Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hi, I'm Lindsey and I'm a TV addict

Paging Dr. Drew, I think I need to speak with you about my TV addiction.  If you follow me on Twitter, I'm sure you see me tweet about some of my favorite shows like Most Eligible Dallas (love me some Courtney Kerr one liners), Teen Mom (Don't get me started on Caitlin's Mom's Fantastic Sam's hair situation last night), Real Housewives (Teresa Guidice & her little side kick "Juicy Joe" need to go bye bye), etc.  However, you probably have no idea just how extensive my TV addiction is.

I definitely should not be admitting this, but admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? I wish I was exaggerating or kidding, but here is a list of the shows I watch in no particular order:

Dance Moms
Most Eligible Dallas
Real Housewives (every city)
Watch What Happens Live w/ Andy Cohen
The Voice
Real World
RR/RW Challenges
Dr. Phil
Russian Dolls
Rachel Zoe Project
Sister Wives
19 Kids and Counting
Toddlers & Tiaras
I Used to be Fat
KUWTK and all spin offs
The Bachelor/ette
Jersey Shore
Bad Girls Club
Teen Mom
16 and Pregnant
Million Dollar Listing
Millionaire Matchmaker
Big Brother
Shark Tank
Desperate Housewives
American Idol and DWTS (kind-of)
Modern Family
So You Think You Can Dance
Deadliest Catch
Law and Order SVU
Flipping Out
Bethenny Ever After
Celebrity Rehab and Sober House
Guiliana and Bill
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
Antiques Roadshow

And this is why I have 2 DVRs just for myself.  Um, can we say get a life?  In my circle of IRL friends, I get made fun of for my TV viewing habits all the time.  I realize this is not normal, I really do.  But truthfully, I just don't care.  Watching these shows (most of which are admittedly mindless) is entertaining for me and how I relax and unwind.

You may wonder how I find the time.  The answer is I don't and it's stressful.  (see esomeecard above)

And now I'm even more stressed out because the new fall shows just started airing.  Woe is me. There are so many new shows,  I don't know what to watch and I really can't afford to add to my line-up.  Of course I decided to give "The Playboy Club" a shot and then I hear on the radio this morning that it's already canceled.  Damn't Eddie Cibrian, I should have known better than to trust you.  
So here is where you come in.  Not that I have the room, but are there any new shows out that are to-die and I need to add to my line-up? Do you judge me or are there other TV freaks out there just as addicted as me?  Please tell me I'm not the only one.

p.s. I know I've totally been slacking on my usual Bargain Blonde posts. I promise once things slow down from moving and traveling, I will get back on track.  Here are some posts I have coming up, so don't click "unfollow" just yet:
  • Cone curling iron review
  • Eye make-up tutorial - day and night looks
  • Save on sunnies
  • Hair how-to: Beach waves minus the beach
  • Hidden nail salon dangers
  • Shoedazzle review
  • Mystic tan how-to
  • Hair in the car how-to
  • Fall bargain decor
  • Updates on the town home
Please, please forgive me!  Life is currently hectic like woah.  Also, if there are any topics or blog posts you would love for me to do, I'm all ears. Just leave me a comment!  Thanks for sticking with me bargainistas! XOXO
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  1. LOL! You are too funny! I love your blog! And I might have gone to Target last night and stocked up on e.l.f products, I'm just saying.... : )

  2. i'm the same way with blogs- my blogroll is just far too long. but i'm not at the healthy point yet where i'm willing to publicly post that. we don't have cable at school, or i might just be in the same boat with you with the tv shows. they're just so good!

  3. Girl I love TV....a little too much. And like wildchild I also love blogs...a little too much. You should definitely check out Sons of Anarchy (great stories and man candy) and Breaking Bad (because its pretty much as good as all the reviews it gets).

  4. Well I haven't taken the time to make a list... But mine is probably somewhere along the lines of yours. I'm a reality show junkie. I got so excited about the new season of The Real World (even though at this point I can pretty much predict the entire season before they even start) that I may have clapped... While sitting alone in my living room... So don't feel too bad. Mindless television is a great way to unwind and forget about your own reality! Hey maybe we can get our own show, TV Junkies, with Dr. Drew?? Lol.

