Friday, July 22, 2011

Confession Session: The "Does that make me crazy?" edition

TGIF bargainistas.  It's Friday, which means it's time to confess.  I've been thinking about doing a "Does that make me crazy?" post for a while, but it's pretty similar to a Confession Session, so I've decided to just combine the two. 

So ... Our local Dallas morning radio show, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, does a "Does that make me crazy?" segment on the air and I laugh out loud listening to these people call in.  They make me feel better about my life.  The gist of the segment is people call in and dish on idiosyncrasies or OCD things they do in their life and then the morning show decides if that makes them crazy or not.

For instance, a woman called in on Monday and said any time she sneezes she has to slap her left leg then clap. HAHAHA!  I mean, what?

Then another lady called in and said any time a dog "relieves" itself outside, she has to lick her finger and touch her eyeball.  Again, WHAT?!

I also heard a lady call in once and say that when she washes dishes, she doesn't put the clean ones on top because she thinks all of her dishes need to be rotated.  She doesn't want any dishes to get their feelings hurt.  That's not normal.

All righty, so y'all get the idea.  I've always wondered if I called in, what would I say?  Well, here's what:

I confess that I sleep with a sleep mask on and the covers over my head.  Does that make me crazy?
I confess that if the air is not on in the car I feel like I'm suffocating and I cannot breathe.  Does that make me crazy?
I confess that I have started a wedding file with pictures of things I want for my wedding when if I get married. Does that make me crazy?  You know you have one too.
I confess that I have a closet full of baby clothes for my future baby.  Does that make me crazy?   OK, I'm totally 100 percent kidding about that one (I swear), but my friend knows someone that does that.  Now that is crazy!
So you knew this question was coming, what makes YOU crazy?  Don't hold back on me now. 
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  1. I hope the wedding file doesn't make a person crazy because I am 20 and as single as single gets and I have one of those! And the baby clothes.. I have a friend that does that. Definitely crazy.
    My crazy? I worry about the emotional state of my animals. I'm afraid they might be damaged because I spend half of the year living away from home without them and the other half at home with them. Yes, crazy I know. Ha!

  2. First off, I'm truly worried about those women calling in... Especially the logic behind the woman with the dog. Strange. Totally.

    I can relate with you on the air thing. I like movement in the air. No stale air. It's gross.

    And I too have a wedding album... IN CASE!!!!!!!

  3. I cannot stand pillows on the floor and when I was in college I did NOT walk barefoot in the sorority house. It was junior year before my roommate convinced me I wouldn't die because of it. She also forced me to go into public without makeup on and we promptly ran into my crush, not sure why I continued to listen to her :)

    Does that make me crazy?

  4. I have a wedding file on my computer, but not for me! My dear friend from college asked me to help her plan her wedding, so I am pulling things for her and when we get back to school we're going to start officially planning! And I totally agree with you on the AC thing - it gets too hot without it!

  5. I had a wedding file. I helped alot. And it didn't scare Aaron away - you best believe I pulled that sucker out the night we got engaged and showed him my plans. :)

  6. Girl i've had a wedding file for YEARS! with dress cutouts, cakes, venues, you name it! I have one on pinterest too! haha

  7. I would be freaked out to sleep with a mask and the covers over my head because what if someone came in to get you and you didn't know? I personally want to be given the heads up if I am about to die ;)

    speaking of sleeping with the covers over my head, THAT makes me feel like I'm suffocating.

    Your wedding (in a few years) will be beautiful and spectacular!

  8. Welll... I'm sorry to disappoint but I am perfectly normal. :-D

    HAHAHAHAHA does the fact that I think I am perfectly normal make me crazy?!

    Just kidding!!!! I cannot stand opening the fridge when I know there are leftovers in there. I HATE leftovers, with a passion.

    Any time I run out of my favorite wine, I freak out and have to go to the store immediately to buy several more bottles.

    OH and I can come up with a million more but I don't want to scare you away!

  9. Kid Kraddick is my fav ever. I like the Craigslist bits they do too. I listen to them at the office on the computer.

    1. I spit out my DC when I read the baby closet
    2. I share your sentiment about air in the car, I also have to have the digital temp set the same on both sides or in even numbers or multiples of fives. It's complicated.
    3. I HAVE to put my key in with the jeep sign facing me or I will crash and die.
    4. Does it make me crazy going on a date with a sir who sent me a lilly clutch in the mail?
    5. I still sleep with my blankie?
    6. When the clock is 4:44 or 3:33 etc I have to touch the number of things and say a wish or else I will never get married or have babies.
    7. When I se an ambulance I have to say this whole long prayer I made up.
    8. I always ask for a styrofoam cup no matter where my diet coke is from.

    I know there more... I just know it.

    Bargain Pinky Lou Lou Blondie Pants the 1st

  10. Love Kidd Kraddick, but he doesn't come on where I live anymore. Boo. That segment could be one of my faves. And I totally have a wedding folder on the comp and on pinterest. So sue me.

