Monday, September 12, 2011

Grown-up slumber party and other weekend festivities

As mentioned in Friday's post, my beautiful cousin Sierra stayed with me this weekend and I loved having her in Dallas with me.  Let's discuss the weekend highlights, shall we?

Friday night my besties Liz and Stefanie came over to my apartment for a grown-up slumber party.  Not sure what a grown-up slumber consists of?  Well, allow me to elaborate:

Bachelorette veils and sashes were bedazzled ...
Bow bouquets were meticulously crafted ...

A trip to the sketchiest convenience store of all time was made.  See exhibit A, B and C for reference:
My fave Queen Helene Mud Mask was adorned by all for a truly frightening site ...
Again, I'm single because why?
And obviously vino was consumed in generous quantities.  A prerequisite for any grown-up slumber party.
Here's the closest I'll ever come to wearing a veil.
Saturday morning Sierra made a Starbucks run while I whipped up some breakfast tacos and put my pink blender to use by blending some fresh green fruit smoothies.  My $17.99 blender works like a charm by the way (in case you were wondering). 

In the afternoon, I went to the neph's first soccer game and it should come as no surprise to any of you that he was the MVP.   Would you expect anything less from my Reesey pants?  Our little David Beckham in the making:

Saturday night Sierra and I enjoyed some melt in your mouth & expand your thighs Chuy's Mexican Food for dinner:

And we sipped on some Sangria and Mexican Martinis.  Unfamiliar with the Mexi Martini?  By all means, let me to introduce you to some more Texas greatness:

We came home at least one pant size bigger each, so we changed into sweats and delved into some DVR'd Datelines.  We were highly disturbed to learn of this panty snatching Canadian Air Force Colonel:
And this, my friends, is what nightmares are made of and exactly why I was hiding with knives in the dark that one time.

Sunday afternoon Sierra left me to drive back to Houston, but I'll get to see her pretty face soon at Thanksgiving.  Next weekend the only thing I plan on doing is packing for my impending move, which happens in t minus 20 days.  Have I mentioned how much I hate packing/moving? Least. favorite. thing. ever.  Anyone want to come pack for me?  I'll pay you in e.l.f. goodies.  Plleeeassseeee!
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  1. Ok, I don't even know what to say about that convenient store. Other than where is it, I have to go!!

    Your nephew is absolutely adorable! I remember when my nephews starting playing soccer - funniest games ever.

    Love me some Chuys. I swear I could eat there every day! My waistline definitely hates it when I go there. I eat so much. And the creamy jalapeno dip. So good. Have you had the (I think its called) the New Mexico martini with the hatch chiles? OMG. So hot. I had to give it to my brother in law because there was no way I could drink it!

  2. I saw that panty guy on the news a while back. You can't make that shit up.

  3. I want a fun weekend like that! Except that I might be too scared to go to the convenient store, just afraid I would be in the middle of a major bust.

  4. It looks like you had such a fabulous weekend! Everything looks so yummy except the creepy dateline guy! yikes!!

    I will help you pack, but you have to fly me down to you :)

    Hugs to you!


  5. Looks like it was a fun weekend! I also indulged in some Mexican this weekend. Yours looks much better than mine ended up being!

    There are no words for the last picture. I will definitely be having nightmares tonight.

    After my long move across the country recently, I'm so fed up with packing. I feel your pain. Ughhhh!! And then after you're done packing, you'll just have to unpack. Okay, I know I'm not helping :)

  6. ok, numero uno, you and your cousin look LIKE TWINS. seriously, that pic of her on this post could totally be you. TWINS.

    I'm so jealous about those grown up slumby parties. All my friends have kids and we gon't get to do that anymore. I hope you get knocked up by youknowwho so you can live in misery like me.

    loving the pink bling on those veils. not loving your rats nest. Take a comb to that thing Les!

    That convenient store is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! handbags 2 for $50? That's a STEAL! Do they come with drugs already inside??

    hey, I noticed that you added that pic of all ya'll in the masks, because at first, you said you weren't going to add it. See? I notice. EVERYTHING.

    Reese is ADORABLE at his soccer face. STUD. muffin.

    oh, and I thought you said you would keep that pic of Rob in my bra to yourself? You are SUCH a traitor.

  7. WTH ... WHERE is that convenient store???????????????

    Oh, I so miss grown up slumber parties w/ my girls ... just something that doesn't really happen when ya gots a kid. And a hubs. Bah.

  8. um...that man is creepy. sorry, that image is still stuck in my head. i hope you know him? (im just thankful im one ocean apart).

    but this looks like a blast!!! i could use a grown up sleepover and im NOT talking about one with my dog and boyfriend.

  9. *shudder* Col. Russell Williams. Sigh, he is Canada's shame. I love my country, but am so embarrassed that someone this mentally Ill made it to such a high ranking position in our military. Gawd.

    Definitely trying the Texas Mexican Martini this weekend! is it Friday yet?!

  10. texas martini? yes please.

    and i love me some adult slumber parties. sandi and i usually have them when her hubs is out of town and they usually involve movies, wine, and facebook creeping. i have adult sleepovers with viv about every weekend. but those just involve her going to bed early and kristen and i watching documentaries on netflix and drinking her beer.

    and...was keith morrison on that case?

  11. Everything about this made me laugh! Get outta here with that panty stealer guy. I have got to google him.

  12. What a fun weekend! And that underwear image may haunt me.

  13. Oooh, I need an adult slumber party. Just for the booze if anything.

    That convenience store seems like it thinks its in Chinatown in NYC. Super bizarre!

    Um, scary man. Scary scary scary.

  14. seriously, your life is like way too exciting...i think you'd fall asleep in mine!

    those margs look so gooood. yum - get in my belly!

  15. Whoa, that guy is EXTRA creepy! Your nephew is super cute in those pictures!

  16. The masks!! Hahahaha sooo great. What a night! And thanks for the continental breakfast btw.