  5. I'm addicted to TV as well. Im afraid to even put it into a list, but the list of shows that my DVR records is kind of long. Especially between Sunday and Monday nights. If I dont watch the shows then, I have a TON of catching up to do on Tuesdays!
    And, not to encourage your addiction, but you should watch Dirty Soap on E! (That one is still on my DVR cuz I had too much to catch up on last night)

  6. Wow- we watch almost the exact same shows!! Love all of them! My favorite old show that was on E! a few years was "Sunset Tan" Omg- this show was sooo good!Does anyone remember and/or watch it? So sad it got cancelled.

  7. I am loving Playboy Club!! I hope it doesn't get canceled :( It is one of those shows you really need to watch from the first episode though...If you started now you would be lost!
    I am also loving Revenge! I thought it would be stupid but now it is one of my faves :)

  8. If there was any doubt that you're crazy, this proved it! Never fear, I'm in the same boat :) One show to look out for is Monster-In-Laws on A&E. It comes out October 24th and it's going to be a must see!

  9. so my list isn't quite that long. but i get stressed about the DVR situation too. I have 2 DVR's. since you can only record 2 things on each and you have to be watching 1 of them... husband and i fight often b/c you screws up my recording when he wants to watch something.
    the new fall lineup has caused a few issues.
    i heard about the playboy club this morning too. i had only watched 1 episode, but the other was on DVR. guess i can free up that time...

  10. First, I totally agree with you that Teresa and Juicy Joe need to go!

    There are some new shows that are cute, but I could take or leave: 2 Broke Girls, Suburgatory, New Girl, Hart of Dixie.

    The one new show that is a must watch is Revenge! It is wonderful!

  11. OH MY GOSH! girl, I thought I watched a lot of shows! Last night I had to make a list just so I could keep track of them all! I'm sure I watch more than I actually realize :) My faves right now are Revenge, Most Eligible Dallas, Pan Am and all the Real Housewives! I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog in case you are interested! There will be 3 winners :)

  12. You are not the only one! I am such a TV addict too, its not even funny. You definitely need to add Revenge and Suburgatory!

  13. What? You don't watch "Storage Wars" or "Pawn Stars"?? Oh wait, I probably wouldn't either if I could help it but Jon does so therefore I do... But, I might actually kind of like them. Lord help me.

    Million Matchmaker... It's so one of my favs.

    I watch EVERYTHING except I never remember when things are on and I forget to turn on the TV a lot. So I guess I'm not addicted, but when it's on, I will watch whatever is on the screen in front of me. It's kind of pathetic.

  14. Love it!! Believe me, mine's just as long!!

  15. i also made a list. proof we could make perfect IRL friends. I could visit and we watch tv by day, drink by night

    i also watch all housewives, Glee, etc etc OH and WWHL...with Tramona

    BUT...i think u need to add PAN AM to your list. SO good and so juicy!

    but not as juicy as juicy joe


  16. wow!!! girl you is crazy..ha ok not really bc I probably watch like more than half of those dvr is full at the moment and it gives me anxiety knowing its not recording everything ha at least I can watch things online :)

  17. Don't worry I'm the same way! I have way too many shows I can't keep up. I have to make a schedule for myself haha.

    I can't wait to read these upcoming posts!! Make up tutorials, save on sunnies (!!!) so excited!

  18. Im obsessed with reality shows, its a total sickness

  19. i used to be a total tv addict until i gave it up 3 years ago. it was for the best since i was becoming too much of a homebody.

    i do watch shows at my lakehouse or stop by to see some at my parents but not as much as i used to. i havent even heard of half those shows you named.
    there are two shows i always get caught up on at my moms: Pawn Stars & Cake Boss..i can't give those two up.

    cute post. you got me missin tv now. :(

  20. Leanne Rimes looks like a completely different person now compared to the picture you posted. Saw her on Jay Leno last night (because I clearly had to tune in to watch Kim & Kris' interview) and my jaw dropped. She's SO skinny... in a gross way! Bleck!!