  11. my bed is made daily.. and i can't stand for the toothpast lid to be left off.. I may or may not have went home on lunch to make sure the bed was made...:)

  12. I love this. I am the same way with the no AC in the car. I feel like i'm going to die. I also sleep with a mask on my face. So no worries friend, you are not cray cray. Have a great weekend! :)

  13. I keep the AC car vents closed on the passenger side so I get more air, unless someone I like is riding with me. Then I tell them their vents are closed.

  14. I have a wedding file too, ha! The baby clothes thing, that's just creepy/wrong/and screams "I am crazy". Oh and I have to sleep with a face mask or else I don't sleep good at all.

    I have to have the blankets up to my shoulders before I can go to sleep. I can't sleep in regular clothes, especially not jeans. I will only drink Dr Pepper from a fountain drink thing. I eat the pepperoni off my pizza first. uhm nothing too crazy. :) Have a great weekend!

  15. you are not crazy.

    i confess that...

    1. i refuse to walk around without socks/shoes/something covering my feet
    2. i hate light, i have huge windows in my home and the curtains are never drawn
    3. i take things in seconds... like if i am at the grocery i have to take the item behind the item i want, never the one 'on display'
    4. i cannot handle change

  16. Is it bad that your post made me feel like you're way normal and now I really am crazy? Haha.

    -I almost always look at the clock when it says 12:34. If I miss it, I get so disappointed.
    -When I get out of my car, the air and radio HAVE to be turned off.
    -I also used to have this weird thing about what song I was listening to as I got on the interstate when I drove back to college from home. If I hadn't listened to a certain genre of music while getting on the interstate before, I couldn't listen to it then, or bad things might happen.
    -Oh, and I can never drink the last sip of a drink. There always has to be a little left.

    See? I'm crazy.

  17. if i slept with my head under the covers i would suffocate. but, i have to sleep with my body pillow b/c i like to wrap my legs around it b/c i don't want my legs to touch each other.

    and i am my no means crazy, so don't assume that i am.

    i'll be saving them for my OWN post.

  18. i have to sleep with my closet door closed. if it is open i can't go to sleep...

    here's a weird one: i HAVE to kiss the back of my left hand if i go through a yellow light. if i don't then i freak out a little. it's an old superstition..? lol.

  19. Haha that's the worst you got? You are def not cray cray!

    I on the other hand, have issues. I don't like my food to touch. It makes me want to puke when I see a plate full of mixed food. AND I don't like odd numbers, I avoid them - except 5 is OK...because that makes sense right?! Like the radio has to be on volume 14, 15, or 16. 13 or 17, no bueno.

    God writing it out makes me sound even crazier LOL. Don't de-friend me!

  20. i must say I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the music throughout this entire post! are not crazy about the wedding thing. I do it too! HELLO! not even engaged. But its fun! I had stuff sent to Kurt and I's apartment from TheKnot and he was like wtf is this!

    does it make me crazy that if i accidently burn one hand with my straightening iron, i HAVE to touch it with my other hand? that may be a serious problem. OCD?!

    does it make me crazy that I still sleep with a stuffed animal Disney Goofy that ive had since I was 1, and his crotch is ripped open and everyone thinks i am a weird stuffed animal sex person?

    does it make me crazy that i absolutely hate tampons?

    i LOVE this "does it make me crazy" thing...i read every comment! I smell a bargain blonde link up eh eh?!

    have a fabulous weekend love! and you'll be happy to know that instead of buying an 18$ lipgloss from sephora today, I bought a 3$ one from their clearance section!


  21. Hahaha! The baby clothes--that's overboard!! Hilarious.

  22. haha Kidd Kraddick always the funniest things!

    I'm the same way with the air too! I also still sleep with my baby blankets! Luckily my hubby doesn't care...I don't think!

  23. haha this post is great! I HAVE to have the covers over my feet and up to my shoulders.. always. Even if it's 100 degrees out. and my closet is color coded with everything facing the same way.. i would think there's others that do that!

  24. This was a really funny... and no, you're not crazy. At least not compared to those other ladies! Haha :) I was just catching up on your blog and I LOVE the new layout. So cute. Great job! :)

  25. Um, no-- you're not crazy. If you are, I am too because I do all of these things!! (But yeah, the baby clothes thing IS crazy...)

  26. I loved this :) You should make this a link-up. I read every single comment and laughed out loud!!

    Does it make me crazy if
    1. I (like Catherine) can not take the first item off of the shelf in the grocery store. I always have to take the 2nd or 3rd thing.
    2. I read the first page of a book like 10 or 15 times before I can go onto the next page.
    3. I still sleep with a blankie.

    EEEK i'm cray craay!

  27. haha! Omg those things are crazy!! NOT YOURS but the other people who called in on that radio show!! hahah This was great and a good laugh, thanks for sharing :)

  28. I don't worry about hurting my dishes feelings (like for real?) but I do worry that the ones on the bottom that aren't getting used as much will last way longer than the ones on the top. I don't think that makes me crazy though...maybe just a little weird?

