Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bust into the Blackberry with me, won't you?

I use my Blackberry to take pictures of literally anything and everything as you can see below.  Sometimes I take pictures of things I want to use for post ideas and then I never get around to posting about them, so I figured this would be a quick and easy way to cover a few things I have wanted to share with y'all. 

If you enjoy bustin' into my Blackberry with me, then maybe I'll do this again.  Let a girl know.

1. My first ever Bloody Mary!  I was always skeptical of this drink, but now I'm a believer.  Can't wait to sip on this during my next hangover.  BTW, is there anything worse than a hangover? No.

2. Yellow Platform Pumps from Target - $29.99.  We're wearing them with grey bridesmaid dresses in my friend Courtney's wedding this January.  Excuse that string that is wrapped around them, I need to cut it off.

3.  50% off Yankee Fall scented candles from HomeGoods. Amazing deal, I'm going back for more.

4. Fedora from Target for $14.99.  Never thought I could EVER be a fedora girl, but I love the look. I couldn't find this particular fedora online, but it's by all the hats/scarves/purses/jewelry/etc. at Target & I bought it this week.

5. Found this dish towel at Sample House & Candle Shop. My BFF works for Neiman's, so this pic was for her.

6. "Everything I know, I learned on the Street" shirt that I want to get for my neph still. Shoker, but it's from Target. I hope they still have it in stores because it's out of stock online.  Boo! I should have bought it when I had the chance.

7. This freak from TLC: My Strange Addiction. A 25-year-old man who lives it's life as a female baby. Wears diapers and everything ... the whole shebang.  Normal.

8. My collection of sunless tanners.  Working on a "how-to Mystic tan post" for you lovely ladies by the way. 

9.  Ruffle towel wrap from Bed, Bath & Beyond for only $9.99. I purchased in pink, duh.

10. Loredona Riesling wine for only $8 a bottle.  It's soooo good, so try it and thank me later. 

11. My "beach wave hair minus the beach".  Also a how-to post I was going to whip up. Would y'all still be interested even though Summer is almost over?

12. Cute pens from the Target Dollar Spot.  I have currently banned myself from stopping at the Dollar Spot. I can't control myself there.

There you have it. 12 random things from my phone because 12 is my favorite number.  I hope this didn't bore you too much.  Tomorrow is a special day for me on the blog front, so I promise something MUCH more exciting.  Can you say giveaway??? Stay tuned.

You better vote for me betoch... love ya.

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  1. hahahhahah! i almost did a post like this back in the day and then realized people were going to think im a nut job (as if they didnt already think that).

    you're good at posting this week...i should let you take over my blog for a month. no joke.


  2. ps, youre not a nut job with your photos. wanted to set the record straight. mine were mostly of me dressing my dog up in sunglasses, people clothing, etc...that is why i think i was a nut.

  3. Loooove this! Do it again, please! The image of gray dresses with yellow shoes is super cute!

    P.S. I miss my Blackberry. I can't wait to get one again after I find a job!

  4. This is a cute idea! I have to know - what are you doing to those yellow shoes in the picture?

  5. I'm looking forward to this sunless tanner post! And yes on the beachy waves. It'll help me practice for next summer :) Those yellow pumps are fab by the way and will look amazing for a wedding!

    I'm a fan of these random posts :)

  6. love this post! looking forward to both of those how-tos

  7. Love it! I have me a crackberry and would totally join you if you did this again! You see it with "the week in our Iphone" posts but never blackberrys. Blackberrys uniteeeee!

  8. I love this! & yes, a hangover is the worst feeling ever! I def had one Sunday morning :/ Love the heels! I looove Target's dollar area!

  9. I am LOVING yellow and gray together right now so I can't wait to see pics from your friend's wedding!

    Also - do a tutorial for those beachy waves!!

    I saw that TLC show.......don't even know what to say about it, haha!

    I'm def going to try that vino when I go to replenish my stash :)

  10. I think I need to start using my camera more! Way to inspire girl! Have a great night! Kori xoxo

  11. i've had to ban myself from target. period. but doesn't always have the best stuff?!

    love the summer beach waves (meaning your hair) you should def do a how to post..even though i have a bob.

    cute post.