    Anyhow, I watch just about every show you mentioned and I DON'T have a DVR. Which means I DO have the free time to watch tv. Guess I need a life...

    Can't wait for the updates from your new digs!!

  21. i love it! we watch some of the same shows, and my list is nearly as long. hello, that's what dvr is for haters! LOL we get to catch up on shows later when we have the time :D

  22. Is there a Rehab program you can sign up for for T.V. Addiction? ha ha Just kidding! But you do watch a LOT of shows! Wowza. I have to admit I watch Teen Mom, 16 and Preggers, Jersey Shore and the Bachelor/ette series but right now I'm hooked on Mad Men on netflix!

  23. OMG, we are twins. I have the same tv addiction. Almost all of the same shows.... ahhhhhh

  24. I am a complete tv addict too. I watch about half of the shows you do and then a lot of others you don't. I was mad that the Playboy Club got cancelled since I had invested my time in it. You want to know what's crazy: I don't have a DVR! I don't know how I survive.

  25. Girl, you are not crazy. I have just as many shows on my dvr, if not more. I'm thinking of starting a link-up every week about my favorite shows, because I really watch too many!

    For the fall new shows, I really like Revenge, Pan Am, Hart of Dixie, The New Girl, Suburgatory and The Secret Circle. I already gave up on The Ringer, it couldn't keep my interest!

  26. My list is comparable. I'd have to add pretty much anything on HGTV to my list. And new this fall, I'm loving Pan Am and Hart of Dixie.

    And since I get easily addicted to tween shows, I'm loving ABC Family's The Lying Game! :)

  27. Revenge
    The Lying Game (who looks like Raven)
    2 Broke Girls
    New Girl

  28. I confess... I am also a TV addict. And a bad one at that. But one or two... or four shows that you MUST add are Suburgatory... HILARIOUS. The Amazing Race... Best "reality show" on tv. The Office... it just gets funnier and funnier. And Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta... OMG those dresses are fab-u-lous. Happy DVRing!!!!

  29. Haha we need to check you into rehab stat :)

  30. Revenge is a GREAT new show with Emily Vancamp! So far there's only been 2 episodes (3rd one airing tonight). Definitely give it a shot!

  31. OH, I love me some Courtney Kerr. I couldn't stand her at first then decided she is fabulous. I loved her bathing suit with heels breakdown .."pick one or the other or I will picture you with a pole"

    My husband has a serious tivo problem. He will hit "record" on just about anything and he rarely goes back and watches ANY of them. it stresses me out so I go in and delete the ones he won't watch so I can free up more space for mine HAHA is that wrong??

  32. Haha, dang girl! You weren't kidding around. I'm pretty happy that Dance Moms is at the top of your list {even though it's in no particular order} because that is like my favorite show ever. I think there's more drama on there than on some of the Real Housewives shows.

    I prefer reality TV over scripted shows but the only scripted TV I watch, I don't see on here haha - 90210 and Hart of Dixie {which I already mentioned today} I love that you watch the RW/RR Challenges... I thought I was the only one!!

  33. ok so you NEED to add Revenge to your DVR. It is so good. And do you know that I watch EVERY SINGLE SHOW on your list except Dance Moms, Russian Dolls, Glee, Parenthood, I used to be fat, what is KUWTK??, hate Jersey Shore, hate Bad girls Club, Million Dollar Listing is my FAVE bravo show ever, love Shark Tank, never seen Modern Family (but everyone compares me to it), no SYTUCD, hate flipping out, dont watch celeb rehab or sober house, dont watch guil and Bill or my big fat gypsy wedding or antiques roadshow.

    So I guess I do have more of a life than you. seriously! how do you even have time to BBM me back?

    and I knew Playboy Club would be canceled right away. You could tell that show would suck.

  34. oh and I cant STAND that when Leann Rimes smiles her eyes completely disappear. She is SO fugly.

