Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kristina's Bachelorette Weekend in Vegas

Surprise, surprise ladies: Las Vegas did not disappoint! Let's get this recap started, shall we?  And it's a long one, so hold tight.

Maybe we should start with the fact that my BFF Liz and I almost missed our flight because we were too busy sipping on margaritas at an airport bar to be bothered to know our plane was boarding until we heard "last call for Vegas flight 1895."  We both looked at each other in disbelief, grabbed our carry ons and started running through the long ass terminal.

Mind you, I was in 4 inch wedges, a strapless maxi dress, had a hanging bag filled with dresses on one arm and a carry on that weighs more than my nephew on the other.  We were a sight to say the least, and literally got to the gate right before they closed the doors.  Lesson learned.

The first night we were in Vegas we went back to Kristina's house (the bride lives in Vegas) and chatted, showered and called it a night.  The next day we had a late breakfast, ran errands and then headed to The Strip to check into our free suite @ Bally's.  Definitely not the newest or nicest hotel in Vegas, but it was free and it was a suite so I'm not complaining.  Welcome to our 1980's Dynasty Suite:

We got situated in the room, put on our faces and headed out to dinner at BLT Burger in the Mirage.

My turkey burger and fries were so tasty. I definitely recommend this place if you want a juicy burger in Vegas!  You need to coat your belly before all that booze and this is the perfect place to do it.
(L to R) Jane, Kristina, Liz, moi obvs, Lesley

Quick stop at Sugar Factory in the Mirage before heading out for the night:

Then we headed to Surrender @ Encore where we had a comped table thanks to Lesley, the brides future sister-in-law.  Lesley is also a Vegas local and got us hooked-up the entire weekend!  Seriously don't know what we would have done without her. The bride-to be enjoying a bevy. Veil from Michael's and bedazzled by Liz and I.

At Surrender I had my second blate (blog+date) when I met these two Vegas locals you may know: Ashleigh and Katy!  They were so sweet and gorgeous!  I'm so glad we got to meet up girls!

We weren't out too entirely late this night because we had to get up for some breakfast:

and head out to our cabana at Encore Beach Club, which was literally the. best. time. ever.  We had a shaded cabana with a couch, a huge bed to sun on, and 2 servers literally waiting on us hand and foot.  If you go to Vegas during pool season, this is an absolute must. Our favorite day by far. Just look at our shenans:
Dance, dance revolution.
Liz and I with our awesome cabana boy, Brett.  He was sooo much fun.
Rawwrrrr ... photo shoot on the day bed.
Besties since middle school!

We were tore up from the floor up after a day in the cabana, but obviously we put ourselves together because we had to make dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Pizzeria (to die) and a very important date with some Aussies in a show by the name of Thunder From Down Under.  I've already told y'all, but I feel the need to say it again: the show is worth every penny. Go.

What transpired after the show is kind of a blur and I didn't take any pics.  Well, I did, but I can't show you those.  Let's just say I ended up locked out of my room at 5 a.m. and was found laying on the floor eating a turkey sandwich and chips.  The blog world doesn't need to see that and neither does my mom.  Hi Mom!  You raised me well.

Sunday we had brunch at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris Hotel.  Again, food was phenom.  We were still a little hazy from the night before and were laughing so loud that tables kept staring.   Check out our baked cheese app and deelish desserts. Um, yes!

This post is getting entirely too long, so I swear I'm almost done.  Sunday night we had a girls night at Kristina's house, which consisted of her lingerie shower, tipsy sherades and we watched the movie Bridesmaids (hilar). 

Successful bachelorette party if I do say so myself. I was sad to leave, but I'll be back in November for another friend's bachy party and again in Feb for Kristina's wedding!  My liver is already preparing. Vegas, I love you.
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  1. 1. could you and your friends be any hotter?

    2. i'm jealous of your vegas trip...compared to my cherry poppin' vegas trip two years ago mine was a dud.

    3. next time i go to vegas, i'm taking you with me.

    4. wonder what types of shenans will get into in NOLA.

  2. Looks like you had a blasty blast. You are so pretty.

  3. Seriously, I must start living my life vicariously through you. What a blast!! I actually kind of like the 1980's Dynasty Suite. I would've had too much fun on that staircase.

    You girls are all sooo gorgeous! The photo shoot on the day bed is probably the best. And I love that you took advantage of all the restaurants in Las Vegas and went out for some yummo food! That's one thing we didn't do for my best friend's bachelorette. So glad you had an awesome time!! :)

  4. talk about hooked up... that looks like it was an absolutely awesome time!

