noticed any particular source for where you get your readers? Social media, links to you from other blogs, etc. {Because I know you're not heavy on the giveaways which I like}

    3. Since you're in boot camp, what would The Bargain Blonde's go-to workout outfit look like? Favorite places to shop for that attire?

    4. And lastly, something more serious. If you could give one word of advice to us single ladies {because let's be honest, there are a lot of married/serious relationship bloggers so the single ladies should unite} what would it be?

    Obviously I think you have a lot of great information to offer the world, haha. After all, you were voted the Most Valuable Dallas-Ft Worth Blogger :) This is officially the longest comment. Ever.

  27. I am out all of questions...Hmmm, would go brunette?

    & the nephew/brother, too cute!

    xo SARMIN

  28. Im a fan of knowing peoples daily routines

  29. I miss the abs from my cheerleader days too. I look at the tiny waist on my cheerleader skirt and think what. the. hell.

    Getting to know you...worst date you've ever been on? I love getting a laugh out of other people's awkward experiences :)