  35. oh! wow! girl! And i thought I was trouble. YET I like certain amount of shoes I dvr SOME of them yet i NEVER get around to them. ..I wish you the BEST of luck when and IF you decide to start having advice, DONT. lol JK. I love my little Sadie with ALL my heart.

    with all this damn technology these days, the iphone, the internet aka BLOG LAND, and TV and crap, I cant keep up with it all! I start over analyzing in my head how am i going to keep up with all the latest tv shows and you tube videos and blog land! AH, add a 1 year old and school into the mix, IMPOSSIBLE. lol

    I do watch Desperate Housewives (the fake show lol with the actors) I LOVE IT! Every sunday that I CAN WATCH. I love love love Ellen! Do you watch her? I didnt see it on your list but omg she is hilarious! I watch her just to get a good laugh! I used to watch Intervention, I should more often tho, just to remind myself not to end like them! lol because seriously, sometimes, I FEEL LIKE I am headed in that way jk, I think!

    Um, what else, I have NOT gotten into Teen Mom OR Jersey Shore crap lol SORRY, I watched JS once and I didnt care for it. Those $$$ making snobs make me mad lol. and well with Teen Mom, I dont uunderstand how these young girls have no problem popping out babies, and here I lost my first daughter. I know life isnt fair, but oh that show and them girls make me mad. lol But i know A LOT love them shows.

    ANd yes, I started freaking when I heard about the fall line up. Suborgatory (spelling!?) looks good! I dont know any much about others! I dont think I want to kno! lol

    I have NO idea how you watch all of them shows!

    OH! I loved big brother but last few seasons I watched a few episodes and got lost and stopped watching! boo!

    anyways I will DEF continue being a follower! I LOVE your blog! keep it coming!

  36. You're hilarious. I'm afraid that I'm equally as bad as you when it comes to TV. I'll watch ANYTHING that comes on E!/Bravo/Style. I'm not big into sitcom type shows or Dance Moms, Toddlers and Tiaras, etc. But I do love me some reality shows. :-)


  37. Revenge. Best show on tv. As well as New Girl.

    I also watch a ton of TV too! Don't feel bad!

  38. I watch a TON of shows too. In fact, my boyfriend tried to give me a limit on our DVR but I of course vetoed that idea. As long as his shows still record, I don't see what the issue is. ;) One of my new favorites is definitely New Girl. It's too funny! You MUST check it out. :)

  39. Look no judgement here, I totally get how mindless tv can be a bit relaxing...HOWEVER, i've never heard of most of these shows. Which shows that living overseas for 4 years can do to your American pop culture knowledge.

  40. OMG. We NEED to be friends. Seriously- I just did a post not too long ago about my shows...and looking at your list I seriously watch 89% of them. LOVE IT!

  41. You're going to die:




    DV-freaking-R. Yep. True story.

    I watch everything online and it's getting old. I am moving in January and will have it then. You better believe my roomates will not even be able to record a show, because I will use up all the memory!

    I lovvvveeee alll the shows you watch! Hmm we should just watch together? Mmk. Great.

  42. can I just say that I love that I'm not the only one who watches antiques roadshow? lmao!
    xox dana

  43. I am so with you. We watch A LOT of the same shows! LOVE me some reality TV! Andy Cohen is awesome! When I'm at work, having a stressful day, I just think about going home and sitting my big butt on the couch and watching my shows and it makes me happy!haha HOW LAMO IS THAT?!?! So don't feel bad;)

  44. Yeah, I got nothin' on your two DVRs, but I am behind on my Grey's, my RHNJ, RHBH, and I have several movies recorded that I need to watch. AND no time to do it.

    Luckily my person'll be out of town this weekend so that will free up some tube time :)

  45. Thanks for reminding me...I am a complete and total slack job and actually forgot to begin recording PanAm!!!!!

    It's now safely in my queue. :)

  46. I am obsessed too, and it's not helping everything is beginning a new season. Gooooodness. Also, even though you may not having been doing the usual Bargain Blonde posts, all of them rock just the same!

  47. Riggs. You need help. OMG

    I'm totally dying reading this post. I have no idea what those shows are! Maybe like 5....

