Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas came early! [e.l.f. haul]

Most of you already know this by now, but I recently discovered the Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f.) beauty line and fell in love and lust with not only their prices, but their products too.

So, imagine my delight when I was contacted by a representative of e.l.f. and asked if I would like to be sent products to review and all I had to do was give my honest opinion about what I thought of them? Umm, where do I sign-up? Christmas came early, y’all!

This post is all about my favorites of the bunch because these particular products have taken up permanent residence in my make-up bag. Like it’s getting ridiculous how much e.l.f. I wear and the fact that I never heard of them until a few months ago still blows my mind.

In no particular order, here are 5 of the e.l.f. products I can’t live without now, so obviously, neither should you.

1. e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer
$6 - [BUY]
Oh, hello “miss I’m going make it 10 times to easier to blend your foundation” miracle in a bottle. Life changing. I’ve never, ever used a primer before because I honestly (& mistakenly) thought they were pointless. Big mistake. Big. Huge. (Name that movie. And if you don’t know, we’re no longer friends.)

This primer is the bomb dot com. I loves it and will not be putting foundation on without it. I use my toner, moisturizer and then about 2 squirts of the primer. It’s very light gel texture and makes your foundation just blend in smoothly and effortlessly. GET. IT. No one likes a girl with streaky foundation.

2. e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer 
$3 - [BUY]
Something else I’ve never used in my life before, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why not. This is the perfect solution for when you don’t have time or are too lazy to put a full face of make-up on before running errands on the weekend or what not.

You need. It dries semi-matte, but is a little dewy. Basically it’s like lotion that lightly evens your skin tone out. Plus it has SPF 20 to prevent against dreaded wrinkles. Other than ending up on Dateline, my biggest fear in life is looking old and haggard before I’m supposed to. This should help.

3. e.l.f. Studio Single Eyeshadow in Coffee Bean
$3 - [BUY]
I have been using this color on its own at work every day for about two weeks and wanted to make sure the color would hold up all day long before I gave it the thumbs up. I’m happy to report it does (even in the Texas heat with my oily skin) and I really, really like the color for every day. It’s not too shimmery, but it has a pretty sparkle to it as you can see from the picture.

 4. e.l.f. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder
$3 - [BUY]

I have very fair skin. The fairest. And by fair, I mean ghastly pale, so I use sunless tanners a lot. Sometimes I’m tanned and sometimes I’m au naturel, which means I have to keep two shades of foundation around.
Since I’m all about finding ways to simplify my life, I don’t want to have to keep up with the two different shades of powders too. This is where translucent powder comes in.

For the longest I’ve used Clinique Invisible Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, so I was skeptical to try e.l.f.’s version out.  Why fix what isn’t broke, right?  But, if I could find something cheaper that worked just as well, it was worth the shot.

I’m glad I tried it because it works just the same! The only thing is that the e.l.f. compact is considerably smaller in size, but at $3 a pop, a few of these is still cheaper than one Clinique powder. I’m sold and the switch is official.

5. e.l.f. Professional Total  Face Brush 
$1 - [BUY]
We already knew e.l.f. has THE best brushes, and you can read about my other elf brush loves here and here. This is just my latest and greatest e.l.f. brush obsession. I have been using it for the translucent powder and for my bronzer every day since it was in my possession. I think I need to just buy an entire brush kit, e.l.f. brushes can do no wrong in my eyes.

There you have it! My first official “haul” ever. There are several other products I tested out, which I will be reviewing in the future.  I figured I’d start out with my faves, then reveal the rest later. 

*When I've posted about e.l.f. in the past, I've received several questions about where to purchase e.l.f.  Target (although not all) carries e.l.f.   However, their biggest selection is online, which is where I ordered everything I reviewed in this post.  Obvi, I don't like shipping costs and I'm sure neither do you.  Lucky for us, until August 1, use the code SHIP25 at checkout and get free shipping!  You're welcome.