  12. #11 equals amazing. i do this all the time too, however, if i posted all my pics you all would think i was nutty bananas!

  13. This is a cute idea! I really like it! Those shoes are priceless, and I'd love to see your beach waves tutorial! They are super cute and I think they work year round for an easy, relaxed, but still-cute look. :)

  14. I bought my son that shirt! I think it's so funny but I never get a reaction out of people!

  15. First, I have those pumps, but in red. And they are AMAZING! I love them, they're even fairly comfortable. And second, its never too late for beach hair!! Oh and that hand towel made me laugh out loud!! Haha.

  16. I am thinking I may have to do the same..i have taken pics and told my friend "oh i need this pic for my blog" well now it sits on my phone...may have to a repost and give credit for you starting the trend! :) getting the randoms off my phone!

  17. I loovvee pictures from my phone posts... I feel like I just spent the last week with you.. and I like it.


  18. Can't wait for the tanning post - this pale girl can use some color! And I am totally going to try that wine.

    You should definitely do another post like this!

  19. love this post! please do a blackberry dump again !

    those shoes are amazeballs but i'm glad i dont have to wear them....i'm be 10 feet tall!

    AND i just bought a fedora too from nordies! never thought i could wear one either but i love them....just wish i had discovered it earlier into the summer.

  20. Few things...
    "12 is my favorite number", is it because you were born on the 12TH? My favorite # is 11, & yeah because I was born on the 11TH. I swear I am not weird, alil' crazy maybe.
    I might steal this post idea, yeah deff going to steal this post idea. My first Bloody Mary experience was AWFUL! Never had one again. The shoes are insane! I tip my hat off to you for being able to walk in them. I love the fedora, you look freakin' cute. & the bug eye sunnies. Buying clothes for the nephs is weakness. (Did you have buy Reese a "my aunt is hot" tshirt? I totally did!) No words for #7. Can't wait for #8. #11, that's hair sex. & I totally can't help myself at the Target dollar spot. I buy lil memo pads, that I don't even need, & stickers. Yeah...

    xo SARMIN

  21. I have a question, when will they give you your crown so I can stop voting for you every day? Get it together, CBS.

  22. Yup, this looks about right. I take so many photos of so many random things...

  23. I def still want to see a sunless tan and beach wave post!!

    I really need to go to HomeGoods they opened one in Austin a few months back I just never got around to going

  24. I love looking at other people's Instagram weekly link ups, but I have a Blackberry too (for now) so I love this idea! Definitely make this frequent!

  25. HOLY. SHIT. girl. first ever bloody mary? seriously???????? wow. just wow. so disappointing.

    ok so I am all for a bargain and LOVE me some Target, HOWEVER, I have ALWAYS found that their shoes KILL my feet! even the flats! Are they not like that for you? They pretty much murder my feet and I can't walk in them.

    I also have NEVER seen myself as a fedora person, and I can promise you that I NEVER will. You however? Looks absolutely darling. Fits your perfectly.

    The chick from TLC. HA! But she wasn't REALLY a chick.

    PLEASE post about how to mystic tan yourself because everytime I end up looking like a leper. Half white/half orange.

    and I voted. FO SHIZZIES.

  26. I just found your blog & and I am L-O-V-E-ing it! Your blog made me smile today. :)

  27. I got that Sesame Street shirt for my boy a month or two ago and I love it! It's absolutely darling. Good luck finding it!

  28. JUST found your blog (and kicking myself for not finding it sooner) through PLL and Raven...LOVE your posts- Love, A fellow Target stalking, Reality TV loving follower.

  29. I really want to start doing pictures from my phone posts. I just love them so much!

    hahaha @ #7:
    This freak from TLC: My Strange Addiction. A 25-year-old man who lives it's life as a female baby. Wears diapers and everything ... the whole shebang. Normal.

    I tell everyone about this shehe thing episode...Crazy.

  30. Happy Blogiversary! Love this post - super cute idea.. You should keep doing it... AND I would definitely like to see the how to beach hair post!!! I live in Florida, I can rock that look all year long ;-)

  31. Yess I would love to still hear/see a how to on beach waves! I bought the same shoes in black..those things are killers! Seriously, I fell!! lol

  32. i've been creepin, you're hilarious, so i'm followin.