    But I read blogs like no tomorrow, so I'm equally disturbed. LOL

  48. I am obsessed with Most Eligible Dallas. I want to make sweet sweet love to the bald football player guy (blanking on his name, for shame)

  49. You are too funny! I am the same way - I have an obsession with reality TV.. especially anything on Bravo. The Housewives are my ultimate guilty pleasure!! xox

    I just became your newest follower. I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)

    Also, check out my giveaway for a Missoni for Target hat!


  50. Oh Blondie you put me to shame...I was like this, but in recent years this all changed. I think your missing Gossip Girl!

    xo SARMIN

  51. so i want to sooo badly say "i have no words for this"...but i do of course.

    i miss intervention (ive never done drugs so it is kind of my way of doin drugs without doing them...does that make sense or just leave you thinking im a weirdo?) we dont have intervention here. but i did just see a new tv show coming here (probably old in the US) about weird things people do (not the one about people eating paintchips). it is like people carrying around plastic dolls and stuff?

    i have been watching norwegian idol lately. suffice to say, when God made the earth he put genes for people who can't sing in norway (ok...that is harsh).

    leann rimes is ugly. even if this post had nothing to do with her.

  52. I'm definitely interested in your cone curling iron review! My mom bought me one last year and though I've used it a few times, I'm still not really sure how I feel about it :-/

  53. I watch ofthoseshows! I knew I liked you... Okay, so here's the scoop. Lots of the new shows are good and you might enjoy them. However, you are going to LOVE New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. If you haven't seen it, you need to play catch up. immediately. Tuesday Nights. Go!

  54. Oh gosh, I'm just as bad with Reality Shows. And, it made my heart sing to see Dance Moms right up there at the top. How crazy are those ladies?

    Did you see Eddie Cibrian's ex on RHOBH?

  55. DANG homeslice - i cannot believe you watch that much tv - you just went up in my amazing book even more! that's talent and i love you for it!

    can't wait to see all these amazing BB posts and tutorials. have fun in nola! tell our gingy hi ;)

  56. Girl I do the same thing on the dvr! I can't wait for up coming post!

  57. I have just about the same TV addiction as you do. I'm glad to know that i'm not alone in that boat.

    Also, i 'm definitely not of Eddie and his new wife. Surprisingly though, I thought I was going to love Brandi on RHOBH. As it turns out, she made herself look immature and ridiculous.

    I just started watching Most Eligible Dallas last week. Crossing my fingers that Matt and Courtney get together for more than one night.

    Glad to see I share some TV commonalities with someone :)

  58. I LOVE it because I watch about half those shows as well! The instructor on Dance moms scares the stuffins right out of me!! I actually have an actual show you might like! Have you seen Up All Night? I LOOVE it!! And this is coming from an : I- only-watch-reality-tv- kinda-girl, myself!! haha Comes on Wednesday nights!! HIlarious! Starring Christina Applegate! Have a great weekend girly! xo

  59. I'm so effing pissed about the Playboy Club. I was loving it! And I don't care what anyone says, Eddie is HOT!

    I have a TV problem also - 9 shows on Thursday alone. I had to ask my parents to start DVR'ing for me because I can't physically record it all.

    OK so my suggestions - CW shows! They are all good but I love The Vampire Diaries. C'mon a cast full of hot guys. No brainer! I also love Hart of Dixie (and not just because i got to go on set and meet her!). It's actually good.

    Of course there is Parks and Rec and the new comedy, The New Girl. Both are hilarious!

    Now if you want some drama, I am loving Prime Suspect.

    OK that's enough, I'll stop myself bahaha!

  60. Girl...I'm just now seeing this post and cracking up. I did a post JUST LIKE this last week!! We share a lot of the same faves...and Eddie Cibrian ick-factor-ness!

  61. holy moly! you weren't kidding when you posted that you watch a lot of shows on twitter!i have watched alot of these shows, just not on a regular basis. but then i have never really counted the number of shows i do watch year round. it would probably be considered an addiction as well. so im not judging! haha