  29. Girl, I have like my whole wedding planned. All I need to do is find a man. hahaha. I have all these pictures on my computer and know how I want everything for my wedding to be. I am definitely getting one of those Candice Crawford/Tony Romo wedding vids done at my wedding.

  30. Haha Love !

    The sleepmask/comforter is kinda scary to me actually! I would constantly be peeking out, I'm sure.

    Let's see. I still sleep with my baby blankie.. I love the smell of leather... I talk to the tv/movies like I am there with them.

    Does this make me crazy??

  31. I have to make my bed every day. On weekends, when hubs sleeps in, I make the bed while he's still in it and remake it once he gets up. This should definitely be an every Friday kinda thing!


  32. Ummmm, how are any of those crazy? not crazy. unless non stale air and being prepared are crazy, and i dont think they are! Let me show you what crazy is:

    1. I cant eat sandwiches made by family or friends. I odnt liek anyone handling my mayo. it freaks me out!! Restaurant, ok. People i nkow, not ok! That swhy i dont eat cole slaw, or potato salad, etc.

    2. i have to have a little bit of everything on my plate in my mouth befor i chew. i cant eat it seperately. I want fry annndn burger. same time. bam! same goes w potatoes n meat n salad and etc.

    3. I glare at people in my way on the road. but thats a diff kinda crazy i guess? hahaha

    4. I feel bad for my messed up Denali sitting in my garage waiting to get repaired for the past half year. I feel like its sad and lonely and feels forgotten. which it kinda is sometimes (but shhhh, dont tell her that)

    5. If i dont listen to my 80/90s music when i do my makeup, it doesnt turn out the same.

    6. If i hear a noise outside, ill check it out myself instead of sending aguy out, becaus ei dont want anyone else to possibly get hurt, if its me, thats fine, but no one else.

    xoxox Inna :)

  33. love this post! too funny! happy friday!

  34. I've been "planning" my wedding for a while now - I'm obsessed with the Knot and anything wedding related. Just waiting for him to pop the question! Haha

  35. So I'm beginning to think that I'm crazy because I DON'T have a wedding file and I HAVE NO IDEA what I want for my wedding that is set for a year and two months from now....
    My mom almost hit the floor last night when I told her I had no idea what kind of flowers I wanted. Hah!

  36. These are great!
    Okay, does it mean I'm crazy because I cannot get into an unmade bed? EVen if I forgot to make it that morning, I will re-make it just before I get into it. Does it make me crazy that I have to watch Lifetime MOvie Network while I clean the house? I have it on in every room and just move room to room, cleaning like crazy with one eye on my lifetime women. Yes, that does make me crazy :) It's okay!!!

  37. Lindsey! Love ur blog that's why u have ur button my love! Hope ur having a great weekend and can wait to see what ur next post will consisit of! U always know what to get and thanks for introducing me to E.L.F. I have bought literally everything. Thanks for always being so nice and sweet maybe we can meet up for a blogging greet. Im
    Near Decatur.. I need more bargains!!


  38. I loved reading these and the comments that were left!!

    Some of them I do to.
    I can't sleep with my back not facing the middle of the bed, unless there is a wall up against the side or unless I put my body pillow behind my back. I feel like something is going to reach up and grab me. haha.

  39. when it is 10:13pm, i always have to ask hubby to tell me happy birthday. if he isn't around, i tell myself happy birthday.

    when i go to the supermarket i can't ever buy the item on display. it has to be the 2nd or 3rd item.

    that's the only crazy things i do, haha. :)

    enjoyed reading this post.

  40. Haha, thats a great idea for a radio show! I wish we had it in cinci! I love the lady worried about her dishes' feelings!

  41. omg i thought i was the ONLY person who blasts the air in cars. i will die if i am hot. i loveeee that we once again have something random and petty in common!

  42. 1) I also have to have moving air in the car or feel like I can't breathe.

    2)buying baby clothes ahead of time might not be that bad of an idea... save some money when you get preggo! That or you have lots of shower gifts for friends?

    3) I have been married almost 4 years and I still have an active wedding file...

  43. They do a segment like that on one of the radio shows that plays here in OKC - hilarious. Some of them I just won't ever be able to top because there is something seriously wrong with those people, and trust me I'm not perfect.

    A few of mine:

    1) I won't walk my dogs after dark, or even near dark, because I'm afraid if something happens to me they will run away and get hit by a car. Meanwhile, I will exercise outside by myself - because obviously I don't care about my own safety, just my animals. Freak.

    2) I spend more time picking out my baby's outfit for the day than I do my own. Sometimes twice as long... I mean, she's a BABY, does it really matter? Apparently, yes.

    3) I could take or leave Dave Matthews Band. Everyone I've ever met loves or hates him, but I feel indifferent. I've been told that's weird.

    4) I've scanned random objects to fax to people I know from odd numbers because imagining their confused expression when they receive the fax of a cell phone (for instance), makes me die laughing. I'm probably the only one amused by this. Confirmation that I would probably be just fine if I were alone in a white, empty room for hours...