Have any of you tried any of these and what did you think?
Also, are there any e.l.f. products you’ve wanted to try but haven’t? Maybe I did!
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  1. Look at you little miss reviewer!! How exciting is that?! Every single one of these items sounds terrific. Target's inventory is pretty slim so this free shipping deal has me all smiles :) Thanks so much for this review! Can't wait to try some of these out.

  2. Pretty Woman duh.

    I am intrigued by this tinted moisturizer, as I am in the market.

    Good post doll face. You make me proud Lx4 the 1st.


    Project LC and CU photoshop commences tomorrow.

    Stay tuned.

    BPLLB the 1st

  3. Hi Blondie,

    I adore your blog. I found you through ELF's twitter page and I'm so glad that I did!

    Thank you for posting this haul! You've got me so excited to order a few products from E.L.F. now :)

    Have a lovely day!

  4. I ALWAYS use that line from the movie Pretty Woman, all the time!! And I always say that if you don't know what I'm talking about, we can't be friends. Swear on my life.

    True besties right here, you and me.

    I too am ordering some of these right off their website. I mean, if I can look half as gorg as you, I'm all in.

    You did such a good job reviewing!!

  5. i too love elf! i just did a major haul over there and my reviews are coming soon! they're products are legit and quickly overtaking my makeup bag too!

  6. Love the haul! You should definitely try the blushes from the studio line as well as the glosses! They are fabulous! XX

  7. when u first mentioned E.L.F I had only used there brushes. then u mentioned everything else. (makeup set spray and eyelashes) We dont have a target here, my Dollar General sales SOME of the products(none u had shown). so i had to go to a Target in WF.

    then i got this all over color stick. AH-MAZING, u must MUST try, and the shimmering face whip, awesome i use it before i put on my eyeshadow or blush.


  8. I LOVE their products! I started using them a while back when I found a cute lil boutique that sells them in my area:) and I fell in love with them! They don't carry all E.L.F. products so when I see your reviews I go to Target and pick some up.

  9. Yay for free shipping codes!! Our target has a pretty minimal display, this helps so much!!!

  10. How exciting! Great review! I totally am going to try some of this stuff out. I am looking for deals all the time nowadays. And yes, Pretty Woman. Love that movie.

  11. I am in love with e.l.f. products. My must haves is the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, Tone Correcting Concealer and their Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.

    I've recently become addicted to their Mist & Set spray. But I have a bunch of brushes from them. I really need to break down and just buy the studio set.

    Great haul girl!

  12. yayayayay i just bought my first round of e.l.f. products which included the tinted moisturizer and the mattifying powder and i'm hooked - i also bought the concealer palette, the shimmer palette, and a couple of different brushes. i am obsessed and sooooo ecstatic because my trips to sephora were getting just a tad bit too pricey. woohoo!

    xx sharon / lemonontherocks

  13. AWESOME! Great Reviews! I honestly cant believe how cheap they are! I ordered something about a week or two ago and I am waiting for it in the mail! I am so excited!

    I have to admit I didnt know yet I knew toner and all that was a must but didnt know how bad it was. So I must get on there again and order some ASAP! I will definitely try it out! Aweomse thanks girl!

  14. This was a great post, thanks for reviews too. I've been wondering about that primer :)

  15. I use the tinted moisturizer & the translucent powder everyday. Actually I've switched almost all of my makeup to e.l.f. It's uh-mazing!

  16. And now I'm about to sprint out of the house to get all of the above :) Thanks for the info..I need these posts badly. haha.

  17. Great post Frenzy!!! I've tried several pricey primers and have NOT been impressed. I'll def have to try the elf primer.

  18. Alright missy. You convinced me. I just placed a $40 order (which got me a TON of stuff!) and I hope I like it as much as you do. Talk about trusting your opinion...I've never used anything by them, and like I said, I just made a big order. Thanks for sharing :)

  19. So I love your posts and thanks to you I am waiting for a BIG box of fun makeup to play with!! I love it!! Free shipping doesn't hurt either!! Thanks again!

  20. you are so smart! i am going to hard core start blogging about ryan reynolds and maybe he'll contact me and ask to try him out ;) hehe i kid. but really.

    i was creepy-eying the primer and tinted moisturizer....DEFINITELY buying these now after reading this!

