Friday, September 9, 2011

Current Love Affair: Big Lots

Hello ladies!  I couldn't send you off for the weekend without a proper Friday post, now could I?  Seems as though most of you were intrigued, some disgusted (you & you) with my Frito Pie post yesterday.  All I can say is, don't knock it till you try it. It's heaven in your mouth.  Trust.

Now ... on to more important things.  Like my current love affair with Big Lots.  I got this Modella polka dot train case there yesterday for $3.  It even has compartments for your make-up brushes.  Perfect size to fit in your purse, too.  Love!  They had several sizes and patterns to choose from. Who knew?

I also got this  St Ives In-shower Exfoliating Body Polish in Shea Butter & Oatmeal.  It's supposed to gently exfoliate and cleanse to leave your skin smooth and irresistibly soft . We'll see, I haven't used it yet. I love their shea butter and oatmeal lotion, so I have high hopes.  Only $2.50, so if I don't like it, oh well.
And 2 of these Aveeno SPF 50 Sunblock Sprays for only $4 a bottle.  That is straight up SPF robbery.

The neph's 4th (cannot believe it.) birthday is next Saturday.  He is obsessed with taking my kitchen utensils and pretending he's a chef. I got him this play kitchen set in blue for only $35 bones:

Last but not least, I spotted some e.l.f. goodies!  I have never tried their nail polish, so I got their Summer Ready collection for $4.50.  I've heard their polish isn't exactly fab-o, but I'll be the judge and def report back.  It's cheap, so I doubt it'll be long lasting. And you know how I feel about cheap nail polish:

So that about sums up my Big Lots splurge.  Here is a link to all of Big Lots' current clearance merch if you want to take a gander.  I am thinking I need one of these $99 accent chairs for the new lair.  Perfect for my soon-to-be vanity area, don'tchathink?

Tonight I'm having girls wine night at my apt to craft two PinkLouLou veils (#veilsweatshop) for Bachelorette parties I have coming up. Wish me luck because I need it. I'm too embarrassed to show you the only other veil I made a few years ago.  Let's just say when I showed PLL, all she said was, "at least you tried." That bad.

Also, I have a visitor staying with me this weekend ... my gorgy cousin, Sierra, who is in town from Houston.  I mean, don't hate her cause she's beautiful cause I do:

OHMAHWORD (& thank gawd)... TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE for moi for CBS Dallas Most Valuable Blogger!!!!!!!!!  I appreciate all of your support more than you know.  You bargainistas have been ahhhhmazing and it makes my heart ridiculously happy.  I've already got a blonde army ready to stalk CBS if I don't win.  Watch out & cross your fingers because I don't want things to have to get ugly. (I kid.)
Over and out. TGIF!
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  1. 1. only 3 bones? i need. i want. but i also want a purse and shades from target i've been eyeing. so my current free makeup bag will have to do.

    2. shea butter and oatmeal reminds me of cocoa butter. it may not smell like it...but just those two words together. gross.

    3. oh reese. he's gonna be the best cook in the land.

    4. i need an accent chair like whoa. but they have way cuter ones at GR for 99 bones too. check those suckers out.

    5. PLL veil? who knew?

    6. have fun with your cuz...reese...oh and Blitz. FYL.

  2. AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! disgusted is RIGHT! Might as well just tape that shiz to my thighs if I decide to eat it. But, then again, like you said, a double cheeseburger ain't no better I suppose.

    super cute makeup case!! You know, we have a big lots here but I never knew it carried all that stuff!! and here I am overpaying for it by like a bajillion dollars at Albertsons. HOWEVER, when you have kids you like to stick to one place to get all your shopping done, even if the prices are jacked up 500%.

    I LOVE that st. ives stuff. love.

    I love that play kitchen! That is awesome! How oh how did you get for $35??

    um LOVE that chair. get it please.

    "at least you tried" haahahahaha!!!

    and your cousin is totally ugly. like, I almost can't look at her without throwing up.

    ok ok, I am kidding. She is def. gorgeous. Good looks must run in the family, huh?


  3. I got that nail polish set too. Just used it for the first time the other day. You'll need at least 2-3 coats fa'sho. I got some really cute picture frames and candle holders on clearance for $1 a piece too. Then, I proceeded to knock a set of 6 wine glasses off the top shelf. Fail.

  4. fact: i got my living room furniture in college at Big Lots for $300. everyone loved it and it lasted forever. i voted!!

  5. LOVE big lots... seriosuly that place is pure goodness most of the time ... right now I am esp loving it bc they have a "expectant mother" parking spot! SCORE!! :)
    ps I like frito pie so dont worry ;)

  6. Totally don't get it, Im not from Texas, but I love some frito pie!!

  7. I love Big Lots too! I haven't been there in a while though, since I don't live near one anymore (that I know of at least haha). But I'll have to go look again!

    The elf nail polish isn't so great. I have a few myself, and it chips the day you put it on and when you remove it, it like smears and is hard to remove. So it is worth what you paid for it - less than 99 cents.

    And yes, I too, am jealous of your cousin! GORGEOUS! Lucky lady!

  8. I've never been into Big Lots, but I think that I need to change this! I've heard that they have a lot of great deals!

  9. OMG. I hate to admit this because I consider myself a VERY EXPERIENCED shopper, but this girl ain't never been in a Big Lots.

    I didn't even realize they carried all the cool stuff you bought. Going to check them out. Stat.

    I love that St. Ives crap. It's like $5 or $7 at Walgreens.

    On the sunscreen, be VERY CAREFUL because that crap can stain. Like stains I can't get out.

    Oh and Sierra looks like a freakin' model. Supa jealous. :p

  10. Ummm EWW was that pic on my blog? woof. I don't remember putting that up. Yikes. HA!

    Happy veiling sista, call me if you need my professional input.

  11. I adore Big Lots!!! Thank you for reminding me how much.... I am going tomorrow! I need some stuff...not sure what...but I'm needin' it.

  12. Love me some big lots! I just got the cutest pink "pool" cooler on sale there for $4.00! Holla!

    I'm excited to start following!

    XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  13. Might be time to check out Big Lots again - I've found they have some decent furniture for sure, you just have to check frequently!

  14. Big Lots, huh? I haven't been there forever, but I think I need to make a trip and see what I have been missing. :)

  15. I love that kitchen for Reese!!!! I was gonna MAKE one for Eva, but now I'm considering BL.

    That make up bag is amaze. A spot for brushes? Say it isn't so.

    And yes, your cuz is gorge.

    Hope your weekend has been fun.

  16. Who knew about all that great stuff at Big Lots?! I'm gonna have to make a trip.

  17. i was always scared to go into big lots (don't ask...i feel like people solicited for sex outside the one by my place in ohio), but if i had know that they had such cute and cheap things, i would have totally checked it out anyways :( ohhh the things we dont have in this dang place.