    I am hungry now. thanks for that.

    oh and that dance pic from the cabana... are you sure that isn't Raven throwing her hands up in the aiiirrr aiiirrr in the red bathing suit cover up? I swear it could be... hahaha

  5. Omg that looks like it was SO much fun!! You're all gorgeous!

  6. Looks like you guys had a blast! And all the food pictures made me a little hungry....thanks for that!! Ha!

    When we went to Vegas last year we had a cabana at the Mandalay Bay pool. Best money we spent the whole time!

  7. I love Vegas. So much. The end.

    Your trip looks amazing. I want a comped suite! Who cares what hotel it's in. Haha :)

  8. ok now, this one time? my mom and didnt know our plane was boarding until they called our names twice over the loud speaker and we had to run super super fast and just barely made our flight.

    You did NOT get to meet Ashleigh and Katy? Um, so totally cool.

    We got a cabana at the Encore last time we were too. SO MUCH FUN.

    and LOLOLOL Rissy asked if that girl was me HAHAHAHA!!!

    um, we need to go to Vegas together ASAP.

  9. oops totally forgot to tell you HOW FREAKING GORGEOUS YOU ARE!! seriously. Um, no wonder that 40 year old wanted to make out with you.

  10. Um, that nearly naked person in the club? That wasn't discussed, but I assume she was with your party. That is a damn long time to be in Vegas so props for still being alive.

  11. ahhh, sounds like the most perfect time! love all the fun pictures ... looked like such a blast!

    Vegas, I love you too! :)

  12. Looks like tons of fun. and that 1980s Dynasty suite? Priceless.

  13. LOOKS like u had urself a great time. i so want to go to vegas.. love all the photots. u looked gorgeous as always..
    so glad u had a fabulous time..

  14. ahhh looks like a blast! I went to Vegas in May and stayed at Ballys and like you said you cant beat a free room. I also ate at Mon Ami Gabi.... yummmo.

  15. you are so pretty ! looks like you had a blast!!

  16. Looks like yall had a BLAST!! Lots of good food and beautiful friends!

  17. So fun!! That day at the pool cabanna sounds amazing and you and your girls looked great!

  18. This post was amazing

    Lets start with the fact that I love how you said “put on our faces” girrrl you are GORGEOUS. I really like that 80’s suite. Was Ron Jeremy or Peter North included? (80s pornstar WHAT WHAT)

    I love that a lil blate happened in Vegas! SCORE!! Ps you look smokkinnnn in that blat epic!! (not lesbo I swear)

    You and all of your friends look like a blast!! And to say im jealous of your cabana shenanigans is an understatement.

    I don’t think itd be a vegas trip if something crazy like getting locked out of your room didn’t happen. YOU are awesome. Can we be real life friends pretty please?

  19. aaaaaaagh! i love vegas and now i want to go back! all the girls look fab and the trip looks awesome!

  20. 1. I think Kristina is a hottie. Verry pretty, thought she might like to know.

    2.You be lookin svelte in your vegas pics. Way to go girl

    3.Your poof be rockin, makin me proud all the way this side of the Mason Dixon

    4.Who is the transvesite in the back of that one pic?

    5. There isn't one guy in that pic I wouldn't kick outta bed for eatin' crackers, know what I'm sayin? OK maybe the guy with hair longer than mine… MAYBE.

    6. Is that goat cheese? I die. LOVE

    7. I want that pink nighty.

    That is all. Email stat
    love love,
    PLL the one and only.

  21. Looks like so much fun! Comped tables are the best, I had that happen just ONCE and I'm always crossing my fingers and hoping for it to happen again...haha.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Mon Ami Gabi.

  22. I cant even look at your pics anymore I'm so jealous.

    I need a vacay like this! Shenanigans, food, thunder from down under and all!

    You be lookin hot too mah lady!

  23. I love every part of this post! Kristina is the best! (Kristina also told me a slighlty different story about where you ate those chips....truth?) Haha

  24. hi Lindsey! Found your blog through Chelsea's. You are so pretty! Vegas is always a great time...I love the pic of the girl in the background dancing with her hands thrown up. hilarious.


  25. Vegas holds one of my best friends hostage...and I can't get enough of visiting. The food is fabulous and we always have the BEST time :) looks like you ladies had a fantastic weekend! such cute pics! xoxo {av}

  26. (Why am so late reading your post?)
    Um, fun times!!! Que, how much was your airport margaritas? I had one Long Island at JFK, it came $18, $18!, WTF! But it totally had me gone on the flight. You guys look fab! I love the black/yellow dress the most, bumblebee. Did you see the Kim Kardashian lollipop at the Sugar Factory? I am totally creepin' at the photo of the dudes, I need to make that my wallpaper on my BB.

    xo SARMIN