    Any more reviews and my Target bill is going to be outrageous this weekend! :)

  21. I've been using e.l.f. for a few years, ever since a friend bought me some for my birthday.
    I love it! Especially the price! I bought a whole bunch recently since my make up bag was stolen (out of my house!), and I didn't want to spend millions on nice makeup.
    In the store (target) where I bought mine, didn't have the kind of makeup that you listed, or at least I didn't notice it, and I'm kind of bummed now, because those sound awesome to have...after rent is paid, I'm going shopping! Haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. I am SOOO going to try the primer! I hate trying things that I don't know anything about, you know?

    And contacted by an ELF representative? Was his name Buddy? Haha, wow I am cool. Right?


  23. What a great post! I have been going sans makeup for most of the summer (gasp) but my husband adores it and it makes the morning routine much easier. I've considered continuing this when school starts (and hope to avoid "are you sick?" and "oh my god, are you ok?" comments...) but the tinted moisturizer has piqued my interest and I can probably spare the $3. Thanks bargainista!

  24. love love love ELF. Thanks for the code!! I needed to order some stuff that Target doesnt have!

  25. I love ELF! Some of the makeup I had done on my wedding day was ELF and I love it! I was definitely inspired to purchase more ELF products from your review. Thank you!!! I am excited to get my stuff in the mail!

  26. Ok I am going shopping tomorrow!!! I am going to buy these products...hmm now just to get my boyfriend to give me more allowance! :)

  27. I'd heard of e.l.f. before but had no idea how awesome their prices were! I'm DEFINITELY going to check them out now.

  28. I LOVE e.l.f. make-up! In this picture that pops up when I post a comment, I have all e.l.f. make-up on. Thanks for the tip on free shipping! I'm going to get some now :)

  29. I made a elf purchase last night!!!!!!!

    Great to hear about these products though doll!!

    loves it!

  30. AHHH!! I totally did an e.l.f. haul last week!! I stocked up on brushes, the primer, and the "hairspray for your face". I am completely obsessed with e.l.f!

  31. i have that elf setting spray...but i think it gives me zits. either that or i'm pms'ing like 2 weeks early. so i just use it when i'm going out. i really want to try that primer though...maybe just for hte eyelids.

    oh and i need some new makeup brushes...good thing i have a trip to Target on my Saturday agenda. that and getting drunk!

    15 days!

  32. EYE PRIMER! I don't know how I lived with out it! I am going to try the primer for the whole face next !

  33. haha pretty woman!! thanks for the review girl! i'm totally going to get the primer and try it out!

  34. I love tinted moisturizer except I have been using Bobbi Brown's which way expensive. I may have to try the elf product. I love the color of that eye shadow.

  35. LUCKY BIYATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanna be in your shoes and try this fabulousness... Ok nevermind, I'll just purchase because it's so cheap that I can! Loves.

  36. I have not tried any of these products (except for their foundation brush) but thanks to you, I'm an elf lover through and through! I bought their little eye makeup remover pads - FABULOUS! $1 for 18 pads, can't beat that. I also use their concealer and loose powder. Love it! Seriously. Love. I wish they'd contact me to send me goodies, I'd be MORE than happy to oblige ;)

    Thanks for reviewing these... I am definitely going to try their primer (it's about the same price as the Monistat chafing gel primer I use thanks to Aly!) and the eyeshadow!

  37. What a great haul and I just love E.L.F! I must try their brushes - I've been looking for a new foundation brush and I might have to get one of theirs!

  38. I love elf! how amazing! i wish my target had more. I just bought the mascara/2 eyeliners pack for $3 and love it! following you now girl!

  39. Two things...

    #1 - just found your blog! LOVE IT! :) Best believe I'm following along!

    #2 - I just bought a bunch of E.L.F. stuff to try! I've only used it this morning so far, but I'm loving it! I bought one of their brushes, and I LOVED IT! Felt just as nice as my MAC brush! And it was $1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!